Its time for another Movie Adventures of Courtney *that’s me in case you forgot* and Robyn! Unfortunately these movies were supposed to be up before Halloween but well I sort of goofed and totally spaced watching my movie, forgetting all about it until right before Thanksgiving when my movie was being played on television. Oopsies my bad.  I really need someone to help me keep track of all my plans because I obviously have too much going on and can’t keep my head on straight. So ya if your interested comment down below! Now I please ask that you pretend its still October and Halloween is just right around the corner.

Okay thank you so much! What a good group of people I have following me. Now that the mood is set lets get to the movies! Obviously being “October” one must watch  Monster movies and what can beat Godzilla? Nothing I say. NOTHING!!!!

Courtney’s Pick
Godzilla (1998)
What can I say about this version of Godzilla? Now firstly I’m not a really a huge Matthew Broderick fan other than Ferris Buellers day off, but I must admit that he is pretty dang good in Godzilla! This was what probably started my love for the crème del la crème of all Kaiju’s!  I really enjoyed watching Godzilla smash his way throughout the city while the puny humans I mean the military try and find a way to take him down.

My favorite part has to be *spoiler alert* when M.B’s character discovers that Godzilla can reproduce offspring asexually with no female presence and is able to figure out that he is storing fish for his unborn Godzilla babies. D’aww. I was sad when they get destroyed. I’m sorry human race I must always root for that adorable fella to win I mean just look at his face, what’s not to love!
If for some insane reason you have never watched this movie I say get on with it what are you waiting for? The end of the world?

Okay I’m getting a tad bit overzealous here. I humbly apologize. Ahem.

Robyn’s Pick
Godzilla 2014

There’s just something about watching Godzilla and getting a full-body chill when you finally see that massive creature break free of the water. You can never be disappointed when watching any movie featuring Godzilla. Just like the movie with Matthew Broderick, it was very well done. In this movie version, however, they added even greater actors and took us all the way back to Japan for some background information. I liked that they used Godzilla to help track down M.U.T.O. (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism). Even though Godzilla helps them, the military still feels the need to try and kill him (or her, that was never decided). It’s hard not to cheer when Godzilla makes a getaway. I can watch this movie over and over and I wouldn’t get sick of it

Book Movies Never Watched

Welcome to the return of The Movie Adventures of Courtney and Robyn! Our first theme is to watch movies that we had finished reading the book of. There was plenty of Movie Adaptations to pick from but here was our top choices. For right now we are just going to stick to one movie each and see how our schedules go! Please enjoy and remember we would love for you to suggest our next theme! Don’t hesitate.

Courtney’s Pick

The Maze Runner (2014)


First off before I get to The Maze Runner movie I just wanted to say that I loved the book and the movie did it justice, which is usually something I rarely say about these kinds of movies. I finished reading The Maze Runner and immediately had to go rent the movie from the RedBox and watch the movie adaptation!

The movie had a great pace to it, and kept the suspense coming it was a wild ride, I felt as if I were stuck in a maze right along with Thomas! The Grievers in the book were pretty scary but in the film they were creepy, or if not creepier than I had envisioned in my mind.

I am looking forward to reading the next book The Scorch Trials and see the movie adaptation! If you haven’t read the book I highly suggest that you do but if you don’t have the love for books but you do love movies add this one to your list to watch!

Robyn’s Pick

Holes (2003)

Back in high school, for my senior year English class, one of the books we read was Holes by Louis Sachar. I enjoyed the book and finished it quickly compared to the rest of my class. The movie adaptation was pretty spot on with the plot and the characters. What the father does for a living, the home life, how Stanley wound up in court and then later at the juvenile detention camp. His fellow camp attendees and camp staff were just as interesting in the film as the book. The movie had many great actors such as Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Henry Winkler, and Shia LaBeouf. All brought great performances to the film and made the movie as good as it was. I would recommend reading the book as well as watching the movie.

(Courtney here I actually have never read the book but the movie is one of my favorites! Definitely adding this to my pile of books to read!)

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear some of your favorite books that have turned into a movie adaptation! Until Next time!

Vampire Theme.

Never fear Movie Adventures has come back once more and with changes again. Don’t worry it’s not that bad, but due to life getting in the way, Robyn and I have decided to cut it down to one movie a piece instead of two! Lets not waste any more time and jump right into it!

We are always looking for ideas for Topics so please send them my way and maybe you’ll see your theme on this here old blog! And Maybe you’ll get to write a little bit about what movie you watched anyone is free to join in on the Movie Adventure there’s plenty to go around!

Robyn’s Pick
Interview with the Vampire

For a movie that is based off a book, it follows along quite well. Normally these kinds of movies diverge a bit with things that weren’t even in the books, but other than a couple of appearance differences (Brad Pitt’s straight brown hair and the fact that Antonio Banderas isn’t 17 years old) and some scenes being left out, you can safely watch this movie and still get most of the picture from the book. From beginning to end, the movie sucks you in. The whole cast gives these characters life, and you even come to love Claudia because Kirsten Dunst is super adorable. If you love this movie, then you definitely need to read the books. Don’t bother watching Queen of the Damned, though. It doesn’t follow the book at all and even as a movie in and of itself, it sucks.

Courtney’s Pick
Van Helsing

 What to say about Van Helsing…I know that it had many people in an uproar because they thought that it was a terrible movie. I am pretty sure it had some flaws but to me it was a grand movie! It has two of my favorite actors in it Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale and they were perfect for their roles! The ending always made me cry my eyes out. Whats honestly not to love about this movie it has Dracula, Werewolves, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (all great monster movie characters) I could watch this movie over and over again!

Video Game Movies. Take 2

Hello fellow movie watchers/lovers! I realize that this post was supposed to go up onto the internet towards the tail end of November but life got pretty hectic with work and the holiday of Thanksgiving got in the way but hey I need something else to post into this fine month of December.
let’s get to round two of our Video Game Movie picks. Robyn is up first this time lets see what she picked/enjoyed!

Robyn’s Pick
Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
gajgaWhat video game movie is guaranteed to show you the most gruesome, creepiest creatures ever thought of? That’s right, Silent Hill. I decided to watch the second installment, Silent Hill: Revelation (mostly because the first one isn’t on Netflix streaming). This movie continues the interesting life of Sharon, whom now goes by the name Heather. She starts to see things, alternate realities, pertaining to Silent Hill. She’s being followed by a P. I. whom felt the need to warn her about the Order who tries to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets a boy (I had no idea who Kit Harrington was when I first saw this movie, but do I now) who turns out to be from the Order trying to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets other interesting characters, such as Alessa’s mother and two girls who got lost and trapped in a mannequin-spider’s web, and the terrifying Pyramid Head. After wandering through the town, saving Vincent from the nurses, becoming one with Alessa, she confronts the leader, who is actually the ugly razorbladed monster we see periodically throughout the movie. Pyramid Head comes in to fight her, then after killing her just walks off (I don’t understand why he would save her). Her father decides to stay and look for her mother. I think they did a great job spelling out the story, giving the how’s, the who’s, and the why’s. I don’t know how the games play out, but I think I can assume it doesn’t follow it on every point. That’s not always a good thing to do, but in this case it worked out just fine. I kind of hope they do another movie. I would like to see what other creatures they could come up with.

Courtney’s Pick
Doom (2005)
imagesWE0PM6NDWell first off how could you not love a movie that has Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban in it? I mean they are two muscle-bound hotties, oh sorry got of track a little bit!
There is one scene in particular that sold me on this entire film and yes I know it has been criticized for the cheesiness of it all but growing up playing this game, or watching a sibling play, then you know what I’m talking about. (I remember playing with the chainsaw hacking up everyone) I love how at the end (spoiler) it shifts into First Person Mode while Urban walks down a long Corridor to save his sister (if I remember correctly been a while since I have watched it) anyways you can correct me if I am wrong. I find it hard to keep details straight any longer. However with that being said I usually don’t go for these types of movies and if I do end up watching them it has to be light outside way before my bedtime *Dooms not that scary, not even in the slightest* if you enjoy campy movies like myself then you’ll love Doom. I am a huge Urbanite as I like to call myself! We need more video game based movies am I right?

Video Game Movies

Welcome to another movie adventure with myself and my friend Robyn! I know that it has been a while since we have posted any movie reviews but due to life getting in the way and such I haven’t posted anything but that changes today! This Month of November we picked the theme of Video Games, rather fitting since we both are avid gamers! Now there is very few good movies in this film most were made a long time ago such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and such and they usually weren’t that impressive but we have picked a couple to share with you today so let’s get into this weeks pick and then later in the month you’ll get two more! Stay tuned for the end of this post there will be an honorable mention from the year Robyn Graduated that I didn’t quite get posted on time but nonetheless its a great review!

Courtney’s Pick
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (2011)
images136A3APNI could never get enough of  the Tomb Raider franchise, and when I first found out that Angelina Jolie was going to play the iconic character Lara Croft I was a bit skeptical but she did a bang up job of playing Lara, and she rather looks like her if you think about it. I remember before the 2013 remake of Tomb Raider came out I decided that morning before going to pick up my game I would watch both Tomb Raider movies and I believe at the time that they were on Netflix *not positive but I’m pretty sure they were on there* anyways. For being a video game movie, I thought that it was a very good, it was far better than some of its predecessors that I have seen. I really enjoyed Jolie far more than I first expected and I even enjoyed the second movie as well.

Lara Croft is THE Tomb Raider, she actually makes me want to be a treasure hunter! Alas I could do without having a villain trying to beat me to the treasure ha-ha. If you have never watched this movie I suggest that you do I know I enjoyed it and would like to see if they make another film! But I don’t really see that happening!

Robyn’s Pick
Final Fantasy: Advent Children (2005)
Even though I have never finished Final Fantasy VII, I know quite a bit about Sephiroth and Cloud and all of the other characters. The CGI in this movie is absolutely amazing. Everything looks so real and beautiful. All the details, from the outfits to the fight scenes are so well done. It screams Japanese and I don’t think anyone else could have done it better. There are numerous fight scenes, my favorite being when Cloud faces off with Loz and Yazoo. It is all intense and shows how skillful the characters are. The best thing about this movie is the music done by Nobuo Uematsu. The music he created is always spectacular, fitting every scene, and I do not think there is a person who dislikes “One-Winged Angel”. I am not too pleased they changed the music a bit in certain scenes when they redid the movie. It just does not seem to fit any longer. I think this movie can be enjoyed even without having played any of the games and I think everyone who is a fan of Final Fantasy should watch it.

As promised, here is a pick from a while back when we chose the theme of Graduation year. The reason this pick never made it up was because I had decided to change the amount of movies we would watch. I believe we had 4 picks and I cut it down to 2 picks due to time restraints on my end. So without further a due.

Honorable Mention!
Robyn’s Pick: Graduation Year
Serenity (2005)
Serenity-movie-posterGiven that the TV show, Firefly, was canceled long before it should have been, this movie was our last bit of enjoyment from that world. I like that they continued River and Simon’s story, even with a bit of background. We learn how they escaped and some of what had been done to River at that “school” she attended. As usual, there is great banter between all of the characters that has me giggling every five minutes, even when the scene is not so funny. There is not a single bad actor, everyone brings something to the show that we all walk away with. The Reavers were an interesting aspect to the movie. I’ve never come across that type of people in a mostly friendly TV show. They’re a primitive, evil group of people whom seem to mostly go on instinct, yet they are smart and capable enough to fly ships and strategize. Between get flashbacks from River, her going slightly crazy, running from the Reavers, they are also running from an assassin who came for River. Of course they defeat him, but surprisingly leave him alive. More proof that they might be criminals, but they have morals. The only thing I dislike about this movie is the death of one of the greatest characters ever. That was the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced. Still, it is great to have the movie and something that cannot be skipped after watching the series.

Please leave us comments down below on your favorite video game movie honorable mentions! I would love to see what movies didn’t pop into my head when I was thinking about what video game movies are out there.

Graduation. Part 2.

Welcome movie lovers to another rendition of Movie adventures of Courtney and Robyn! As promised earlier this month here is part two of 8 movies! Decided to put our first letter of our names in front of the movie title so hopefully its a little easier to distinguish our reviews especially if you miss out on a segment.

Any ideas for our next theme? Please comment below!
Once again follow us both on twitter @GeekyGamerChick and @Tenismoresonic! 

C-Hot Fuzz (2007)
hggghSimply put its Simon ***** Pegg, need I say more? Well That wouldn’t necessarily count as a movie review now would it? What can one say about Simon Pegg Movies, You know its going to be rude, crude and a knee slapping good time! Hot Fuzz is one of my favorite Pegg films to be honest next to The Worlds End! There are some pretty gruesome death scenes but they aren’t without a little bit of comedy.  Cannot forget to mention Nick Frost he is pretty badass as well, glad he appears in a lot of Peggs movies!

R-The Fog (2005)

When reading the summary for this movie, it really does sound like a pretty interesting movie. I was drawn to it by the fact it takes place on an island, but not with the usual “lost at sea” scenario. However, I think the summary given by IMDB (and Netflix) pumps it up to be more than what it is. It turned out to be just another cliché ghost story. It basically just boiled down to revenge. It was still enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but slightly disappointing. I really did like Selma Blair’s character, though.


Robin Williams. Take Two.

 Hello once again. As promised I bring you the other half of our Reviews. Hope you enjoyed our first debut post if you haven’t seen it yet go back and check it out!

I wrote a quick thank you even though i know he will never see this post i just wanted to thank a great man for all that he has given to each of us over the years.
Thank you for making such great movies. You will always be remembered for all that you did, it’s truly sad to see someone who made people laugh/cry for so long suffer from depression. It goes to show you how everyone, even people who seemingly have the life, struggle with the inner demons of depression. I will always be your fan!

May you Rest In Peace.

Courtney’s Flick Pick

Jumanji (1995)


This is by far my ultimate favorite Williams film ever! I mean come on who wouldn’t love a movie about a board game that makes real stuff come out, including but not limited to, Lions, Monkeys, Giant Spiders, and much more! I could probably sit and watch Jumanji over and over again and be entertained each time.
I still remember watching it as a young girl and the awesome thing is I still have that same reaction that i once had. I was in awe of how well the special effects were for the times. I personally feel that Jumanji stands the test of time and that truly means something great and wonderful. Williams i will always remember you as Alan Parrish and the joy that character brought to my life. Thank you for making your character memorable.
I honestly forgot that Kirsten Dunst was in this film until I re-watched it on Netflix. I had watched it previously before Robin Williams passed away.

Robyn’s Flick Pick

The Birdcage (1996)


The fact that Robin Williams (who was such a great, funny, inspiring actor) plays a gay man whom owns a drag queen bar is the best thing about this movie. To me that shows tolerance, acceptance, and no care for what people think. That makes me admire him more as a person. This movie was full of funny moments and no better actors could have been chosen. Nathan Lane was amazing in his role, hitting all of the gay stereotypes right on the nose (which I believe was intended and not because that’s how the writers view gays). I believe there are lessons to be learned along with the funny moments. We see how families with gay couples go to great lengths to please those whom may not agree with how their lives are lived. Isn’t that what many people do in real life? In the end, when the conservative parents learn of situation and are helped in their escape, I think they learned to be more understanding.

Our next theme is: Graduation Year.
Until Next time,
Get your movie on!

Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Welcome movie lovers of all ages to the debut of our two woman Movie Club! Right now its just going to be the two of us due to time restraints on my part but more of that at a later date. We have picked a temporary name, man is it hard coming up with names for stuff Geez Louise, Movie Adventures of Courtney and Robyn *not gonna lie I instantly thought of Batman and Robin haha*  if you have any suggestions for us please don’t hesitate to comment down below or you can reach us on twitter @tenismoresonic and @GeekyGamerChick.

The world recently lost one of the greatest comedians of all time in August, Robin Williams. Some of his most memorable films include Mrs. Doubtfire (a classic film), Patch Adams (one that will surely make you cry), and many more. Robyn and I have decided to honor his memory by each watching 2 of our favorite Robin Williams movies each.

Please enjoy our first two picks. Other two will come out at a later date!

 Robyn’s Flick Pick 

Hook (1991)


This is the movie I grew up on. When I was little, I was proud to have the same first name as Robin Williams and I watched it all the time (of course Rufio was good to look at, too). It’s also the first thing I had ever seen with Maggie Smith, Julia Roberts, and Dustin Hoffman. All of them great actors. This movie stands out from all other Peter Pan movies. It’s when Peter is older and has kids of his own, which seems like such an impossible thing. It seems rather serious at the beginning and at times can be just a little dark. It has silly moments, but mostly the comedy seems a fairly more subtle. A classic and it will always be one of my favorite Robin Williams movies.

Courtney’s Flick Pick

Aladdin (1992)


 Because of all the Looters in this town it was next to impossible to find the Original Aladdin anywhere, if it was anywhere to be found  in the first place. Apparently Disney locked this movie into its vault, luckily enough we were able to find the Platinum Edition on Amazon. Williams plays The Genie and I loved his character just as much(maybe even more) in my adult life as I remember loving his character in childhood. Aladdin will always be a classic Disney movie.

One of my favorite scenes in the whole film is where Aladdin is tricked by Jafar into getting the lamp and when Aladdin meets Genie for the first time.  Williams has a nice musical number, I found myself remembering the words and almost singing along, i haven’t even watched in what seems like a lifetime.

If you have never seen Aladdin your childhood was TERRIBLE! 🙂 I know I will let my children watch this great movie and hopefully their children will watch as well. Cannot beat a classic Robin Williams film whether its an animated one or live action.