Reading Challenge 2016!!

IMG_1397This post was meant to be done at the beginning of the year but I have been behind on all the things I wanted to accomplish so I am playing catch up once again it seems this is my pattern I can’t break. Oh well least I am sitting down now and getting it done! Procrastination is my middle name…obviously.

This challenge was brought to my attention on Facebook and on Instagram through my old cast mates of the podcast “Chickcast.” I already do a GoodReads goal and my goal from 2016 was a total of 30 books or more if possible, since last year I had to cut back down to 25 because I was way off track. Its been helpful though because it gives me some ideas of what books to read. Plus I am a sucker for any kind of challenges, if I could find any good writing ones I would do those as well! Maybe I’ll create my own one of these days.

So far I have only knocked one-off this list: A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child or Bff. I read Dragon Age : The Last Flight  written by Liane Merciel and it was chosen for me by my brother. It was such a great book and I loved finding out what happened to the legends that were the Griffons and the end of the Fourth blight by Garahel and the Grey Wardens. IF you love the video games pick up all the books they are well written and amazing my favorite will always be Asunder!

IMG_1501Here are the books I have read so far for my GoodReads Goal:

  • Star Wars : Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. If you love Asajj Ventress then this books for you. The cool thing about this novel is that it was actually supposed to be an episode on Star Wars: The Clone Wars but was never made. I have always been intrigued by her character as a whole and I am glad that I read this book. Then again I haven’t read a star wars book I didn’t love. I gave this one a five star rating.
  • Then I read Hellblazer Volume #1 aka Constantine. It was really good but to be honest I actually started it last year but kept getting distracted by other things. A lot of the issues in this volume made me miss the show Constantine.  Actually they took a lot from this book to make the show and I think it’s still a travesty that the TV show was cancelled. I love you Matt Ryan!!
  • Right now I am currently knocking another book off the list: A book You have been meaning to read. I read all the other mass effect books and was blown away by them, I love getting more out of a series than just a video game, this also applies to the Dragon Age books.
    51blMUx+kAL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_Now with that being said once I heard that Mass Effect:  Deception was written by William C Dietz and not by Drew Karpyshyn, he wrote all the previous books, I was a little worried. There was a rumor going around that Dietz totally went off base on this one that it was horrible and people should stay away until they revised it (which never happened to my knowledge.)
    Then the other week my brother and I went to the library and I decided “Hey I know this book is supposed to be flawed but hey let’s see for myself.” So far I am kind of regretting that decision but I will persevere and finish it, the biggest problem with it is the lore is not used to its fullest potential it almost feels like the guy just decided I’m not going to do research and just write a book. I also do not like the setup of this book the flow is so choppy that I feel like my brain is jumping around in my head trying to grasp at straws. I feel like the chapters could have been broken up differently and the different characters should have been broken up into their own chapters like so many other great books. We shall see what I think once I hit the end of the book but right now I’m not sold and it takes a lot for me to dislike a book and give it a negative review.

That’s where I am so far in this reading challenge. I am excited to get more knocked off the list and I’ve already been trying to think of what books to read for certain challenges. Please feel free to join me in this challenge I would love to know what books you chose. Happy Reading everyone!

The Force Awakens

If one is going to write about Star Wars anything, let alone a movie, one has to do it right. Plain and Simple.

AHT_star_wars_force_awakens_trailer_02_jef_150416_4x3_992 long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
there was a nerdy girl named Courtney, who was anticipating the release of Star Wars Episode Seven, The Force Awakens. The week before it debuted on the big screen the girl and her husband decided that it would be a great idea  to sit and watch the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy before going to see the new episode on the Sunday of its release. Courtney desperately wanted to see it but her fear of being in large crowds kept her from wanting to go on the first day, but honestly who could blame her. It was still pretty insane on that Sunday. She was so ecstatic on Sunday morning, so much so that she ended up injuring herself on black ice while she was at work.  ( I had a pretty gnarly bruise on my arm and some pain in my shoulder, the real reason I fell is because me and walking don’t agree 95 percent of the time.  It was not the first encounter of falling at work on the ice.) Despite the pain from her accident, all she could do to keep her mind off it was thinking about going to see the movie.

12341047_10153482819128052_9083975300707915661_nAll she had to do was go home, meet up with her older brother and husband, and change into her Kylo Ren shirt she bought months in advanced. After all this occurred they finally made their way to the movie theater and redeemed their seats that were booked a few days in advance. The three of them headed to find their spots up at the top of the theater. Courtney found it very hard to contain her excitement and anticipation. Finally that fateful moment began once the previews rolled through and the music began, she was mesmerized by the Title screen and couldn’t think of anything other than the moment that took so long to get there. Once the end credits rolled through her life was now complete. For Now…Until episode eight!

I am very pleased on how well The Force Awakens was I knew that it would be in good hands, Abrams did really well on the Star Trek movies, which led me to having faith that his hands were capable of producing something extraordinary in the realm that is Star Wars. One simply must not screw up a beloved phenomenon.

I loved absolutely every minute of it and to those who haven’t seen it yet I must tell you put away imagesUK9YX8JWyour doubts and go see it. You will be impressed. Now I’m sure someone, somewhere is going to point out its flaws but I am not that person. One of the constant things I have been hearing out in the airwaves is that it was too close to A New Hope. I mean sure I can see why you’d come up with that but honestly it’s so much more than that. Just give it a chance. Heck it was so good I immediately wanted to go back and see it again, which I actually did on my last week of Vacation, and boy it was even better the second go around!

tumblr_o03m8vEOBk1uatgcgo1_500I really enjoyed seeing the old cast back. I think I am in love with Harrison Ford even more than I already was. It was great getting to see Han and Chewbacca on-screen as a duo once more, they still had that chemistry we loved back in the original trilogy. I also loved the new characters that were introduced as well, one being a little droid named BB-8 he was just so damn loveable, watch out R2 you have your work cut out for you. There may be some new competition for ya. Scavenger Rey is the biggest mystery of the plot, who is she? Where does she come from? What is her connection to it all? And will we get the answers that we so desperately need?  I guess we shall wait and see. Kylo Ren is not quite the badass I had hoped he would’ve been BUT I see his potential of being one like Darth Vader before him. Something inside me tells me that I am going to love to hate him just as I did with Anakin/Darth Vader. What is his end game and what does Kylo Ren hope to achieve? The possibilities are endless.
rey-est-capable-de-tenir-tete-a-kylo-renI laughed, and I cried what more could one ask for.  I really have very high hopes that this generation will love Star Wars, just as my generation has and the generation before. I cannot wait to see The Force Awakens for the third time, maybe when it’s at the cheaper theater!
Please tell me you thought it was phenomenal as well!

Hold on to your bootstraps 

New official Star Wars movie poster! New trailer is coming soon (in which I’ll be skipping over, trailers spoil too much in my opinion) I believe that it’s during Monday night football. >Don’t quote me on that last part <

I even have my shirt I am going to wear to see Star Wars The Force Awakens! Picked it up yesterday.  

There’s a question that’s been floating around asking if there is such a thing as too much Star Wars? And to this my friends I say clear as day NEVER! I am probably way more excited today then when Episode One came out during my childhood. Can’t wait to see Kylo Ren in action! U

Book Corner: Death Troopers

Another book to check off the GoodReads list! I am still in shock that I read 3 books in the month of January lets hope that I could do the same in February! 27/30 left for the year and I’m off to a great start!

Now let me ask you a simple question. How do you feel about Star Wars? And how do you feel about Zombies? Now what if they were combined?
Even if your skeptical about this just keep an open mind about the topic.


Death Troopers by Schreiber was an excellent read. Now normally I am not a fan of zombies not even in the slightest bit, I feel they are overdone and sort of overrated. (Please save the hate mail haha) Anyways with that being said this was a spectacular find and glad I read it! It has suspense and vivid imagery that it feels like your watching it all unfold before your very eyes. It can’t be good when there is a chapter called Skin Hill that just sounds like something bad is going to happen.  

Now there is some skepticism from other reviews I read on Death Troopers about the introduction to two main characters from the Star Wars trilogy (SPOILER) Han Solo and Chewbacca.  To me it didn’t bother me either way it was nice to see some familiar characters though!

I highly recommend reading this book even if your like me and don’t truly care for the Zombie Fad.

Next Book to read is:


Another Star Wars Zombie crossover by the man who brought you Death Troopers and Maul Lowdown!

Happy Reading! If you have a book you’d like to share please send me your reviews and you might get a Book Corner Spotlight!  Email is!

Star Wars Maul Lockdown

images4SUNA62NGreetings my fellow bloggers and fellow comrades! So its been a while since I wrote about one of the books that I read, I finished up Dragon Age: The Masked Empire truth be told I wasn’t that impressed by that novel so I am not going to write about it much. It wasn’t written by David Gaider like the previous novels so that’s one judgment I had with it. Another problem that I had was I didn’t really care about the Orlesian politics of it all, none of the characters really stood out to me and the only truly cunning character was Grand Duke Gaspard. I only rated it a 3 stars on GoodReads I did almost give it 2 but I don’t want to be that kind of critic. It’s still a good read however especially if you love the world of the video game as much as I do, so I will give it props for that at least! Assunder was still my favorite of the 3 I have read I do need to go back and read the second novel and read the one that came after Masked Empire.

Maul Lockdown
Joe Schreiber
Now let’s get to Star Wars! When I was younger and I read more than I do now (over this past year I have really gotten back into it) I used to read Star Wars Novels all the time I bet if you asked my older brother he might say I read a bunch like he has. One of my favorite villains of this universe was Darth Maul I honestly wanted more of him in Episode 1 so when I heard that there was a whole book dedicated to him I was all up in arms to board that gravy train! This was probably the first book that didn’t take me a super long time to read, I breezed through it and not because it was super boring but because it was an excellent read! Maul Lockdown is before the events of Episode one! Maul is sent to Cog Hive Seven to find a man stuck on the prison station where inmates are pawns in betting games. I don’t want to get too much into the story however so I will leave it at that. I highly recommend you read this novel, if you read it let me know how you like it!

I like how in the beginning of the book before you ever start reading they have a timeline so you know where the book stands, they also tell you the characters that are going to be in the book so in case your confused you can always go back up there to keep characters straight.

If you know of any other books that contain Darth Maul please send them my way! I am going to get back to reading Star Wars Books I would greatly appreciate it.

I am now currently reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Happy Reading!

VGC: Utter Dissappointment

Monday, October 6, 2014
Day 22 of Video Game Challenge
2:52 p.m.
Game that was disappointing.

Well I survived my Monday at work how about you? How you hanging in there? I am getting a tad bit angry at the WordPress application on my phone, it kicks me off whenever I get into the reader to view other blogs I get kicked off and get this message “Unfortunately WordPress has stopped working” and now I cannot even look at my stats. Ugh. Curse you technology!
imagesH9WERQ1QGame that I found to be disappointing. Well since I absolutely loved Knights of the Old Republic so naturally here I thought the second one would be just as good. Well I was wrong, however its not the worst game in the world but it’s not the greatest either. Maybe I had too high of expectations going into it. I still would love to pick up a copy for the original Xbox and maybe give it a second shot. I don’t believe that I can recall any of the events

This is The Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP and Achievements I will always be on the hunt!

Until Tomorrow
Getcha Game on!

If your on twitter do not spoil tonight’s Gotham! also I made a bookmark at work haha that’s what I do when im bored. Apparently.

30 Day VG Challenge:Accepted.

 I originally saw this challenge on a fellow blogger/Friends blog page, you can find Josh’s page here And since my name is The Game Huntress I couldn’t pass up this challenge! Plus I always love a good photo challenge or blog challenge, I have participated in a whole bunch on Instagram before. Any who. Here is the challenge: Day One Begins now wish me luck!

Day One: Very First Video Game

images9K3N747ONow there is several ways that this could be interpreted 1) Very first game I truly remember playing. 2)Video Game that I beat on my own for the first time.
1) I grew up playing Mario brothers and many other games but the one that has truly stuck with me was Duck Hunt! I remember having such a great time standing in front of our TV with that little gun and the dog running around on the background shooting them dang dirty birds! 😀 To this day I want to get that gun and play the copy that I have currently, can’t really play without that thing I am sure you might if you really wanted to try but however I don’t have the patience to figure that crap out.
2) Now Duck Hunt was a good childhood memory. But the video game that got me hooked for life in the video gaming world and started my love of RPGs and Bioware as my favorite gaming company! What game you ask? Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Now there was a badass game! I cannot wait to get my original xbox so I can find this game and relive that memory! if you haven’t played this game then I don’t know you Just kidding. 😀 Thanks Bioware for making such a fantastic game you have a life long fan in this girl, who wouldn’t love a Star Wars Game!! To this day I still love what they are doing!

Spaceship!! Spaceship!! Spaceship!!

As many that know me, I am a huge sucker for anything Science Fiction. Anywhere from dreaming about living on mars or out in outer space to giant dinosaurs walking the earth in a modern-day setting. I’d rather live in a sci-fi world then in the real world those imagesmake the best books and video games for me because I just get sucked in and have a hard time breaking free from the worlds and the characters. Something that you may not know about me however is how I have a thing for, you guessed it SPACESHIPS! I’d love to be a commander of my own ship and have my own pilot like Jeff *Joker* Moreau.(Mass Effect voiced by my favorite Seth Green!) Can I just please be the next Commander Shepard or the next Malcolm Reynolds? Pretty Please! 😀 BUT leave out the violence! haha NO? Oh well A girl can dream.

I thought that it would be fun to share some of my top favorite spaceships of all time! I almost feel like Benny from The Lego Movie when I talk about this subject! Can you blame him Really? Spaceship!! Spaceship!! Spaceship!!

Here are my top favorites I am sure they are pretty predictable but does it look like I care? No. I don’t. 😀 They are not listed in any particular order because I honestly couldn’t rate them to a scale even if I had wanted too!

The Normandy SR1
Mass Effect


Oh how I loved seeing this beauty for the first time! I still go geek giddy for that baby each time I pop that disc into my Xbox 360!

The Normandy SR2
Mass Effect 2 and 3
images1XV3J77Y(Spoiler) The main difference between Mass Effect 2 and 3 is the colors that The Normandy flew under. In two they are working with Cerberus, and in three you are back working with the alliance! The layout is a bit different as well. I’d honestly prefer different elements from all three games if the Normandy was mine!

Millennium Falcon
Star Wars.
imagesOPP7FGZGHan Solo and Chewbacca you say? Well damn I’m sold on this baby already sign me up to be a crew member! I don’t know if I can truly say how much I loved this ship in the Star Wars Saga, when I think of a good spaceship this one instantly comes to my mind!

imagesHQIX7L1GLook at that body! Oo La La 😀 Plus come on how couldn’t you feel safe with Malcolm Reynolds aboard? I love Nathan Fillion and I wish they never cancelled this show. DAMN YOU FOX!

Ebon Hawk
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
imagesP6G2E8NEThe one game that got me hooked on Bioware! Now the Ebon Hawk there was a great ship it does look a tad bit like the Millennium Falcon but a few differences. Mainly its the shape that I associate it with. I cannot wait until I can get my hands on a copy of this game once I get my Original Xbox from my brother-in-law! I cant wait to be in that ship once again. ALL ABOARD!

images2IF2TU17What I wouldn’t give to get my ass aboard that warship! So I don’t only want to be on there because of Master Chief but my favorite female voice actor Jennifer Hale had a character! Yes I base my love off weird things and certain characters but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the looks of all the spaceships! You have no idea how I would act if I could get five minutes onboard I would be fan girling so hard, they would probably want to shoot me out the damn airlock but wouldn’t that be something!

Well there you have it folks there are a few of my favorite spaceships. Please comment down below and tell me some of your favorites! Or you can call me crazy but tell me something I don’t already know. Thanks so much for reading I am so close to reaching 3,000 views its kind of crazy how far this little ole blog has gotten.

Stay tuned for two Geekified interviews coming to you shortly!!
This is the Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is xp or achievements I will always be on the hunt!