Inspirational: Fireproof

fireproof_desktop3_1280Monday night we were talking about families and how its important that a well established family has good communication. Our roommate mentioned this movie (which we found on Netflix) and said how it had a really great message to it and that we should watch it as soon as possible. So last night before passing out we decided to turn it on and check it out. Boy am I glad that I did. Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow.

Fireproof is about a husband and his wife who seem to have fallen out of love with each other and even at times can’t stand to be around each other. They fight and fight, getting into screaming matches over the dishes, bills and occasionally his choices of internet sites. Caleb goes to his father and tells him that his marriage is over and that his wife never respects him. The father then ends up giving him this book that has a 40-day- step-program to fixing his sons marriage.

This movie did have some religious aspects to it but it wasn’t really preachy. I ended the movie with tears gushing from my eyes, Fireproof is a movie that everyone should watch because I strongly believe that you will take at least one thing from it. The message was clear to me and it makes me want to keep my happy marriage just that happy. We all know that there is temptation in us all to maybe look at someone outside of your marriage, for an example but the thing to remember is to never act on that temptation. Take the time to reflect on what you’re contributing to the relationship and if you’re affecting it negatively try to find some way to make it more positive.

Hope that maybe it will bring a tear to your eyes!! Hopefully I’m not the only one to cry! lol