Book Corner: Red Harvest

Completed my first book for February yay! So what does this mean you may ask? It means its time for another Book Corner presentation! I hope you enjoy this series cause it is truly one of my favorite posts. I am so happy that I got back into reading I sort of stopped a long time ago but its a great hobby, one day I’d like to fill up a room for a library. A girl can have dreams.

Okay so remember last time I asked you to picture a Zombie Star Wars Crossover well I’m going to do that once more, and if you missed the last book corner please get an idea in your head.


Joe Schreiber does it again for me he is definitely starting to become one of my favorite authors. I need to read some of his other books outside of the Star Wars realm if there is any! Going to have to do research on that one!

Red Harvest is one intense moment after another. When I first started reading this book  I wasn’t into it as much as I was with Death Troopers. I felt there was too many characters to remember, along with who lives and how they die but the farther I got the easier it becomes!

I highly recommend this Novel to Star Wars and zombie lovers! It has just a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. Once again I say I’m not into zombies but these last two books have kind of got me interested a bit more. .Does anyone have any good Zombie books to recommend? 

Up next is Sailor Moon #1


Then onto Cress. The third book in The Lunar Chronicles series.


Happy Reading! If you have a book you would like to share please don’t hesitate to send it my way would love to get other books out to all the bookworms out there!
Email me if your interested!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Share a favorite book with a loved one or friend!