Retirement or Hiatus? 

 I started thinking about what direction I want to go with this blog and am undecided on what to do. It may be in the cards to just bow out and take an early retirement. 

Since the beginning of the year my heart just hasn’t been into writing mostly because in the first trimester all’s I wanted to do was sleep. Now that Myah is finally here she is my top priority. I barely even have time to sit down and play a video game or read a book.

 I suppose I could go another route by going on an indefinite hiatus and continue at a later date. My heads spinning. Ugh.

I just have some serious thinking to do because I love my blog and would hate to see it go away. If I could get some feedback that would be great. For so long this blog has been my baby. 

Whatever happens either way I’m happy with how far The Game Huntress has gone. Joining a network was one hell of a ride and brought more attention to it then I had originally thought. I can’t say thanks enough to the United Geeks Network. I also wanted to say thank you to my old Movie club membwrs, and to Robyn for contributing to my cause. And thanks to everyone who follows it.