Oh the Feels!

The new Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer was freaking sweet! I was going to try to make a conscious decision to not watch any more trailers since the Teaser and official trailer came out, yet when my husband told me to come watch it I couldn’t look away. I am getting super-duper hyped for this movie! Give me more Leia, Han, Chewie and where the hell is Skywalker the butt head?? They sure are keeping him a secret huh? I have a little theory that maybe Luke is head of the new Death Star wouldn’t that be a knee slapper? Highly unlikely but you never know.  I know Kylo Ren is going to be an awesome villain I can already feel it in my nerdy little heart. I cannot wait to fall in love with the new characters as well! I am putting full trust and faith into JJ Abrams on this one. Well perhaps I should keep this short and sweet so I don’t have an aneurism or something catastrophic.

December 18th Get over here!!!

I will just leave this here feel free to watch over and over again.

Love all things star Wars and remember there can never be too much Star Wars and if someone says there is then they are not a fan. Just kidding. Love you nerds/geeks. Back to trying to figure out how to add mods to Dragon Age Origins, I had no idea it was complicated. THanks YouTube


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