GameHuntress Proudly Presents: Podcast of the Month

Welcome to the Lair of The Game Huntress! Just got back from a four-day “vacation” up to Boise, Idaho! The husband, myself, my brother-in-law, and my oldest niece Whitley, it was her first college football game what a lucky 7-year-old, we went to a Boise State Broncos game where they creamed Tennessee Martin into the ground! So much fun i love going to games where we win, been to three games now and i can’t wait for the fourth game! Pretty much that’s what i have been up to lately anyways let’s get to the nitty-gritty!

If you missed my last blog before you continue reading this post please be sure to read “Podcast Love Knows No Bounds” first so you will understand what I am about to share with you!

The Game Huntress’s first Featured Podcast for the month of September:


The Well Watchers 

A comic book, video game, and all around pop culture podcast and community.

Here is how you can get a hold of these guys! Be sure to go check out their website where you can find all episodes, and you can download episodes straight from there!

Look them up on Stitcher Radio, and on Itunes!

@wellwatchers is the shows Twitter Profile, you should go follow them right away they are awesome about interacting with their followers/Listeners! Heck if you listen and share the episode with them who knows they could give you a shout out on the show!! No promises however!!

The 3 awesome hosts can be found on twitter with the following twitter handles:

Bryan  Montana @WellWatcherB
Brian Camacho @briancamacho
Scott @Bigscottstyle

This is the podcast that got my love for the Podcasting world going! A special thank you to Tommy Lutz @tommylutz on twitter, who also is a co-host with Bryan on a show called Comictary, a show about you guessed it COMIC BOOKS , @comictary (which is just blended into the well watchers episodes), for tweeting about this show and thus spinning my love for The Well Watchers Podcast out of control!

These guys are easily my all time favorite Podcast and since starting listening at the end of last year i haven’t missed a single episode and do no plan to ever! Actually my week is ruined without listening to them once a week!  I even had the honor of being on their show where i talked about the Rebooted Tomb Raider game, and the first season of Arrow! Take a listen it was a ton of fun, Bryan and Brian are great guys, never got the chance to talk with Scott since he was absent that day! I look forward to being on the show more! (one day hope to start a podcast of my own with someone in the future).

Here is the link to my episode! Please remember this was my first time being on a microphone so dont judge me too hareshly Enjoy!!

The Well Watchers have a segment on the show when reviewing games, comics etc, they give whatever they are currently talking about the River or Life  Treatment (River meaning that sucker should disappear forever) & (LIfe meaning it should be enjoyed for ages to come). I only find it fitting that in The Well Watchers fashion I should give their podcast the same treatment!

Game Huntress gives The Well Watchers Podcast = LIFE!

Keep up the awesome job and I consider you guys to be close friends! You have me as a listener for life or until you decide to stop!!

Please be sure to leave me comments on twitter @GeekyGamerChick on what you thought about this post and if this is something you would enjoy on a monthly basis, along with if you listen to these guys or if i was able to get you to check this show out! Even email me your responses or leave them in the comment box below!

This is the Game Huntress signing off, and remember wherever there is XP or achievements i will be on the hunt.