One Geekified Interview: Cogan

Hello everyone! I’m back again and I have another awesome interview for your eyes to read I hope that you enjoy these interviews as much as I do. I really  enjoy getting to know our world full of geeks and nerds, and gamers a like! I would like to introduce you to Cogan! We really never had too much interaction but he still volunteered to come on this journey with me. Really quick if your interested in joining in on the fun follow me on Twitter: @GeekyGamerChick, I am on Facebook The Game Huntress, or send me an email today to! So now that the house keeping is done lets give Cogan a special welcome and let’s get straight into the interview!
Q. Tell us about yourself. Anything you’d like to share!
A. Well to start off I am a sophomore in College who just turned 20. I’m going to school to be an accounting major. I spent the last semester of school abroad in London and I’m from your stereotypical small town Midwest upbringing.
coganQ. How has social media impacted/improved your life?
A. Social media has impacted my life by providing me with an open forum to talk to and meet others who share my interests.  Due to my background of where I have lived it has at times proven challenging to openly find incredibly nerdy people as it was looked down upon in these small judging towns I have lived in.
Q. Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?
A. The man who raised me for the first 13 or so years of my life, Tim.  He kind of inspired me to many of my geek pursuits and we shared a lot of my favorite geek memories together.  We saw Lord of the Rings together, spent many a night gaming into the early hours of the morning, he taught me to play Magic the Gathering, and recently him my half-sister and I went and saw Star Wars the Force Awakens together which was special as my half-sister had never seen star wars.
Q. If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
A. I would say do not fight your geekiness as that was my problem.  I struggled in school to be a geek as people didn’t want me to be so I floated between being a jock and a geek.  Just go out there meet some geeky people and have fun with it.  It’s finally cool to be a geek so embrace it and enjoy because when I was growing up it was not.
Q. If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be and how would you replace it ?
A. If I had to give up on Geeky hobby it would probably be video games as it can get expensive at times and is somewhat anti-social.  If I had to replace it I would play more dungeons and dragons due to the social nature, the wide open options, and the immense amount of fun I have playing as compared to video games.
Q.If there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?
A. My biggest issue with geek culture is a general feeling of dissatisfaction that I get from most geeks.  My example of this is the New Star wars movie and while I wont divulge for later questions it felt to me like everyone was waiting to just start trashing it as much as they good.  Geeks (myself included) tend to complain about our hobbies a lot.  The other aspect is people who get mad that “uh well I liked that before they did so they aren’t allowed to like it as much as me”.  I’m the opposite the more people who like my geeky things the better in my opinion.
Q. Where all can my readers find you?
A. Your readers can find me on Facebook at Cogan Wilson James Bishop
I’m on twitter username @TheRealCogan
I also have an Instagram which is Cogan Bishop
Q. As geeks we have all been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that? How has it effected you as an adult?
A. I will admit I was made fun of a lot for my geekiness in elementary and middle school and I coped by trying to become a jock and usually spending all my free time alone at home reading or playing video games.  As an adult I tend to be distrusting and at times introverted as I don’t trust people’s intentions at times.
Q. Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm, if so what?
A. I am a bit of a fitness nut and I run and lift six or so days a week.  Running is my true passion and I love nothing more than to spend a Saturday morning pounding the pavement with my headphones in and music blaring.
Q. What are your thoughts on Star Wars The Force Awakens?
imagesUK9YX8JWA. I LOVED The Force Awakens.  It was great in my opinion.  While I may agree that it mirrored A New Hope that didn’t stop me from seeing it three times in one week.  The actions, the villains, the hero’s all made it worth it to me.  I especially love Kylo Ren, unlike a lot of people I know.  I loved the movie to death, have ordered it already, and can’t wait to see Episode 8.
Q. Which Lord of the Rings movies is your favorite?
A. My favorite has to be the two towers.  The atmosphere of uncertainty at the beginning and the stress that builds in the film and culminates in one of my favorite battles of Cinema, the Battle of Helms Deep, makes this my clear favorite of the trilogy.   The character development in the second movie is also superb and I have spent many a weekend just watching these movies.
Q. Which movies do you prefer more DC or Marvel?
A. This is tough for me as there is a greater amount of Marvel movies, however I prefer dark and gritty movies closer to the Dark Knight and Man of steel.  However the Marvel TV shows on Netflix are that dark and gritty.  I would have to say I prefer DC movies and Marvel Tv Shows.
Q. What movie are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?
A. Oh boy.  This is quite the list but we have Deadpool, Captain America, Rouge One is my personal favorite to come out, Xmen, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, and my guilty pleasure of Kung Fu panda 3 ( I love the first 2)
Q. What did you think of Jessica Jones? How about it getting a second season?
A. I Adored Jessica Jones.  It was similar to daredevil but different enough that it was great.  The dark and gritty nature of Hell’s kitchen as well as the very adult content of the show as perfect for me.  The main character not wanting to be a hero dragged me in as well as the always talented David Tennent who excelled in his role as a villain.  I am anxiously waiting for the 2nd season of Jessica Jones to see where she goes from here.
Q. Which version of Sherlock is your favorite?
Its Benedict Cumberbatch.  No question he far superior to Robert Downy Jr’s Sherlcok in my opinion.  He is much more arrogant, condensing, and handles and shows the Drug abuse by the character in a much more interesting way.
Q. Which Doctor on Dr Who is your favorite? How long have you been watching?
A. My favorite Doctor has to be Peter Capaldi.  I just love the different style of doctor he brings as compared to the two previous incarnations of Matt Smith and David Tennant.  His sarcasm as well as dry humor especially.  Sad to say I have only been watching Doctor Who for 3 years as I discovered it during two a days of football my Senior year of high school.
Q. You also enjoy Politics and debate. Have you ever gotten heated during a debate, you either had with someone or watched someone, and why?
A. I have got heated plenty of times during a debate, more than I would wish to recount.  In both instances of watching and participating I got heated as I use to be quite the hot head and very opinionated.  My time in college has taught me to listen to all opinions as valid, but to question them nonstop.
Q. What board games do you own? Do you have any that you have yet to play?
A. The “board” games I won though I don’t know if they count are DnD, Magic the Gathering, Cards against humanity, and call of Cthulhu. I want to play Shadownrun, Star wars saga and edge of the empire as well as the superheroes table top game Mutants and Masterminds.
Q. Tell us a little about some of your favorite Anime’s? 1) Psycho Pass 2) Tokyo Ghoul 3) Attack on Titan.
A. I just very recently got into anime and I am sure the community would define me as a newbie or the equivalent term I found myself drawn to this storytelling medium over the past year for the fresh ideas to me at least they are able to tell.  Each of these tell not a wholly original tale but different enough combined with great visuals that each has its own flavor that I can enjoy.  Tokyo ghoul in particular drew me in with its violent visuals and dark story.
Q. Who are some of your favorite metal/rock bands? What draws you to this kind of music most?
A. While I won’t go one to list the 50 or so bands I enjoy immensely I will instead note some of my current favorites.
Rise Against has been my favorite band since middle school the punk instrumentals with the voice of Tim Mcilrath and the inspiring lyrics have drawn me in for the past 8 years and having seen them twice they are easily my favorite live show. (I love Rise against I forgot all about them until I played Sleeping Dogs and they were in the game and on the album!!)
Ghost is my favorite “new discover” the soft groove rock sounds with Papa Emeritus the 3rds voice combined with the doomlike lyrics on top of a satanic image combines for one of the most unique sounds in rock today in my opinion.  I look forward immensely to their live show I will be attending in May.
slipknot_logo.jpg~c200The final band I will highlight that I enjoy listening to is Slipknot.  I was never a really big fan fo Slipknot I just casually knew some of their top hits thanks to guitar hero and how popular songs like psychosocial are.  Then I saw them live at ROTR 2015 and it changed my opinion of the band.  While the band has evolved over the years I love their sound and especially the lyrics.  I will have to admit that the image draws me too as I love the jumpsuit / mask get up (may explain my love for other bands like Ghost, Gwar, etc.)
I am drawn to this music for the instrumentals as well as lyrics.  Lyrics in music are a big deal to me and that is my main draw.  Rock and metal lyrics are always so deep and varied between each band and song.  Every band sings about its own unique things and it is just refreshing to hear.
Q. You mentioned you were a former football player. What was your position, team, and how come you no longer play?
A. I played football for 6 years in middle school and high school.  I mainly played in High School for the Marietta Tigers.  During my time there I played every O-Line position but my real passion was as the team’s 3-4 noseguard.  I no longer play due to when I reached the Division 3 level the time input was too great when weighed against my desire for good grades.
Q. Why do you consider movies such as American Psycho, Friday the 13th, Clockwork Orange to be non-nerd movies?
A. I would classify these as non-nerd movies simply due to my classification of nerd things.  Nerd and geek things usually to me involved things like fantasy, science fiction, medieval settings, and futuristic settings.  American psycho to me is a drama, Friday the 13th is horror, and Clockwork Orange is just the pure genius of Stanley Kubrick at work.
Q.How far is your longest run you’ve ever been on?
A. My longest run I accomplished in August of this year when I completed my first half-marathon with a time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.  While some may see it as a slow time which it is I was just happy to have finished and look forward to running my next half marathon at a faster pace.
Q.Tell us about all of your favorite sports teams and why you enjoy them over other teams.
My favorite Sports are as follows:
College Football: The Ohio State University.  I live in Ohio.  I go to college in Columbus Ohio. I was born in Ohio.  I have been rooting for The Ohio State since I was old enough to watch football and have always loved the culture and tradition around the program.  Last year’s National Championship run was special as I got to be in Columbus during the year.
NFL Football: The Pittsburgh Steelers are by far my favorite team.  I am a diehard Steelers fans and it goes back to James Harrison.  When I started playing football James Harrison was my favorite NFL player.  Going on as I got more and more into the team the history of hardnosed smash mouth defense is what draws me to the team as my football philosophy mirrors the old style of Pittsburgh where you establish a run game and force the opponent to fight your Defenses.
MLB Baseball:  I have always somewhat rooted for the pirates as a general Pittsburgh fan but it was the season before their first winning season in 23 years that I got deeply involved.  The players and the game of baseball are relatively new to me but I have been learning to enjoy them nonetheless.

Trespasser DLC: DAI

Wow. Just freaking wow. I was finally able to play Trespasser DLC with my first play through on Dragon Age Inquisition. Thanks to an awesome person on one of my Facebook groups-Gamer Goddesses, she gave me a 20 dollar Microsoft card for winning a contest, even though I had missed the message saying I won. Luckily when I found out she still had the card and didn’t give it to someone else. But anyways. Forgive me if I already mentioned this before I have pregnancy brain. Bad. 

All I can really say without spoiling the DLC is that I really wanted to strangle a certain character. I hope in DA4 you get to take them out!!! 

Combat was really rough I had to make sure I had the best weapons and armor equipped just to make it through it even though I finished as a level 24 duel wield rogue. I even found my new favorite armor: The Skin that Stalks. You can semi see it in my featured photo up at the top. 

My next character will be male and a Mage! He will romance Josephine. Hopefully when I get back to playing this series I will have all the other DLCs and can do a complete play through! 

Trespasser is well worth the 14.99 you get your money’s worth!! 

Happy Gaming everyone!! 

    The Force Awakens

    If one is going to write about Star Wars anything, let alone a movie, one has to do it right. Plain and Simple.

    AHT_star_wars_force_awakens_trailer_02_jef_150416_4x3_992 long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
    there was a nerdy girl named Courtney, who was anticipating the release of Star Wars Episode Seven, The Force Awakens. The week before it debuted on the big screen the girl and her husband decided that it would be a great idea  to sit and watch the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy before going to see the new episode on the Sunday of its release. Courtney desperately wanted to see it but her fear of being in large crowds kept her from wanting to go on the first day, but honestly who could blame her. It was still pretty insane on that Sunday. She was so ecstatic on Sunday morning, so much so that she ended up injuring herself on black ice while she was at work.  ( I had a pretty gnarly bruise on my arm and some pain in my shoulder, the real reason I fell is because me and walking don’t agree 95 percent of the time.  It was not the first encounter of falling at work on the ice.) Despite the pain from her accident, all she could do to keep her mind off it was thinking about going to see the movie.

    12341047_10153482819128052_9083975300707915661_nAll she had to do was go home, meet up with her older brother and husband, and change into her Kylo Ren shirt she bought months in advanced. After all this occurred they finally made their way to the movie theater and redeemed their seats that were booked a few days in advance. The three of them headed to find their spots up at the top of the theater. Courtney found it very hard to contain her excitement and anticipation. Finally that fateful moment began once the previews rolled through and the music began, she was mesmerized by the Title screen and couldn’t think of anything other than the moment that took so long to get there. Once the end credits rolled through her life was now complete. For Now…Until episode eight!

    I am very pleased on how well The Force Awakens was I knew that it would be in good hands, Abrams did really well on the Star Trek movies, which led me to having faith that his hands were capable of producing something extraordinary in the realm that is Star Wars. One simply must not screw up a beloved phenomenon.

    I loved absolutely every minute of it and to those who haven’t seen it yet I must tell you put away imagesUK9YX8JWyour doubts and go see it. You will be impressed. Now I’m sure someone, somewhere is going to point out its flaws but I am not that person. One of the constant things I have been hearing out in the airwaves is that it was too close to A New Hope. I mean sure I can see why you’d come up with that but honestly it’s so much more than that. Just give it a chance. Heck it was so good I immediately wanted to go back and see it again, which I actually did on my last week of Vacation, and boy it was even better the second go around!

    tumblr_o03m8vEOBk1uatgcgo1_500I really enjoyed seeing the old cast back. I think I am in love with Harrison Ford even more than I already was. It was great getting to see Han and Chewbacca on-screen as a duo once more, they still had that chemistry we loved back in the original trilogy. I also loved the new characters that were introduced as well, one being a little droid named BB-8 he was just so damn loveable, watch out R2 you have your work cut out for you. There may be some new competition for ya. Scavenger Rey is the biggest mystery of the plot, who is she? Where does she come from? What is her connection to it all? And will we get the answers that we so desperately need?  I guess we shall wait and see. Kylo Ren is not quite the badass I had hoped he would’ve been BUT I see his potential of being one like Darth Vader before him. Something inside me tells me that I am going to love to hate him just as I did with Anakin/Darth Vader. What is his end game and what does Kylo Ren hope to achieve? The possibilities are endless.
    rey-est-capable-de-tenir-tete-a-kylo-renI laughed, and I cried what more could one ask for.  I really have very high hopes that this generation will love Star Wars, just as my generation has and the generation before. I cannot wait to see The Force Awakens for the third time, maybe when it’s at the cheaper theater!
    Please tell me you thought it was phenomenal as well!

    One Geekified Interview: Annaleis

    Its 2016, that means a new year! And boy do I have something in store for you! I am pretty excited about this year and to start it off right I am bringing back One-Geekified Interviews! I actually have been sitting on this interview since last month (roughly) and just a bit of fair warning some of the questions were asked a long time ago but due to our busy everyday lives we got distracted by other things and especially the holidays. If your interested in knowing how my holidays were I will be posting about that over on my Introverted Wallflower Chronicles page link provided.

    Lets meet my Twitter Friend and Co-Host of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Annaleis you might remember back when I interviewed her husband Neil! If you haven’t read his interview I suggest you head on over there and read it!

    Q. Tell us about yourself. Anything you’d like to share!

    imagecoupleI’m married, live in California and have fur babies!  I have worked at Skywalker Sound at Skywalker Ranch for the better part of the last 17 years! I have also lived in Portland, Or., owned a coffee shop and worked at a comic book store. (sounds like you have a pretty epic life) I do a podcast with my amazing husband Neil.

    Q. How has social media impacted or improved your life? If in a bad way please share as well

    A: It’s actually changed my life a lot, especially after starting the Podcast.  I’m a lot busier!  I’m on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for the podcast and for me personally, way more than before and probably more than I should be!  It’s hard to juggle it all sometimes.

    Q. Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

    A:  My geeky-ness really evolved over time and I didn’t really blossom into the nerd I am today until my mid 20’s.  I have many people to thanks for that!  And getting my job at Skywalker really gave me even more access to all things geeky!

    Q. If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

    A: Be loud and proud!  Never hide your geek side!  I love when someone is excited to tell me about something geeky they’re into!

    Q. If there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would you change and why?

    A: I wish there would be less labels and rules. Meaning, nerds can be athletic and athletes can be nerds and a girl can be awesome at video games!  We should be more supportive of each other.

    Q. If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be and how would you replace it?

    A:  Well… I kind of have already given up reading comic books.  I still want too!!  But it’s somewhat time-consuming and can get expensive.  I hope to get back into it someday!  I spend a lot of time at home with my husband and our pets.  I would say our dogs and our podcast are my main hobbies now.

    Q. Where can my readers find out more about you and the projects you work on?
    A:  You can of course find me and DAPFPodast at and I am @wiretechgirl on Twitter.

    Q. As geeks we have all be ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope and how has it effected you as an adult?

    A: I was very lucky and haven’t experienced very much ridicule about being geeky.  I think maybe since I came into my geekiness later, as an adult we are better at dealing with such things.  Having worked at a comic book shop and working at Skywalker, I was lucky to be in an environment that usually embraces it.

    Q. Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm?

    A:  Our pets and photography.  = Taking pics of my pets! Hahaha!   But I think you can totally geek out about whatever you’re into!!

    Q. What did you like about Avengers Age of Ultron? Was there anything you disliked about the movie?

    A:  I haven’t seen it, yet.  I know, I know… I’m losing geek-cred! Hahaha!!

    Q. What were your thoughts on Jurassic World?

    A:  I really enjoyed it!  It was big and fun and there are dinosaurs!  What’s not to love?! Seriously, I thought the CG & action was great!   And of course it sounded great!!  😉

    Q. Which movie is your all time favorite out of the series?

    A:  The first Jurassic Park is totally my fav!  I still goosebumps when the cup of water starts to rattle…  Oooooo!!

    Q. What can you tell us about your job at Skywalker Ranch? (Be as specific as you’d like)

    A: Sure!  Officially my job title is “Wire Tech”  I’ve also been called an Installer or Jr. Engineer. Even “Cable Wrangler” Hahaha!  I work with the team of Skywalker Sound Engineers.  I install new cabling and help maintain the existing infrastructure, such as the mix rooms, edit rooms, Foley stages, a theater and a scoring stage.  I do everything from making simple headphone cables to installing sound baffles to wiring a video machine from the ground up. Everyday is different.

    Q. Out of all the Star Wars movies that are currently out, which is your favorite movies?

    A:  Ooooo that’s tough.  I think the original Star Wars and Empire have to be my favs.  Don’t we all still get the chills when we hear that intro music!

    Q. It has been confirmed that there will be a Han Solo movie in the future, in your opinion who would be perfect for the role of young Solo and why?

    A: Oh gosh, I don’t know… No one immediately springs to mind.  I’d have to do some serious research!  I’m sure the director of the young Solo movie will too!

    Q. Tell us about your podcast Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks? What’s it like working with your husband on this project?2811547

    A:  Our podcast is basically about us and our daily crazy lives.  We talk about almost everything from family dinners, seeing movies, crazy work stories and even the passing of our beloved dog… We like to think of it as hanging out and talking with friends. It’s how we are and what we would talk about, we hope the listener feels like they’re hanging out with us. It’s really cool to be able to do this together and of course its easier because we live together! It’s an hour that we as a couple  can sit across from each other and talk. It means a lot to both of us.

    Q. What are some of your top podcasts to listen to?

    A:  Oh… is it okay to not answer that one?  I would hate to leave any out!!  But I am very good about letting the podcasts know that I’m listening.  You’ll see that if you follow me on Twitter.

    Q. If you could be a special guest on any podcast which would you choose?

    A:  Oh I don’t know I get nervous when I’m a guest.  Especially if it’s a more professional podcast.  I’d love to nerd-out with Kevin Smith for sure!  But that’s another one I’d have to think about.

    Q. Who would you love to get on your podcast that hasn’t been on yet?

    A:  For me, I would love to podcast with the 2 couples from Couple Things Podcast.  Molls, Ben, Ray & Von!  I think the 3 couples together would be an amazing “couples podcast”!!  And that is in the works!!  So stay tuned!!

    Q. Show and Tell. We wanna see your lovable fur babies!
    puppy snuggleA:  Yay!  You know we love to share pics of our fur kids! Meet Zero and Nine!

    Q. You mentioned that you liked audio books and that you prefer Mysteries. What book are you currently listening to?
    A:  I’d say my favs are Victorian murder mysteries and I re-listen to my favorites all the time!  I’m currently listening to a lighter food based mystery book.  (a cozy mystery) called “Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke. And I am proud to say I got it from the library!

    Q. Do you have a favorite author?

    A:  I have a couple.  Caleb Carr, he wrote The Alienist (one of my favs) and Anne Perry (writes Victorian mysteries)

    Q. Do you like to sit and read books or is it just easier to listen to them. (for me I prefer to read them myself and have the book in my hands)

    A:  I would love to sit and read a real book that I could hold in my hands!!  But I just don’t have the time…  So right now I do all of my reading by listening to audio books.  I do when we are on vacation and it’s awesome!

    Q. Tell us what you love about Sherlock? Any thoughts on the TV shows or movies?

    A:  Sherlock is brilliant, observant and methodical.  But he is also flawed.  I find the detection fascinating.  My favorite is still the Jeremy Brett TV series!  It was amazing and he was amazing in it!  Over acted?  Maybe… But amazing!!

    “When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth”. ~Dr. Bishop (Fringe)

    Shinedown #Threat2Survival

    ShinedownWoah I have to say that this album I have chosen for the month of December was pretty easy to pick however what has caused me some grief is actually picking a damn song as my favorite! Shinedown I blame you for making too good of music!

    I would go “this is it” then later “now this is it!”  AHHHH it was so hard! I actually still haven’t narrowed it down to one song yet so I’ll just share two of my favorites from this album. Hopefully you haven’t heard them on the radio. I rarely if ever listen to music on the radio, it’s either the CD, Pandora or more recently Spotify. I really hope that you enjoy the songs I have picked just as much as I do. You should really pick up their latest album called Threat to Survival!

    Shinedown will forever be one of my favorite bands their music never disappoints, they are the real deal! They have gotten me through some pretty rough moments in my life, I really just love how they speak to my soul. I will always be thankful I was lucky enough to see Shinedown in concert a while back, can’t recall when due to my old agedness. It was my second concert I have been to, and I got to see it with my husband it was our first concert together! We need to go to more, we’ve only been together for two concerts.(Been to 3 my whole life) They are spectacular in concert. Come back to Idaho!!!! Please! That concert was really fun and I also remember staying out late even though my work had fired two people at the same time and I had to work a fourteen hour day the next day. Worth every minute!

    I honestly don’t know why it took us so long to pick up this album, our heads weren’t on straight most likely. I’m guessing. But hey we got it in the end. l probably will have all the songs memorized in no time, plus I just like singing along and rocking out that’s just what their music does to me! (Sorry Joe)

    Please enjoy the songs and if your interested in the words the lyrics are under the YouTube videos or you can just click on the title of the song and it will take you to the link. Don’t know if I will post again before Christmas but I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those that celebrate other holidays! I have some high hopes for the year of 2016!


    I could stand behind my barricade
    Do what I’m told and be afraid to change
    While isolated by the mainstream
    With the current up against meWell maybe if my arms were ten feet tall
    I could finally reach that crystal ball

    ‘Cause I still find inside
    There’s something braver
    And I, I won’t be, I won’t be
    The silent damnation

    I will never be voiceless
    My weapon of choice is
    I’d rather be dangerous
    I won’t be left defenseless
    As God as my witness
    I’d rather be dangerous

    I’m not making conversation
    But I’ll state my observations

    Well I could buy my faith like a plot in the ground
    But I was never lost and I never had a doubt

    ‘Cause I still find
    It’s not my imagination
    And I, I won’t be, I won’t be
    The silent damnation

    I will never be voiceless
    My weapon of choice is
    I’d rather be dangerous
    I won’t be left defenseless
    As God as my witness
    I’d rather be dangerous

    Is somebody
    And anybody is you
    I own my story
    I won’t say sorry
    And neither should you

    I will never be
    I will never be voiceless
    My weapon of choice is
    I’d rather be dangerous
    I won’t be left defenseless
    As God as my witness
    I’d rather be dangerous

    Is somebody
    And anybody is you
    I will never be voiceless
    As God as my witness
    I won’t be left defenseless
    As God as my witness
    I’d rather be dangerous

    It All Adds Up”

    Lookie here got ’em all lined up
    Same bitchy girls and boys
    On their hands, on their knees
    Slither through the streets
    Programmed to seek and destroy
    And it all adds up
    And it all adds upOh my my, no one’s on my side
    Too paranoid to listen to me
    You can cast me out, you can tape my mouth
    But you can’t get a stone to bleed
    And it all adds up
    And it all adds upYou know I love it when you say you’re afraid
    But you hate it when I’m making you shake
    Hang the truth from a noose
    Put a hitman on the loose
    Now you’re countin’ on him making your day

    There ain’t no magic bullet
    There’s no cure for the weak
    There’s no sympathetic shoulder here to put you to sleep
    You’re a long, long way from where you thought you would be
    Ever murder has a motive, but you ain’t killin’ me
    And it all adds up (Got something to say?)
    It all adds up (Say it!)

    Riddle me this before I take it all back
    Been stealin’ my shit for years
    So kiss my choir but bad man’s fire
    Cause you know I’m gonna bring you to tears
    And it all adds up
    And it all adds up

    Shake shake shake
    Callin’ all the snakes
    Been itching for the new payroll
    Bang bang bang
    Blow down the new slang
    You can’t keep all the money you stole
    And it all adds up
    And it all adds up

    You know I love it when you say you’re afraid
    But you hate it when I’m making you shake
    Hang the truth from a noose
    Put a hit man on the loose
    Now you’re countin’ on him makin’ your day

    There ain’t no magic bullet
    There’s no cure for the weak
    There’s no sympathetic shoulder here to put you to sleep
    You’re a long, long way from where you thought you would be
    Every murder has a motive but you ain’t killin’ me
    And it all adds up [x4]

    There ain’t no magic bullet
    There’s no cure for the weak
    There’s no sympathetic shoulder here to put you to sleep
    You’re a long, long way from where you thought you would be
    Every murder has a motive but you ain’t killin’ me
    And it all adds up [x11]


    Its time for another Movie Adventures of Courtney *that’s me in case you forgot* and Robyn! Unfortunately these movies were supposed to be up before Halloween but well I sort of goofed and totally spaced watching my movie, forgetting all about it until right before Thanksgiving when my movie was being played on television. Oopsies my bad.  I really need someone to help me keep track of all my plans because I obviously have too much going on and can’t keep my head on straight. So ya if your interested comment down below! Now I please ask that you pretend its still October and Halloween is just right around the corner.

    Okay thank you so much! What a good group of people I have following me. Now that the mood is set lets get to the movies! Obviously being “October” one must watch  Monster movies and what can beat Godzilla? Nothing I say. NOTHING!!!!

    Courtney’s Pick
    Godzilla (1998)
    What can I say about this version of Godzilla? Now firstly I’m not a really a huge Matthew Broderick fan other than Ferris Buellers day off, but I must admit that he is pretty dang good in Godzilla! This was what probably started my love for the crème del la crème of all Kaiju’s!  I really enjoyed watching Godzilla smash his way throughout the city while the puny humans I mean the military try and find a way to take him down.

    My favorite part has to be *spoiler alert* when M.B’s character discovers that Godzilla can reproduce offspring asexually with no female presence and is able to figure out that he is storing fish for his unborn Godzilla babies. D’aww. I was sad when they get destroyed. I’m sorry human race I must always root for that adorable fella to win I mean just look at his face, what’s not to love!
    If for some insane reason you have never watched this movie I say get on with it what are you waiting for? The end of the world?

    Okay I’m getting a tad bit overzealous here. I humbly apologize. Ahem.

    Robyn’s Pick
    Godzilla 2014

    There’s just something about watching Godzilla and getting a full-body chill when you finally see that massive creature break free of the water. You can never be disappointed when watching any movie featuring Godzilla. Just like the movie with Matthew Broderick, it was very well done. In this movie version, however, they added even greater actors and took us all the way back to Japan for some background information. I liked that they used Godzilla to help track down M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). Even though Godzilla helps them, the military still feels the need to try and kill him (or her, that was never decided). It’s hard not to cheer when Godzilla makes a getaway. I can watch this movie over and over and I wouldn’t get sick of it

    Modding Noob.

    Good afternoon everyone on this lovely Sunday. I am beyond happy that I was able to stay in my pajamas all day! I worked the last six Sundays and finally got one off! If only it was a whole weekend then I would have had a happy dance but I kind of still have a weekend off, Sunday and Monday and at least tomorrow I get to spend all day with my husband. Hope all is well with everyone. Halloween is fast approaching and I’m not quite ready for it to be here yet, but a week from today I will have been married to my husband for seven years! Holy Cow sometimes it seems like I just met him yesterday. But that’s pretty much whats happening in my neck of the woods, with that being said lets jump to what I really would love to talk about….and I have realized since I started this blog I have talked about many other things and have really slacked on the video game side of things. Which was the supposed to be my main focus. Unfortunately life gets in the way and it takes me some time to complete games. But today marks change!

    When we lived with our friends last year I downloaded Dragon Age Origins for free off of Origins but I thought I had lost the game because we had changed the hard drive to a bigger one and honestly I even forgot I had downloaded the game until finally getting our PC back up and running this early summer. The problem that I am having is that I have too many damn EA/Origin accounts I cannot keep them all straight and I find myself still having trouble getting it all sorted out. My Origins game on the Xbox 360 is a different account as is my inquisition and DA2 I really need to get a hold of EA and see if there’s someway to delete all other accounts from my profile and begin anew with the one I have right now on my computer. It has just been one big mess and its been giving me a headache.

    I have always wanted to play games on a pc and I never knew how exciting mods could make a game. Thankfully on Twitter I asked for help finding a starting point on modding Dragon Age Origins and now its taking over my life. Get with it Microsoft 😀

    I have pretty much spent most of my time thinking of what else to mod in my first play through. So far I added more hair, eye colors, changed the undergarments *the in-game ones look dirty eww,* Also changed the look of Alistair, he is still good-looking only he has darker hair *Sorry Not sorry I prefer my men to have facial hair and darker hair.* Added a new Armor although I haven’t figured out where the stupid thing has gone. Also I found one where I could kiss and say goodbye to Ser Gilmore in Human Noble origin story, oh and I gave him a makeover, more rough around the edges! Holy cow I have gone mod crazy! I think I have an illness. If you would like to know how I got all these things just simply go to To do all these mods I just went to the website downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager and went on a mod spree! Thank the maker they are free!!!

    Here is the character I have created for my first time with mods, you may have seen her on my Instagram/twitter/Tumblr already if you follow me, all links added! I also added a bit of back story to her as well, please give me your thoughts and feedback. I have had a lot of great comments over in the THE Dragon Age Universe Facebook page as well as the Gamer Goddesses page.

    Meet my Warden Laykn Cousland. She was the best daughter she could be even though she wanted to know what the world outside the castle walls was like. Knowing how her parents wanted to protect her she held her own feelings hidden but at the same time she wished for a greater role in life. She is forced to be conscripted because she couldn’t imagine life without her parents in it. She is going to fall for Alistair and become his queen.

    Book Movies Never Watched

    Welcome to the return of The Movie Adventures of Courtney and Robyn! Our first theme is to watch movies that we had finished reading the book of. There was plenty of Movie Adaptations to pick from but here was our top choices. For right now we are just going to stick to one movie each and see how our schedules go! Please enjoy and remember we would love for you to suggest our next theme! Don’t hesitate.

    Courtney’s Pick

    The Maze Runner (2014)


    First off before I get to The Maze Runner movie I just wanted to say that I loved the book and the movie did it justice, which is usually something I rarely say about these kinds of movies. I finished reading The Maze Runner and immediately had to go rent the movie from the RedBox and watch the movie adaptation!

    The movie had a great pace to it, and kept the suspense coming it was a wild ride, I felt as if I were stuck in a maze right along with Thomas! The Grievers in the book were pretty scary but in the film they were creepy, or if not creepier than I had envisioned in my mind.

    I am looking forward to reading the next book The Scorch Trials and see the movie adaptation! If you haven’t read the book I highly suggest that you do but if you don’t have the love for books but you do love movies add this one to your list to watch!

    Robyn’s Pick

    Holes (2003)

    Back in high school, for my senior year English class, one of the books we read was Holes by Louis Sachar. I enjoyed the book and finished it quickly compared to the rest of my class. The movie adaptation was pretty spot on with the plot and the characters. What the father does for a living, the home life, how Stanley wound up in court and then later at the juvenile detention camp. His fellow camp attendees and camp staff were just as interesting in the film as the book. The movie had many great actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Henry Winkler, and Shia LaBeouf. All brought great performances to the film and made the movie as good as it was. I would recommend reading the book as well as watching the movie.

    (Courtney here I actually have never read the book but the movie is one of my favorites! Definitely adding this to my pile of books to read!)

    Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of your favorite books that have turned into a movie adaptation! Until Next time!

    February’s Featured Pod: All Us Geeks

    Hi loyal readers and newcomers alike! Are you ready for a new blog segment? Well you’re getting one! What is it you might ask? Well to tell the truth it’s just a comeback to a fun post I used to do a while ago called Podcast of the Month!!!!

    My goal for this segment is to recommend Podcasts to those who like to listen to them and to share my love with others plus I secretly like all the thank you(s) and pats on the back from others! I will try to get involvement from the show host(s) and other listeners if possible! I will contact each show via thegamehuntress email asking to describe their show and then ask what it means to them! Then I will also answer two questions, 1) How I found out about said show, and 2) What I love most about the show. I hope that you will all enjoy this returning segment it might get a bit long depending on the responses I get so just warning you now. Alright let’s get to know the first Podcast that was picked at random!

    Introducing February’s Pick: All Us Geeks

    Show Synopsis :

    All Us Geeks discusses board games, movies, television, books, comics, Kickstarter, and all aspects of geek culture. All Us Geeks likes to explore all the geeky goodness out there. We give voice to your inner geek!

    Jeff’s Response!

    What The Show Means To Me/Why Do I Enjoy Creating It?

    For starters, without All Us Geeks and the continued support we get for the show; I probably would not have created the United Geeks Network or started producing some of the other podcasts I produce within the UGN. ***United Geeks Network***

    All Us Geeks itself is all about the community for me. Both Jordan & I love to interact with listeners. The fact that someone takes the time out of their day to say they listen, thank you for something, or just continue the conversation outside of the podcast means the world to just about any podcaster; and we’re no different in that regard.  I also really enjoy sitting down and talking to the wide range of game designers I interview on The Game of Crowd Funding segments. Many of those people are people who I still interact with on an almost daily basis. We’re pretty happy to be invited to play in their awesome sandbox.

    All Us Geeks has also been a recorded journey of Jordan & I becoming friends. We didn’t really know each other that well when All Us Geeks first started. Now, we hang out whenever we can and we record some of it for other people to hear. We’ve always said that listening to All Us Geeks is pretty much like sitting at a gaming table with us. We have the same conversations, give each other the same amount of crap, and genuinely discuss whatever topics come to mind. The only parts the listeners are really missing are the “job vents” we do from time to time. ;-}

    So that about covers it at a high level: Community, Interaction, & Friendship.

    Jordan’s Response!

    To me, the podcast is about community and friendship at AUG we try to help the Gaming community grow and stay positive. Gaming is a great social activity, no matter the genre you’re into and we want to foster a positive environment for everybody.

    As for friendship, I can’t count the number of great people I’ve met in my 30+ years of gaming. People have become good friends simply because I met them at a store, a game day or a friend’s house and we could bond over a shared interest. I want to be able to see that kind of thing happen for others with the help of AUG and I like seeing my community of friends grow thanks to the podcast.

    Listener Feedback:

    The Meeple Mechanic (@meeplemechanic) on twitter said; I publicly announce is a damn fine production. I am constantly impressed with their emphasis on community!!

    Mike from Royal Monster Battalion  **Fellow UGN Member**  said, All Us Geeks has inspired me to not only start playing more games again, but to become a contributing member of the geek community, something I never would have considered without them!

    The Huntresses Response!

    How I found out about All Us Geeks?

    For a while I was a “Virtual Assistant” to Jason “The Angry Ginger” **Host/creator: Sevendaysageek and Podcasting 101** on his show Pod 101. I was in charge of scheduling interviews with the guests, and Jeff was one of my first interviews that I scheduled. Once the episode hit the airwaves I became intrigued to listen to the podcast myself and I am glad that I did! For a while I lost contact with Jeff/Jordan, they rarely showed up in my feed for some reason, until one day Jeff reached out to me over the twitter and ever since its been constant interaction! Now I am apart of the United Geeks Network which was formally known as Geekcast Network but had to do a name change. I still listen to the show although I believe I am behind a few episodes, all I really know is I am glad to count these two as Comrades!

    What Do I love about the Show?

    Short answer: Simply put, instant friendship!

    A longer explanation: Being a gamer, who only dreams about playing Table Top Games because she has no one that would play with, All Us Geeks has given me an opportunity to learn about games that are or will be coming out, they are also great supporters of Kickstarter! I really just like the chemistry these two men have when they are on microphone, and their interactions on the show whether they are talking about gaming, tv shows etc. I sincerely hope that All US Geeks is around for a long time cause Jeff and Jordan have a good thing going! There’s something for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for being awesome guys!

    Hope you enjoy and Happy Listening!! Go Get Your Pod On!

    Vampire Theme.

    Never fear Movie Adventures has come back once more and with changes again. Don’t worry it’s not that bad, but due to life getting in the way, Robyn and I have decided to cut it down to one movie a piece instead of two! Lets not waste any more time and jump right into it!

    We are always looking for ideas for Topics so please send them my way and maybe you’ll see your theme on this here old blog! And Maybe you’ll get to write a little bit about what movie you watched anyone is free to join in on the Movie Adventure there’s plenty to go around!

    Robyn’s Pick
    Interview with the Vampire

    For a movie that is based off a book, it follows along quite well. Normally these kinds of movies diverge a bit with things that weren’t even in the books, but other than a couple of appearance differences (Brad Pitt’s straight brown hair and the fact that Antonio Banderas isn’t 17 years old) and some scenes being left out, you can safely watch this movie and still get most of the picture from the book. From beginning to end, the movie sucks you in. The whole cast gives these characters life, and you even come to love Claudia because Kirsten Dunst is super adorable. If you love this movie, then you definitely need to read the books. Don’t bother watching Queen of the Damned, though. It doesn’t follow the book at all and even as a movie in and of itself, it sucks.

    Courtney’s Pick
    Van Helsing

     What to say about Van Helsing…I know that it had many people in an uproar because they thought that it was a terrible movie. I am pretty sure it had some flaws but to me it was a grand movie! It has two of my favorite actors in it Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale and they were perfect for their roles! The ending always made me cry my eyes out. Whats honestly not to love about this movie it has Dracula, Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (all great monster movie characters) I could watch this movie over and over again!