Happy Fourthaversary!!! 

I just wanted to drop by and wish my blog a 4th Birthday!!! I can’t believe I have kept this site going for so long!! This site is the longest blog I have ever kept up with and am still damn proud of. I currently sit under 9000 views but it won’t take long I can feel it in my bones.

I am also still proud to be apart of the United Geeks Network! I love how easy it is to be apart of. i just write and the guys post it. i love laid back approaches. Im a no fuss kind of girl.

Thanks to everyone that has participated over the years and those who are participating currently and in the future. Also thanks again for all the loyal readers and those just finding me!! I can’t wait to see where this crazy road takes us.

Wherever there is XP or achievements I will always be on the hunt!!

This is The Game Huntress signing off!

Birthday/ Craters of the moon trip

well good bye twenty five and hello twenty six. So happy that the weather held out long enough for us to travel up to Arco and craters of the moon. Here are some pictures from our little adventure. Enjoy! 

Just a little Birthday selfie no biggie

Panic attack happened when I couldn’t see any more.   
I found my batcave!   


I am Batman, let’s go find us a Bat Cave! 

Such a cool place. Sister friend Tina and I 


Cave selfie!