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What can you tell us about your podcast Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks ?
imagecoupleMy fiance (Annaleis) and I do a weekly podcast about our crazy lives and thoughts on what we encounter during the week. It’s a little strange being that our podcast has no real focus. We try to stay positive and light. We want people to listen and laugh and have fun. We kind of think of our podcast as the podcast you listen take a break from podcasts. We just want to help kill people’s commute. Here is an open letter I have posted as to why I podcast;
Hello all! Some people have been asking why Annaleis and I have decided to do a podcast(some people have also asked what a podcast is, but that’s a story for another time).  I think that’s a good question, particularly  since our podcast really isn’t about anything. So many podcasts have specific topics, ie movies, comics, cars, sports, sex, music… But ours does not. We just talk and laugh and joke around about what’s on our minds, and what is going on in our lives.
Putting a set time aside, every week to talk and laugh with a person I love, and share my life with, is amazing. We get to create this little window in to our lives that we share with others. We get to sit and create this together. We are interacting. Not texting, not Facebooking, or tweeting, redditing, Google plussing or any of the other countless ways that we communicate with others these days. When we are done recording and we publish it, we open up ourselves to the world. The people who listen will hear our voices, our thoughts and our laughter. We allow strangers in to our world. They can listen, judge, laugh, enjoy or hate it. But it’s truly us. Together. Not really giving a flying cow what the outcome is because we know what we put out is real, and it’s ours…
It is also something that will be there forever (however long that is). Long after we are gone, these words, the hours spent, the stories told, will be there for others to hear. We plan to have friends and family come in to podcast with us. Not to interview them , but just to hang out and hear their stories. For my Sisters kids to hear their mom before she was their mom. To be able to share my moms voice with her great-great-grand kids. For all of our friends and family to have a conversation frozen in time that will be handed off to others.
 Let me stop here to say my sister does not yet have kids and, as far as I know, is not preggo!
We plan to take our pod-casting “on the road”. Pod-casting from baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Anywhere a memory and conversation can be saved, and later shared. To know that my family and friends laughter will be forever saved is why I podcast.
So, if you have a chance and want to check it out, please do! If not, it will be there if you decide you’d like to. And if you’d like to be a part of the podcast, please join us!! We would love to have you…
Thank you again for all the support. The response as been amazingly positive and very humbling…
I hope to talk with all very soon…
Love and Laughs,
Neil (the freaK)
Pre-interview you mentioned you’re a “Jack of all geeks, Master of none” (thought this was pretty awesome) what exactly do you mean by that phrase?
I mean that my geekiness spans many different themes,topics and genres, so I don’t give any enough time to become a “master” at any. I Love Batman comic books, but I couldn’t tell you all the different people who have written or have drawn Batman. Same goes for movies or toys or video games. I like enjoying these things, but I never really get too deep into whats behind it. Its funny when I’ll be talking a bout a couple of games I like and friends will say, “Sure, they were both developed by the same team”. I will have had no clue! I didn’t even know there was a team!!
What podcast(s) inspired you to start your own show? If any?
It was a Kevin Smith podcast, but I can’t remember which one. He was saying that it was easy and cheap to do, and everyone should try it. It sounded like fun, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was something that Annaleis was into also, and the thought of us having a project that we could do together sounded like a blast!
How many podcasts are on your playlist? What are some of your favorites?
I listen to way too many podcasts! About 40-50 a week. Mostly all indie pods now. It feels like hanging out with friends. I’m worried to name any because I don’t want to leave any out! I take great pride in trying to support as many indie pods as I can. I have no ego about it in that regard. I think there is enough of an audience for all of us, so I want to help my friends pods grow.  When we started our podcast, I had no idea how many indie pods were out there. At that time, I was only listening to the big guys and girls.
How do you balance work, home life, and the podcast, whats your secret?
I feel very fortunate, I really enjoy my job and can listen to podcasts at work. So, when i get home, I’m not stressed out from work so it easy for me to have the energy to play with our dogs and do work on the podcast, network and fit in a ride here and there! Being that the podcast is something that Annaleis and I do together, and the fact we don’t have kids, the podcast is part of home life. It doesn’t take time away for “us”. So, my secret would be to find an amazing person that supports you and enjoys talking into a microphone with you!
How often do you go Mountain Biking and what type of bike do you ride?
I try to ride on the trails 2x a week, at least 10-15 miles a ride. I also have a stationary bike in the garage i’ll spend time spinning on. Right now I am riding a Specialized Stumpjumper  FSR comp full suspension.
How did you get interested in mountain biking?bike
When I was a kid, I was big into BMX bikes and racing. Mountain biking seemed to be the natural progression. Riding has been such a huge part of my life since I can remember. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where its pretty easy to get on the trails all year-long.
What in your opinion makes a good comic book? What are you currently reading?
In my opinion, a comic book is good if the reader is enjoying it! I know that sounds cheesy, but I really believe it. I recently cancelled my comic subscriptions to pay for all the fun stuff we are buying for the podcast. But, I’ll be starting up soon. I am a huge Batman fan, so I’ve been enjoying everything Batman.
You love your dogs aka your little people tell us all about them!
imagedogYes, I am a crazy dog person!! Like over the top, talk to my dogs crazy! The reason I don’t spend more time on the trails is because I don’t want to leave them alone anymore than I absolutely have to! We have 2, an 8-year-old Doberman named Se7en, and a 1.6 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (sadly referred to as a “Pit Bull”)  named Zero. They are both sweet silly dogs. Se7en is named after the 7 deadly sins and Zero is named after the dog in the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. They are a couple of the goofiest, clumsiest dogs I have ever been around. Se7en is one of those amazingly well-behaved, well-trained, never leave your side, always listens kind of dogs. Zero is a little different. He is in his own world! He will spend hours staring at the wall, or a flower, or me. He is very gentle and quiet. Trainers have lovingly referred  to him as “special’, “sensitive”, and “soft”. I love them both dearlyimage
What video games are you currently playing, if any, and what are you most excited for in the gaming world?
I am currently playing “Watch Dogs”. I am enjoying it, but I haven’t put the time into it needed to be any good! I am a big sports and racing game kinda person. I haven’t played Madden in years, and this year I was invited by the guys from the GreenUP! podcast to be in a Madden league with them. So I am very excited for the new Madden to come out. I am also looking forward to “The Crew”, which is to be an open world racing game.
What type of movie genre is your favorite and why?
Wow, that’s a tough one. I like so many different types of movies. Movies like “The Boondocks Saints”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Snatch”, I would have to say is my favorite genre. But I am not sure what that genre is called! I like those movies because they make me think, can be funny, sad, uncomfortable and have action, all at the same time.. That was probably a terrible answer, huh?
What was the last movie you watched that you were the most excited for and did it meet your expectations?
The Last Movie I watched in the theater was  “Godzilla”. I enjoyed it, but I was expecting so much more. I am not exactly sure what I would have changed. Perhaps I wanted a bit more of Godzilla. I really liked how they seemed, at times, to try to stay true to the original Godzilla Movies. I was a big fan of the originals.
Do you have any advice on building a studio and/or starting a podcast?
Yes!! Do your research!! Ask a lot of questions!! Set a budget! People can go all out and spend tons of money building a studio, and if you have the space, time, and money, GO FOR IT! But, if you have a much smaller budget, you can put something together that will sound amazing without breaking the bank. People are out there that want to help you! They want to share their knowledge and will help you to not spend money on things you don’t need. Just put in a little time in the beginning researching…
As far as starting a podcast, DO IT! Find a good host site (I love and use Libsyn), and then start podcasting. Do it with friends or family. Do it by yourself. Just give it a shot!imagesCCCOLQOI
How has social media improved/impacted your life?
Social media has introduced me to some really great people in the podcasting world.  Some people I never would have thought I would ever meet. Different views, different locations, but all really great people.
Tell us a little about yourself! Anything you would like to share!
I am a very fortunate person who is surrounded by amazing people who love and support me. Every day, I get to wake up safe and happy. I try to remember that during the day. I try to do what I can to help those who are not as fortunate.
If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Be yourself! Be proud! Have fun and share your geekiness with others. We are all geeks, some people just don’t know it yet!
If you had to give one geeky hobby up what would you choose and what would you replace it with?
Boy, that’s a tough one… I think I would give up toys. Since they are pretty much just things I look at, I could spend that time “doing” something else. Plus, It would make more room for comics, and video games! I don’t think I would replace it with anything. I would just get more geeky on the things I already geek out on!
if there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?
Sometimes I see “geek on geek” hate. People trying to out-geek each other, or saying that whatever they geek out on is a more pure form of geek than some other geekery. I think there is room for all of us. We will get much farther if we help each other. That, and all the hate talk during online gaming!! What the hell is that about? It can be downright hateful… I think that’s sad.
As geeks we’ve all been ridiculed at some point in our lives how did you deal with that and how has it affected you as an adult?
Well, as a kid I was really lucky. My parents were very supportive and caring. This is terrible to say, but I also played, and was good at sports, so I was left alone by the sports crowd. It also made it possible to protect or help out all the people who were made to feel less than, because of the things they liked. I was in Drama club, on the football team, played guitar, had long hair and wore bracelets, and pretty much marched to the beat of my own drummer. As an adult, I feel it has made me very open to all people and curious about people who seem different from me. I always think that everybody has something to teach me. I love to meet new people and hear their stories!
Where can my readers find out more about you and other projects you work on?

One Geekified Interview: John

  Welcome back to my game lair hope your ready for another fun and exciting geekified interview. This one is with a my twitter friend John You can follow him on twitter @JohnGMBurke. He runs a blog and his very own podcast.


Tell us a little bit about yourself? Anything you would like to share

Well born way back in 62 so I am one of the older nerd/geeks out there. I have been reading, collecting comics and in the pop culture life since my older brother got me hooked on it. I have to say that unlike most teenage boys I never stopped collecting comics. I became attached to them because of the art and learned to read because of them. I live by myself except for my 2 cats and my kids, well sometimes. A single old geek/nerd looking for old nerd/geek love. Ha. I love movies but it take a really good one to surprise me now a day. Not a big fan of horror movies or drama. Have to go to San Diego Comic Con before the dirt nap. I have so many things I want to do but seen like I never have time for them all. Love to write a short novel or comic book.

Tell us about The Pop Culture Café Podcast?

Well The Pop Culture Cafe’ Podcast is me just seeing if I had something to say. It was a test to break that shell of mine. But also a chance to talk about pop culture, comics and entertainment. I have a couple of regular features, Movie Monday were I post interesting short films. On Thursday I have another feature called Cosplay Thursday and lately I have been feature some of the bigger Cosplayers out there right now.  I go thru the week and pick out stories that catch my attention and pass on the story with my view of it. I review comics that I have read but try hard not to really destroy them. Hopefully I can make people laugh also. You know I not sure what it is about sometimes myself.IMG_0779

 If you could give a nerd from this generation advice what would you say?

My only real advice is do what you love both in work and life. If you can make what you to do for a living the same as what you love do it. Do NOT let anyone tell you different. Be happy with being a geek/nerd/dweeb. In the end you have to live with yourself and be happy with yourself. That is all that matters.

 What made you decide to want to start your own podcast? Do you listen to a lot of shows?

I got into podcast to see what it was. I heard Kevin Smith talk about just take a chance, talk about what you want because each voice is different. Also I heard this fellow I know thru my son, Tommy Lutz doing it so I thought I give it a try. So I figured if this young guy from the small town could do it why not me. So I figure WTF I give it a shot. What pods? Lets see, Podcorn, The Inverse Delirium Podcast, The Steve Austin Show, Mission Log, CRH, Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro, The Nerdist, The JustUs Geeks Podcast, The Well Watchers, SModcast – Fatman on Batman, ChickCast, SModcast Hollywood Babble On, 7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101, Crash Course in Awesome. I am sure I will be listening to more later.

You have your own website how did you start it and why?

I started my own blog simply because I want to talk about and write about the things I liked. It was something to help pass the time and hopefully for when I sitting around in my old age it will give me something to do. I have doing it since Jan 2013 and surprised that I am. Almost a 200 followers but not sure how many are real. I enjoy doing my blog more that the podcast. I hope it shows. I would love to grow it with more stories from different people. So if your reading this and you like to write drop me a line.

 Your a doctor who fan what makes you love the show?

That is a real hard question to ask simply because I can not really explain it. I was in my teens when I first saw the show on TVOntario. There were not many SCI-Fi TV shows on during my time growing up so when something came on like that you just watched. It was different, new and strange. My Doctor was Tom Baker. Tom was interesting, funny and entertaining to watch. You had to let your imagination go wild and forget the bad special effects. It was story that made you watch. That same thing is the same today, it is the story.

 Which doctor is your favorite?

Well as I wrote above my Doctor is Tom Baker, Doctor 4 and of the new reboot it is David Tennant.

. How do you feel about Peter Capaldi being casted as the new doctor?

I think he will do fine. There is always a transition when a new actor comes aboard to play the Doctor. It will be some adjustment but I am looking forward to it. I have heard that he maybe a little darker so hopefully that won’t hurt the series.

Do you have anything In the works you would like or could share?

Well I have to say that everything is always changing in both my blog and podcast. I would like to get different people with different things they geek out about to write for my blog. The podcast is always changing from cast to cast. I can not afford different podcasts so I doing specials on my cast. A sample of that is TPCC PRESENTS: Supernatural S1 E1 with my daughter. Another will be TPCC PRESENTS: IDKS which is where I can talk about anything that is on my mind. Hopefully it will keep in the pop culture realm but just a somewhere I can vent. I hopefully a co-host once a month, right? I am hoping to have more joke commercials that I make myself.

 As a kid were you a bigger nerd or did you become one when you got older?

I was always been a nerd even thought that term has changed. Today I may be called more a geek than a nerd. I think as I get older I am become more and more of a neek. That is a term I have decided to call myself, a merger of nerd and geek. I even thought of putting my ashes into a Tardis urn when I die.

 What types of comic books are you most drawn too? How do you decide if one is good of not?

Well when I was first reading and collecting it was the art style. I was drawn to art because as when I was younger I love to draw but as I learn to read it was a combination of both the art and story. John Byrne was my favorite and still is. But now as I have gotten older my attention has been drawn to the independent books and the writing has become just a little more important the art. A good one to me nowaday is a good simple story that is not to heavy on super techno talk. A story based on simple truths.

. As someone who loves science fiction, such as ourselves, in your opinion what makes a good science fiction movie?

A good story. I know that is a simple answer but it all comes down to story. All the special effects can not make a good movie. If you look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier it was good movie because it took what is happening today and mix in the the world of fantasy/SCI FI and made it believable.

 in our pre-interview you said that you used to draw and do art is there a specific reason you don’t do it as much or are you doing it more recreationally?

I don’t do it as much because of the time constraints. With having to do the blog and podcast and being someone who has the sole responsibility of being responsible for keeping up the house work I just don’t have the time. I am thinking of putting up some on my blog. I do miss it at times.

Who inspired you to be the person you are today? How and Why?

Well who inspired me to be to be the person I am well I have really don’t know. My older brother help me find my love to comics, reading and SCI Fi so it did start there. But I have to sayculture that in general it has been numerous people have help shape me and I am still growing. From my brother to people like Chris Hardwick, Kevin Smith, George Lucas. My father for doing what he wanted to do and was happy doing it. To the younger generation who have grasp the new technologically and show that anyone can make things they love.

 How has social media changed your life? Has it affected it in a positive or in a negative way? How so?

Well I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I hate Facebook. I use it because I have to. I use it for my blog and podcast and to help keep in contact with some people. I have a twitter account which I do like a bit better than Facebook but with following so many I miss stuff. I also find it so impersonal and without the inflection of a persons voice you can’t tell is they are joking or not. It has allow me to find more people of the geek/nerd culture so that is the one advantage.

What’s one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

That I am a big coward. Getting into podcasting I have to ask people to come on and chat with me. But I have to get out of my comfort zone to do that and it is hard. I got some interviews for my podcast at the Calgary Expo but I have to really force myself to do them. Doing my podcast I always have to remember to just do it and not worry that people may not wish to hear what I have to say. Oh also that I am a lonely man.

 If you had to give up one nerdy thing you love what would it be. why and what would you replace it with?

TV, is that a nerdy thing? If it is than that would be it. I would replace it with reading. I do love reading but I seem that I can not find time for it. I mean books, not comics. I have a great deal of respect for writers and books are magically and can take you anywhere.

 Where can my readers find you?

Well if they wish find me they can find me at JohnGMBurke on Twitter,,, The PopCuture Cafe on Facebook or at a comic convention trying to pick up older nerd/geek girls.

You can also go to my page and click on the link as well!

(If your interested in being interviewed please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me by email or on twitter!! @geekygamerchick @gamehuntress


Welcome to The Game Huntress Lair! It’s the time you have been waiting for time to review our first movie! If you’d like to know more about the Movie Club Members please go back to a previous blog post that talks about different things that have been happening. Please leave us feedback and if you ever have a movie suggestion or just wanna share your thoughts tweet me on twitter @Game_Huntress. Without any further a due:



Red State (2011)

Directed by: Kevin Smith

Starring: Michael Parks, John Goodman, Melissa Leo

Rating: Rated R

length: 1 hr 29 Min

Genre: Action-Adventure, Horror

Found on: Netflix

Game Huntress’s Review

Red State starts out with 3 male teenagers, who answer an online ad for woman seeking wild n crazy sex, they thought this was going to be the best night of their lives, instead it ends in disaster when they become kidnapped and taken hostage by a radical church led by Albin Cooper (Parks) called the 5 Point Trinity Church. This group is mentioned to be a bit of gun nuts which becomes apparent very quickly in this film, when a few people try to escape because their fight or flight instincts kick in. Sadly to no avail the situation goes  from bad to worse when Special Agent  Joseph Keenan (Goodman) is sent to investigate and an all out fire-fight ensues between ATF and the members of the church, and it clearly becomes apparent that this situation wouldn’t come to a close without both sides taking major losses. 

I found it severely disturbing, I believe this was what Smith was going for, and its crazy how people like the Cooper Clan could actually exist, such like the Westboro Baptist Church, which Red State is loosely based on.

I give Red State a 7.5.

Josh’s Review

Red State is a haunting look into what lies behind, radical groups and radical leaders. Kevin Smith took on a very grim subject in directing the 2011 film. While recent events leave most thinking the church group lead by Abin Cooper (Michael Parks) resemble the Westboro Baptist Church; the groups actions and dark secrets left a feeling, for those who can remember, more reminiscent of David Keresh. This church was molded to believe that the media and deviant choices of people, if not handled by anyone else, should be handled by their own hand.

In the beginning, no real protagonist is given. Three harmless teens are using the web to make a sexual conquest. However, upon meeting the woman offering, things take a very grim turn. Soon things become a very twisted and dark visual as they are taken hostage by the Five Points Church, led by Cooper. It becomes a struggle to survive. However once the darkness reveals itself, Special Agent  Joseph Keenan (John Goodman) is sent to the scene. This is where the film really begins to build up steam. A simple operation turns into a Branch Davidian-esque type battle filled with its share of shock and gore. Only in a twist does the bloodshed cease and the movie comes to an end.

Kevin Smith really showed with his camera work (short, choppy shots) and his quick dialogue that he was returning to a more simplistic style in filming. This also plays well as the opening sequences are not really important to the rest of the movie, so the watcher is not left to feel the need to focus on this. As tension mounts, the film score and tighter camera shots really build on that. John Goodman and Michael Parks do wonderful jobs as reluctant hero and villain respectively.

In that, this is what really hinders the film from being beyond mediocre. It does leave a feeling of confusion as the opening scenes did not really play later to anything more. The actors that are focused on do excellent, but at times they seemed to be shown bumbling around more than necessary. And also the quick wrap up really does left a lot to be left desired.

Overall, there did seem to be a directing conflict. Kevin Smith was trying to return to basics in film; however after a stellar career, it is hard to not rely on a bigger budget to solidify a movie. Certain quirky filming and a hauntingly excellent choice in subject could have made a superb cult classic. However, a choppy forgettable open and sudden closure leave it as a random find on Netflix. If you aren’t sensitive to the subject matter, I do say give this a go at least one time.

Rating 7.0

Shauna’s Review

Kevin Smith, can you do no wrong?! Oh well there’s Jersey Girl we’ll forget about that one, because Red State is seriously amazing! He’s really outdone himself with this one. We all know he’s capable of making those cult classic raunchy comedies like Clerks, Dogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but this movie is way out of left field for him.

A knock out cast only makes this movie that much better. Michael Parks leads with an impeccable performance as an extremist church leader, Abin Cooper. He mixes equal parts crazy and nuts to bring to life one of the most terrifying villains I have ever seen. Travis, Billy Ray, and Randy (played by Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun, and Ronnie Connel) are perfectly convincing trailer trash teens just out for a good time. Though their stereotypical behavior can take you out of the seriousness of the film by making you giggle, the performances were top-notch. While I would have liked to have seen more of him, John Goodman’s limited screen time was nothing short of flawless.

Don’t let his past work fool you though, this is not a generic Kevin Smith film. Whether you are a fan of his or you hate everything he’s done so far, give Red State a try because I think you will be truly surprised. This movie is smart, mature, and gruesome on so many levels, and the controversy behind its subject makes it that much more intriguing. Short, sweet, and to the point, Red State will shock you and leave you both frightened and disturbed.

ShaunaOH gives this movie a 8/10!

Sean’s Review

    Red State is loosely based on the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, KS. In the movie, the Five Points Trinity Church is led by Pastor Abin Cooper. They are tormenting the town because their fundamentalist ideals dictate that the world is doomed because of society’s acceptance of homosexuality and a perceived “absence” of God in the media. They believe that God is not an all-loving being, but rather, an entity that casts out all others unless they specifically believe Five Point’s controversial doctrine.

    The significant difference between the real-life Phelps’s in Kansas and Smith’s Five Points Trinity Church is that Five Points are very pro-gun rights and have seemingly amassed an armory under their property.  Instead of picketing and suing, like the Phelps’s, Five Points is willing to murder innocent people to further their cause. They are seen murdering a homosexual in the beginning of the movie and even murder a Sheriff’s Deputy because he nearly discovers what they’re doing.

    John Goodman who plays Special Agent Joseph Keenan gets wind of some activity at the church and immediately goes to investigate. On the first day they are there, a firefight erupts. He receives orders that he needs to breach the premises and take control. The situation begins to feel like the real-life Branch Davidians and the Waco Siege in 1993. The situation quickly spirals out of control and options become very limited.

The twist in the film comes when loud, trumpet blasts reign throughout the fight. There’s so much chaos and destruction happening, but everyone stops what they’re doing. Five Points drops their weapons because it seems as if the biblical Rapture is happening. They walk outside and Special Agent Keenan and his team arrest the Five Points members. They figure out that the blasts came from a farm over as a retaliatory gesture from college students who’ve been pestered by Pastor Cooper. That single act saved many lives and ensured that most made it out of the skirmish alive.

Red State is one of Kevin Smith’s darker films and really shows what could happen when religious tolerance and gun-rights go unchecked. The parallels between the real-life Westboro Baptist Church and Branch Davidians are apparent and the fantasy that is created becomes very disturbing. The film is very graphic and raw and isn’t for everyone. The idea for the movie came to Smith after some exchange with Westboro Baptist Church’s Megan Phelps. Smith was always willing to invite Phelps and her family to his shows and even extended the church an invitation to a premiere of Red State in Kansas City which they accepted. They didn’t appreciate the loose comparison and did not watch the film to the end. The film is very powerful to those who are both familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church and the Branch Davidian tragedy in Waco. Fans of Smith, who are used to his usual comedic films, may not appreciate Red State and Smith’s twisted view on this subject.Rating 7.0

Hope you enjoyed each of our different takes/review styles on Red State. I picked this one and since Josh was the first one to join the group, has the second pick, so stay tuned for another round of GAME HUNTRESS MOVIE CLUB. Be sure to follow us all on twitter! Me (@geekygamerchick) Shauna (@xShaunaOH) Josh (@O_Mistah_J) and of course Sean (@guy_sean) Until Next time, Keep it Nerdy