Save Constantine!!!

Hello and Good afternoon my readers! This is my attempt at saving NBC’s Constantine (It may not help but we can still try that’s what journalism is for!) whether it be on the same network or if it needs to be on the Sy-fy channel. I just watched the season finale last night and I do not want it to end on that cliffhanger! Oh my WORD! Don’t tease me like that! Change the name if you have too, move the network, I don’t give a damn as long as Matt Ryan and the rest of the cast doesn’t change and I get to enjoy Constantine!

I hate waiting to hear news about this show I just want to know it will be making a comeback! Please don’t cancel this beloved show! It has something for everyone, horror elements, comedy, and much more plus Matt Ryan is the perfect for the role of John Constantine {I mean come one he is one attractive man!} And I have heard that the show has been pretty close to the reference material. How many times do you hear people complaining about a TV show or movie not being close enough to its reference material whether it be a book or a comic book? Trust me I see it/ hear it on a daily basis.
images9D6HL5K0If there was one show that was deserving of another season or couple of seasons it would be this one! We have to see what the “Rising Darkness” has in store for the mortal realm, and to see what happens to John, Zed, Chaz, Manny and more. What this means is that I am begging down on my knees for Constantine to come back for another great season, it is truly an amazing show and I love the direction it was starting to go in! I was hooked from the first episode to the last and you will have to trust me when I say that I’m truly surprised that this show has made it onto my favorites list but I am glad that it did!

 Thank you for your time have a wonderful day! And if you say you hate this show I disown you just kidding that’s your choice. If you haven’t seen Constantine I say GO NOW! Find it and watch it Now!