Reading Challenge 2016!!

IMG_1397This post was meant to be done at the beginning of the year but I have been behind on all the things I wanted to accomplish so I am playing catch up once again it seems this is my pattern I can’t break. Oh well least I am sitting down now and getting it done! Procrastination is my middle name…obviously.

This challenge was brought to my attention on Facebook and on Instagram through my old cast mates of the podcast “Chickcast.” I already do a GoodReads goal and my goal from 2016 was a total of 30 books or more if possible, since last year I had to cut back down to 25 because I was way off track. Its been helpful though because it gives me some ideas of what books to read. Plus I am a sucker for any kind of challenges, if I could find any good writing ones I would do those as well! Maybe I’ll create my own one of these days.

So far I have only knocked one-off this list: A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child or Bff. I read Dragon Age : The Last Flight  written by Liane Merciel and it was chosen for me by my brother. It was such a great book and I loved finding out what happened to the legends that were the Griffons and the end of the Fourth blight by Garahel and the Grey Wardens. IF you love the video games pick up all the books they are well written and amazing my favorite will always be Asunder!

IMG_1501Here are the books I have read so far for my GoodReads Goal:

  • Star Wars : Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. If you love Asajj Ventress then this books for you. The cool thing about this novel is that it was actually supposed to be an episode on Star Wars: The Clone Wars but was never made. I have always been intrigued by her character as a whole and I am glad that I read this book. Then again I haven’t read a star wars book I didn’t love. I gave this one a five star rating.
  • Then I read Hellblazer Volume #1 aka Constantine. It was really good but to be honest I actually started it last year but kept getting distracted by other things. A lot of the issues in this volume made me miss the show Constantine.  Actually they took a lot from this book to make the show and I think it’s still a travesty that the TV show was cancelled. I love you Matt Ryan!!
  • Right now I am currently knocking another book off the list: A book You have been meaning to read. I read all the other mass effect books and was blown away by them, I love getting more out of a series than just a video game, this also applies to the Dragon Age books.
    51blMUx+kAL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_Now with that being said once I heard that Mass Effect:  Deception was written by William C Dietz and not by Drew Karpyshyn, he wrote all the previous books, I was a little worried. There was a rumor going around that Dietz totally went off base on this one that it was horrible and people should stay away until they revised it (which never happened to my knowledge.)
    Then the other week my brother and I went to the library and I decided “Hey I know this book is supposed to be flawed but hey let’s see for myself.” So far I am kind of regretting that decision but I will persevere and finish it, the biggest problem with it is the lore is not used to its fullest potential it almost feels like the guy just decided I’m not going to do research and just write a book. I also do not like the setup of this book the flow is so choppy that I feel like my brain is jumping around in my head trying to grasp at straws. I feel like the chapters could have been broken up differently and the different characters should have been broken up into their own chapters like so many other great books. We shall see what I think once I hit the end of the book but right now I’m not sold and it takes a lot for me to dislike a book and give it a negative review.

That’s where I am so far in this reading challenge. I am excited to get more knocked off the list and I’ve already been trying to think of what books to read for certain challenges. Please feel free to join me in this challenge I would love to know what books you chose. Happy Reading everyone!

All Hail the Inquisition!!

I am proud to announce I finally have a game review to publish! I can’t remember the last one I even wrote, probably was Watch Dogs which was quite a long time ago. I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition on November 18 , 2014 (its official release date) on my Xbox 360. For those that don’t know my gaming style when it comes to Role-Playing games, just let me tell you that it takes me forever to customize my characters look, they have to be just right in-game or I wont continue. I honestly probably started over half a dozen times, once I got momentum however there was no stopping me! Well that was until we got our Xbox One with all of my vacation I had saved over seven years of being at my job. My work stopped accumulating time and now if you don’t use it by the end of the year it just disappears. Rather lame. Once we finally purchased the bundle that had the Kinect, and two Assassin’s Creeds games Black Flag and Unity, I was dead set on upgrading my copy. After convincing myself to do it I finally took the plunge and got the better version. Boy am I glad that I did trade in my copy. It was well worth it considering I heard that no downloadable content will be available to that version. I’d be beyond pissed! Plus there was so much more visually I was missing out on.

As far as gameplay is concerned for Dragon Age Inquisition I found it very easy to get things done. I played as a Rogue, Dalish Elf (In Dragon Age Origins I beat it as a Female, Rogue, City Elf) so I thought it fitting to play as an elf once more. I named my character Cressida and she romanced the sexy commander Cullen it was love at first sight. For me I loved him ever since Origins and into Dragon Age 2. I am a Cullenite and damn proud! My next go around will be my mage Tobias who will romance the lovely Josephine. I actually started him at the same time I did Cressida. Actually before moving systems I was playing as a human female Rogue originally. Once I got to about level 12 that was when things started to pick up pace, holy cow there is a lot of content in Dragon Age Inquisition. I still have the DLCs to do but my main focus for now is getting money to buy Trespasser since I hear it answers a bunch of questions. My favorite party members were of course Dorian he’s a riot, Iron Bull, Blackwall even though he makes me angry, and Cassandra!

My final thoughts I loved Inquisition, even though at times it left me feeling like there was too much to explore unlike in DA2 where areas were overused but overall I had a great gaming experience. Some of those damn dragons were tough I still had like three more to destroy.

I laughed. I cried. I killed some demons along the way and closed the breach. Thedas is saved once more thanks to the Inquisition!! Whew I made my goal to beat this game before its one year anniversary/Birthday. I completed it last night, one day before failing! I cannot wait to see what Bioware has up its sleeves for Dragon Age Four.

My next gaming adventure is Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Modding Noob.

Good afternoon everyone on this lovely Sunday. I am beyond happy that I was able to stay in my pajamas all day! I worked the last six Sundays and finally got one off! If only it was a whole weekend then I would have had a happy dance but I kind of still have a weekend off, Sunday and Monday and at least tomorrow I get to spend all day with my husband. Hope all is well with everyone. Halloween is fast approaching and I’m not quite ready for it to be here yet, but a week from today I will have been married to my husband for seven years! Holy Cow sometimes it seems like I just met him yesterday. But that’s pretty much whats happening in my neck of the woods, with that being said lets jump to what I really would love to talk about….and I have realized since I started this blog I have talked about many other things and have really slacked on the video game side of things. Which was the supposed to be my main focus. Unfortunately life gets in the way and it takes me some time to complete games. But today marks change!

When we lived with our friends last year I downloaded Dragon Age Origins for free off of Origins but I thought I had lost the game because we had changed the hard drive to a bigger one and honestly I even forgot I had downloaded the game until finally getting our PC back up and running this early summer. The problem that I am having is that I have too many damn EA/Origin accounts I cannot keep them all straight and I find myself still having trouble getting it all sorted out. My Origins game on the Xbox 360 is a different account as is my inquisition and DA2 I really need to get a hold of EA and see if there’s someway to delete all other accounts from my profile and begin anew with the one I have right now on my computer. It has just been one big mess and its been giving me a headache.

I have always wanted to play games on a pc and I never knew how exciting mods could make a game. Thankfully on Twitter I asked for help finding a starting point on modding Dragon Age Origins and now its taking over my life. Get with it Microsoft 😀

I have pretty much spent most of my time thinking of what else to mod in my first play through. So far I added more hair, eye colors, changed the undergarments *the in-game ones look dirty eww,* Also changed the look of Alistair, he is still good-looking only he has darker hair *Sorry Not sorry I prefer my men to have facial hair and darker hair.* Added a new Armor although I haven’t figured out where the stupid thing has gone. Also I found one where I could kiss and say goodbye to Ser Gilmore in Human Noble origin story, oh and I gave him a makeover, more rough around the edges! Holy cow I have gone mod crazy! I think I have an illness. If you would like to know how I got all these things just simply go to To do all these mods I just went to the website downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager and went on a mod spree! Thank the maker they are free!!!

Here is the character I have created for my first time with mods, you may have seen her on my Instagram/twitter/Tumblr already if you follow me, all links added! I also added a bit of back story to her as well, please give me your thoughts and feedback. I have had a lot of great comments over in the THE Dragon Age Universe Facebook page as well as the Gamer Goddesses page.

Meet my Warden Laykn Cousland. She was the best daughter she could be even though she wanted to know what the world outside the castle walls was like. Knowing how her parents wanted to protect her she held her own feelings hidden but at the same time she wished for a greater role in life. She is forced to be conscripted because she couldn’t imagine life without her parents in it. She is going to fall for Alistair and become his queen.

Five Finger Death Punch #GotYourSix

Can you believe that it’s already the second week of September? Where has the time gone? It has been pretty chaotic around here so far, husband had his birthday, went to the Idaho State Fair and getting ready to plan some kind of trip for our seventh year wedding anniversary. We intended to go to Vegas but unfortunately it’s not going to happen this time, oh well there’s always next year. Now we just have to figure out something to do with our vacation. Well that pretty much sums up my month thus far, oh and I am on a quest to finish Dragon Age Inquisition soon and hopefully get the ending downloadable content called Trespasser (I am actually trying to win it from one of my gaming communities on Facebook so fingers crossed.)

Hope you’re getting back into the groove of having to go back to work and for those of you that have your kids back in school, I know the daily grind is hard for me but I digress. Now to what I really came here to talk about.

September’s Album is Five Finger Death Punch titled Got your Six. It was supposed to be released at the end of August but for some reason they pushed it back to September, that was one of the longest waits I have had to endure. They are one of the bands that I could not hear a single track by them and still buy it, they never let me down! I really want to go see them in concert its on my bucket list! If I have to travel far to do it then so be it.

Warning, Now this album does have a Parental advisory label due to the use of profanity (the F bomb mostly). To be honest, they really aren’t that bad except for track eleven, it uses that f word a bit too much but I still consider them my favorite band. Curse words don’t really bother me I just enjoy the songs for what they are.  Please do me a favor if you listen to my song I have chosen as my favorite don’t listen with small children around. I will let you use your best judgment.

I think the one I chose isn’t that bad, You can always scroll down after the video and check out the lyrics.

“Wash It All Away”

I’ve given up
On society
Up on my family
Up on your social deceaseI’ve given up
On the industry
Up on democracy
Done with all your hypocrisyAll of the chaos
And all of the lies
I hate itI’m wasting here
Can anyone wash it all away
I’m waiting here
For anyone to wash it all away
Wash it all awayI’ve given up
On the media
Feeds my hysteria
Sick of living down on my knees
I’ve given up
On morality
Feeds my brutality
Fuck what you think about meAll of the chaos
And all of the lies
I hate it

I’m wasting here
Can anyone wash it all away
I’m waiting here
For anyone to wash it all away
Wash it all away

I won’t change for you
And I can’t take the pain
There’s nothing you can do
And there’s nothing you can say

I’ve given up
On everything
Up on everything
Up on everything

I’m wasting here
Can anyone wash it all away
I’m waiting here
For anyone to wash it all away
Wash it all away

I’m wasting here
With everyone just wash it all away
I’m waiting here
For anyone to wash it all away
Wash it all away
Wash it all away

Branching Out!

The Game Huntress is pleased to announce that she is going to YouTube with Game footage from her Xbox One!! How excited are you?? Thus far I have videos from Halo, Inquisition and Advance Warfare! Please be kind and subscribe to my channel!! If you have any tips on how to make a successful YouTube page I would love to pick your brain!! Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!

The video down below is my Dragon Age Inquisition team going up against the Hinterlands level 12 Dragon. Sadly it’s a small clip!

Update: I now have a custom URL its

VGC: I Like Graphics I cannot lie!

Tuesday, October 7 2014
3:53 P.M.
Day 23 Best Graphics or Art Style.

THE FLASH PREMIERE IS TONIGHT HALLELUJAH! Oh hey there reoccurring and new readers you’ll have to ignore my excitement. Not one hundred percent sure why I am that excited for a show I can’t even watch tonight. Guess the geek in me is too excited, please put it online somewhere I can watch it CW here’s looking at you kid!
Please pardon the interruption! Now back to your normal scheduled challenge post!

Oh dear! Another tough question to answer considering how each game incorporates a new style of graphics! Can I plead the fifth? I know I have done it a few times but if you think its easy you go right ahead! No, no I tease. Probably should pick other games other than my normal Mass Effect answer or Dragon Age. Let me think…..

Okay so here are some of the games that are my favorites, I am so not good at narrowing things down to a single game as has become abundantly obvious. Ask me for a favorite show/movie I couldn’t give you a straight answer!

-Red Dead Redemption
-Dues Ex Human Revelations
-Sleeping Dogs
-Watch Dogs
-Call of Duty Ghosts
-Mass Effect Series
-Dragon Age series
-Tomb Raider

This is the Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will always be on the hunt.

Until Tomorrow.
Getcha Game On!

So looking back at the challenge picture from day one I have a question. Where did Day 30 go? Anyone know!


VGC: Look Ma I’m a Role-player

 Hello everybody! We are almost half way through this 30 day video game challenge. I sort of hope it would end soon but then again I don’t want it to because its been a lot of fun, suppose I can find another challenge to complete, if you know of any I could do please send them my way! I kind of want to do that November writing challenge but there’s no way I could write a book!

What’s your favorite type of game to play? Well if I can customize my character then slap me and call me Susie. Hand over that RPG at once! When I first started gaming for a while there I loved FPS’s but that love has slowly been replaced. I enjoy being able to make my character look how I want to like in Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect (even though in ME I usually use the default male Shepard but I will customize fem sheps appearance).

I think my love for RPGs is due to Knights of the Old republic, now Role playing games have came along long way since then but the idea is the same. I will play the crap out of RPGs I think they are the best and I love the stories that come with it!

I sure wish Dragon Age Inquisition was out right now, have you seen the awesome stuff Bioware has done with the customization? OH EM Gee! Squeak! Enjoy this video!

This is The Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will be on the hunt.

Until tomorrow,
Getcha Game On!

VGC: Currently Playing

Do you know what day it is? Monday you say? Incorrect well kind of! I’ll give you half credit 😀 See I can be nice! Its Video Game Challenge Day 14! Just finished watching Jack Ryan and Ender’s Game a few moments ago both movies I started at night and fell asleep so I had to go back and finish them. Both ended up being great films but I digress!

Games I am currently playing
(supposed to be screen shots but they don’t transfer from my phone to computer correctly so I will just share logos of the games I am currently playing)

Playing alone: Dragon Age Awakening. The expansion pack to Dragon Age Origins.
I am preparing for Inquisition I probably will not make it through DA2 before it comes out but damn son I am going to do my best!
imagesEU1S516OPlaying with my husband: Halo Reach
reach I just got Gold again yay and it was a free game this month! I keep wanting Master Chief however but you’re not playing him this game. Poo. One thing that I don’t like is I don’t get any achievements from completing stages like other Halo games I have played. Maybe I’m thinking of other games that do that I can truly not say!

Until tomorrow
Getcha Game on!

This is The Game Huntress Signing off and remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will always be on the Hunt!

Dragon Age Assunder


If you haven’t played Dragon Age 2 I would suggest that you play the game first before reading this book! It will help u understand what’s going on more.

I couldn’t imagine being a mage locked up in a tower like a common criminal is locked up in a jail cell! Taken from your family at a young age and hidden from the world.  Just doesn’t seem right!

I enjoyed yet another one of David Gaiders Dragon Age books the man is a story genius :). I loved all the main characters Rhys, Adrian, Wynne, and Cole (I am even currently using the names Rhys**mage**, Adrian**female noble** and named my mabari Cole in Dragon Age Origins). I even liked the templar Knight Commander Evangeline not right away but as I read I liked her more and more.

The main characters set on a quest to rescue a Tranquil Mage Pharamound & everything for the the mages begins to unravel as time passes. (Revert back to the events of the DA2)

Sets up Inquisition very nicely! Now I need to read fhe next book before the Game actually comes out in November!  Uber excited and am being tortured with anticipation! 

Currently Reading The Host by Stephanie Meyers! I have read 7/15 books for my Goodreads goal. I am 2 books behind schedule so I better get my buns in gear! Haha 

Movie Club Member: Courtney

BrlFuN8CMAAvNCdYou probably already know me by my Twitter Personality @GeekyGamerChick! I also gave myself an awesome blog personality The Game Huntress! I know your asking yourself how I came up with the name for this site its a simple story really, first I love video games (duh ;P) second I love unlocking XP and achievement’s, and lastly My brother and I were watching Arrow season one and I fell in love with the character The Huntress. I read the trade Huntress Year One and I thought to myself I want to start a blog and that’s the name that instantly popped into my head. THUS The Game Huntress was born!

I can say with certainty that it has been a success! What do you all think? The proof is in the pudding my friends. (2,184 blog views and counting)

Courtney Tid Bits

  • I am 25 Years Old
  • A dedicated gamer, Cyber Athlete if you will (Totally heard that on the movie Noobz)
  • Born again Bookworm
  • Movie Lover
  • Geek, Intellectual badass (I love this term as well, found on a Facebook meme)

Things I Fangirl Over

  • Sean Astin
  • Harley Quinn
  • Liam Neeson
  • Batman
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age
  • Sailor Moon