One Geekified Interview: Cogan

Hello everyone! I’m back again and I have another awesome interview for your eyes to read I hope that you enjoy these interviews as much as I do. I really  enjoy getting to know our world full of geeks and nerds, and gamers a like! I would like to introduce you to Cogan! We really never had too much interaction but he still volunteered to come on this journey with me. Really quick if your interested in joining in on the fun follow me on Twitter: @GeekyGamerChick, I am on Facebook The Game Huntress, or send me an email today to! So now that the house keeping is done lets give Cogan a special welcome and let’s get straight into the interview!
Q. Tell us about yourself. Anything you’d like to share!
A. Well to start off I am a sophomore in College who just turned 20. I’m going to school to be an accounting major. I spent the last semester of school abroad in London and I’m from your stereotypical small town Midwest upbringing.
coganQ. How has social media impacted/improved your life?
A. Social media has impacted my life by providing me with an open forum to talk to and meet others who share my interests.  Due to my background of where I have lived it has at times proven challenging to openly find incredibly nerdy people as it was looked down upon in these small judging towns I have lived in.
Q. Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?
A. The man who raised me for the first 13 or so years of my life, Tim.  He kind of inspired me to many of my geek pursuits and we shared a lot of my favorite geek memories together.  We saw Lord of the Rings together, spent many a night gaming into the early hours of the morning, he taught me to play Magic the Gathering, and recently him my half-sister and I went and saw Star Wars the Force Awakens together which was special as my half-sister had never seen star wars.
Q. If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
A. I would say do not fight your geekiness as that was my problem.  I struggled in school to be a geek as people didn’t want me to be so I floated between being a jock and a geek.  Just go out there meet some geeky people and have fun with it.  It’s finally cool to be a geek so embrace it and enjoy because when I was growing up it was not.
Q. If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be and how would you replace it ?
A. If I had to give up on Geeky hobby it would probably be video games as it can get expensive at times and is somewhat anti-social.  If I had to replace it I would play more dungeons and dragons due to the social nature, the wide open options, and the immense amount of fun I have playing as compared to video games.
Q.If there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?
A. My biggest issue with geek culture is a general feeling of dissatisfaction that I get from most geeks.  My example of this is the New Star wars movie and while I wont divulge for later questions it felt to me like everyone was waiting to just start trashing it as much as they good.  Geeks (myself included) tend to complain about our hobbies a lot.  The other aspect is people who get mad that “uh well I liked that before they did so they aren’t allowed to like it as much as me”.  I’m the opposite the more people who like my geeky things the better in my opinion.
Q. Where all can my readers find you?
A. Your readers can find me on Facebook at Cogan Wilson James Bishop
I’m on twitter username @TheRealCogan
I also have an Instagram which is Cogan Bishop
Q. As geeks we have all been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that? How has it effected you as an adult?
A. I will admit I was made fun of a lot for my geekiness in elementary and middle school and I coped by trying to become a jock and usually spending all my free time alone at home reading or playing video games.  As an adult I tend to be distrusting and at times introverted as I don’t trust people’s intentions at times.
Q. Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm, if so what?
A. I am a bit of a fitness nut and I run and lift six or so days a week.  Running is my true passion and I love nothing more than to spend a Saturday morning pounding the pavement with my headphones in and music blaring.
Q. What are your thoughts on Star Wars The Force Awakens?
imagesUK9YX8JWA. I LOVED The Force Awakens.  It was great in my opinion.  While I may agree that it mirrored A New Hope that didn’t stop me from seeing it three times in one week.  The actions, the villains, the hero’s all made it worth it to me.  I especially love Kylo Ren, unlike a lot of people I know.  I loved the movie to death, have ordered it already, and can’t wait to see Episode 8.
Q. Which Lord of the Rings movies is your favorite?
A. My favorite has to be the two towers.  The atmosphere of uncertainty at the beginning and the stress that builds in the film and culminates in one of my favorite battles of Cinema, the Battle of Helms Deep, makes this my clear favorite of the trilogy.   The character development in the second movie is also superb and I have spent many a weekend just watching these movies.
Q. Which movies do you prefer more DC or Marvel?
A. This is tough for me as there is a greater amount of Marvel movies, however I prefer dark and gritty movies closer to the Dark Knight and Man of steel.  However the Marvel TV shows on Netflix are that dark and gritty.  I would have to say I prefer DC movies and Marvel Tv Shows.
Q. What movie are you looking forward to in the upcoming year?
A. Oh boy.  This is quite the list but we have Deadpool, Captain America, Rouge One is my personal favorite to come out, Xmen, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond, and my guilty pleasure of Kung Fu panda 3 ( I love the first 2)
Q. What did you think of Jessica Jones? How about it getting a second season?
A. I Adored Jessica Jones.  It was similar to daredevil but different enough that it was great.  The dark and gritty nature of Hell’s kitchen as well as the very adult content of the show as perfect for me.  The main character not wanting to be a hero dragged me in as well as the always talented David Tennent who excelled in his role as a villain.  I am anxiously waiting for the 2nd season of Jessica Jones to see where she goes from here.
Q. Which version of Sherlock is your favorite?
Its Benedict Cumberbatch.  No question he far superior to Robert Downy Jr’s Sherlcok in my opinion.  He is much more arrogant, condensing, and handles and shows the Drug abuse by the character in a much more interesting way.
Q. Which Doctor on Dr Who is your favorite? How long have you been watching?
A. My favorite Doctor has to be Peter Capaldi.  I just love the different style of doctor he brings as compared to the two previous incarnations of Matt Smith and David Tennant.  His sarcasm as well as dry humor especially.  Sad to say I have only been watching Doctor Who for 3 years as I discovered it during two a days of football my Senior year of high school.
Q. You also enjoy Politics and debate. Have you ever gotten heated during a debate, you either had with someone or watched someone, and why?
A. I have got heated plenty of times during a debate, more than I would wish to recount.  In both instances of watching and participating I got heated as I use to be quite the hot head and very opinionated.  My time in college has taught me to listen to all opinions as valid, but to question them nonstop.
Q. What board games do you own? Do you have any that you have yet to play?
A. The “board” games I won though I don’t know if they count are DnD, Magic the Gathering, Cards against humanity, and call of Cthulhu. I want to play Shadownrun, Star wars saga and edge of the empire as well as the superheroes table top game Mutants and Masterminds.
Q. Tell us a little about some of your favorite Anime’s? 1) Psycho Pass 2) Tokyo Ghoul 3) Attack on Titan.
A. I just very recently got into anime and I am sure the community would define me as a newbie or the equivalent term I found myself drawn to this storytelling medium over the past year for the fresh ideas to me at least they are able to tell.  Each of these tell not a wholly original tale but different enough combined with great visuals that each has its own flavor that I can enjoy.  Tokyo ghoul in particular drew me in with its violent visuals and dark story.
Q. Who are some of your favorite metal/rock bands? What draws you to this kind of music most?
A. While I won’t go one to list the 50 or so bands I enjoy immensely I will instead note some of my current favorites.
Rise Against has been my favorite band since middle school the punk instrumentals with the voice of Tim Mcilrath and the inspiring lyrics have drawn me in for the past 8 years and having seen them twice they are easily my favorite live show. (I love Rise against I forgot all about them until I played Sleeping Dogs and they were in the game and on the album!!)
Ghost is my favorite “new discover” the soft groove rock sounds with Papa Emeritus the 3rds voice combined with the doomlike lyrics on top of a satanic image combines for one of the most unique sounds in rock today in my opinion.  I look forward immensely to their live show I will be attending in May.
slipknot_logo.jpg~c200The final band I will highlight that I enjoy listening to is Slipknot.  I was never a really big fan fo Slipknot I just casually knew some of their top hits thanks to guitar hero and how popular songs like psychosocial are.  Then I saw them live at ROTR 2015 and it changed my opinion of the band.  While the band has evolved over the years I love their sound and especially the lyrics.  I will have to admit that the image draws me too as I love the jumpsuit / mask get up (may explain my love for other bands like Ghost, Gwar, etc.)
I am drawn to this music for the instrumentals as well as lyrics.  Lyrics in music are a big deal to me and that is my main draw.  Rock and metal lyrics are always so deep and varied between each band and song.  Every band sings about its own unique things and it is just refreshing to hear.
Q. You mentioned you were a former football player. What was your position, team, and how come you no longer play?
A. I played football for 6 years in middle school and high school.  I mainly played in High School for the Marietta Tigers.  During my time there I played every O-Line position but my real passion was as the team’s 3-4 noseguard.  I no longer play due to when I reached the Division 3 level the time input was too great when weighed against my desire for good grades.
Q. Why do you consider movies such as American Psycho, Friday the 13th, Clockwork Orange to be non-nerd movies?
A. I would classify these as non-nerd movies simply due to my classification of nerd things.  Nerd and geek things usually to me involved things like fantasy, science fiction, medieval settings, and futuristic settings.  American psycho to me is a drama, Friday the 13th is horror, and Clockwork Orange is just the pure genius of Stanley Kubrick at work.
Q.How far is your longest run you’ve ever been on?
A. My longest run I accomplished in August of this year when I completed my first half-marathon with a time of 2 hours and 40 minutes.  While some may see it as a slow time which it is I was just happy to have finished and look forward to running my next half marathon at a faster pace.
Q.Tell us about all of your favorite sports teams and why you enjoy them over other teams.
My favorite Sports are as follows:
College Football: The Ohio State University.  I live in Ohio.  I go to college in Columbus Ohio. I was born in Ohio.  I have been rooting for The Ohio State since I was old enough to watch football and have always loved the culture and tradition around the program.  Last year’s National Championship run was special as I got to be in Columbus during the year.
NFL Football: The Pittsburgh Steelers are by far my favorite team.  I am a diehard Steelers fans and it goes back to James Harrison.  When I started playing football James Harrison was my favorite NFL player.  Going on as I got more and more into the team the history of hardnosed smash mouth defense is what draws me to the team as my football philosophy mirrors the old style of Pittsburgh where you establish a run game and force the opponent to fight your Defenses.
MLB Baseball:  I have always somewhat rooted for the pirates as a general Pittsburgh fan but it was the season before their first winning season in 23 years that I got deeply involved.  The players and the game of baseball are relatively new to me but I have been learning to enjoy them nonetheless.

One Geekified Interview: Annaleis

Its 2016, that means a new year! And boy do I have something in store for you! I am pretty excited about this year and to start it off right I am bringing back One-Geekified Interviews! I actually have been sitting on this interview since last month (roughly) and just a bit of fair warning some of the questions were asked a long time ago but due to our busy everyday lives we got distracted by other things and especially the holidays. If your interested in knowing how my holidays were I will be posting about that over on my Introverted Wallflower Chronicles page link provided.

Lets meet my Twitter Friend and Co-Host of Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks Annaleis you might remember back when I interviewed her husband Neil! If you haven’t read his interview I suggest you head on over there and read it!

Q. Tell us about yourself. Anything you’d like to share!

imagecoupleI’m married, live in California and have fur babies!  I have worked at Skywalker Sound at Skywalker Ranch for the better part of the last 17 years! I have also lived in Portland, Or., owned a coffee shop and worked at a comic book store. (sounds like you have a pretty epic life) I do a podcast with my amazing husband Neil.

Q. How has social media impacted or improved your life? If in a bad way please share as well

A: It’s actually changed my life a lot, especially after starting the Podcast.  I’m a lot busier!  I’m on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for the podcast and for me personally, way more than before and probably more than I should be!  It’s hard to juggle it all sometimes.

Q. Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

A:  My geeky-ness really evolved over time and I didn’t really blossom into the nerd I am today until my mid 20’s.  I have many people to thanks for that!  And getting my job at Skywalker really gave me even more access to all things geeky!

Q. If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

A: Be loud and proud!  Never hide your geek side!  I love when someone is excited to tell me about something geeky they’re into!

Q. If there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would you change and why?

A: I wish there would be less labels and rules. Meaning, nerds can be athletic and athletes can be nerds and a girl can be awesome at video games!  We should be more supportive of each other.

Q. If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be and how would you replace it?

A:  Well… I kind of have already given up reading comic books.  I still want too!!  But it’s somewhat time-consuming and can get expensive.  I hope to get back into it someday!  I spend a lot of time at home with my husband and our pets.  I would say our dogs and our podcast are my main hobbies now.

Q. Where can my readers find out more about you and the projects you work on?
A:  You can of course find me and DAPFPodast at and I am @wiretechgirl on Twitter.

Q. As geeks we have all be ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope and how has it effected you as an adult?

A: I was very lucky and haven’t experienced very much ridicule about being geeky.  I think maybe since I came into my geekiness later, as an adult we are better at dealing with such things.  Having worked at a comic book shop and working at Skywalker, I was lucky to be in an environment that usually embraces it.

Q. Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm?

A:  Our pets and photography.  = Taking pics of my pets! Hahaha!   But I think you can totally geek out about whatever you’re into!!

Q. What did you like about Avengers Age of Ultron? Was there anything you disliked about the movie?

A:  I haven’t seen it, yet.  I know, I know… I’m losing geek-cred! Hahaha!!

Q. What were your thoughts on Jurassic World?

A:  I really enjoyed it!  It was big and fun and there are dinosaurs!  What’s not to love?! Seriously, I thought the CG & action was great!   And of course it sounded great!!  😉

Q. Which movie is your all time favorite out of the series?

A:  The first Jurassic Park is totally my fav!  I still goosebumps when the cup of water starts to rattle…  Oooooo!!

Q. What can you tell us about your job at Skywalker Ranch? (Be as specific as you’d like)

A: Sure!  Officially my job title is “Wire Tech”  I’ve also been called an Installer or Jr. Engineer. Even “Cable Wrangler” Hahaha!  I work with the team of Skywalker Sound Engineers.  I install new cabling and help maintain the existing infrastructure, such as the mix rooms, edit rooms, Foley stages, a theater and a scoring stage.  I do everything from making simple headphone cables to installing sound baffles to wiring a video machine from the ground up. Everyday is different.

Q. Out of all the Star Wars movies that are currently out, which is your favorite movies?

A:  Ooooo that’s tough.  I think the original Star Wars and Empire have to be my favs.  Don’t we all still get the chills when we hear that intro music!

Q. It has been confirmed that there will be a Han Solo movie in the future, in your opinion who would be perfect for the role of young Solo and why?

A: Oh gosh, I don’t know… No one immediately springs to mind.  I’d have to do some serious research!  I’m sure the director of the young Solo movie will too!

Q. Tell us about your podcast Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks? What’s it like working with your husband on this project?2811547

A:  Our podcast is basically about us and our daily crazy lives.  We talk about almost everything from family dinners, seeing movies, crazy work stories and even the passing of our beloved dog… We like to think of it as hanging out and talking with friends. It’s how we are and what we would talk about, we hope the listener feels like they’re hanging out with us. It’s really cool to be able to do this together and of course its easier because we live together! It’s an hour that we as a couple  can sit across from each other and talk. It means a lot to both of us.

Q. What are some of your top podcasts to listen to?

A:  Oh… is it okay to not answer that one?  I would hate to leave any out!!  But I am very good about letting the podcasts know that I’m listening.  You’ll see that if you follow me on Twitter.

Q. If you could be a special guest on any podcast which would you choose?

A:  Oh I don’t know I get nervous when I’m a guest.  Especially if it’s a more professional podcast.  I’d love to nerd-out with Kevin Smith for sure!  But that’s another one I’d have to think about.

Q. Who would you love to get on your podcast that hasn’t been on yet?

A:  For me, I would love to podcast with the 2 couples from Couple Things Podcast.  Molls, Ben, Ray & Von!  I think the 3 couples together would be an amazing “couples podcast”!!  And that is in the works!!  So stay tuned!!

Q. Show and Tell. We wanna see your lovable fur babies!
puppy snuggleA:  Yay!  You know we love to share pics of our fur kids! Meet Zero and Nine!

Q. You mentioned that you liked audio books and that you prefer Mysteries. What book are you currently listening to?
A:  I’d say my favs are Victorian murder mysteries and I re-listen to my favorites all the time!  I’m currently listening to a lighter food based mystery book.  (a cozy mystery) called “Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke. And I am proud to say I got it from the library!

Q. Do you have a favorite author?

A:  I have a couple.  Caleb Carr, he wrote The Alienist (one of my favs) and Anne Perry (writes Victorian mysteries)

Q. Do you like to sit and read books or is it just easier to listen to them. (for me I prefer to read them myself and have the book in my hands)

A:  I would love to sit and read a real book that I could hold in my hands!!  But I just don’t have the time…  So right now I do all of my reading by listening to audio books.  I do when we are on vacation and it’s awesome!

Q. Tell us what you love about Sherlock? Any thoughts on the TV shows or movies?

A:  Sherlock is brilliant, observant and methodical.  But he is also flawed.  I find the detection fascinating.  My favorite is still the Jeremy Brett TV series!  It was amazing and he was amazing in it!  Over acted?  Maybe… But amazing!!

“When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth”. ~Dr. Bishop (Fringe)

Modding Noob.

Good afternoon everyone on this lovely Sunday. I am beyond happy that I was able to stay in my pajamas all day! I worked the last six Sundays and finally got one off! If only it was a whole weekend then I would have had a happy dance but I kind of still have a weekend off, Sunday and Monday and at least tomorrow I get to spend all day with my husband. Hope all is well with everyone. Halloween is fast approaching and I’m not quite ready for it to be here yet, but a week from today I will have been married to my husband for seven years! Holy Cow sometimes it seems like I just met him yesterday. But that’s pretty much whats happening in my neck of the woods, with that being said lets jump to what I really would love to talk about….and I have realized since I started this blog I have talked about many other things and have really slacked on the video game side of things. Which was the supposed to be my main focus. Unfortunately life gets in the way and it takes me some time to complete games. But today marks change!

When we lived with our friends last year I downloaded Dragon Age Origins for free off of Origins but I thought I had lost the game because we had changed the hard drive to a bigger one and honestly I even forgot I had downloaded the game until finally getting our PC back up and running this early summer. The problem that I am having is that I have too many damn EA/Origin accounts I cannot keep them all straight and I find myself still having trouble getting it all sorted out. My Origins game on the Xbox 360 is a different account as is my inquisition and DA2 I really need to get a hold of EA and see if there’s someway to delete all other accounts from my profile and begin anew with the one I have right now on my computer. It has just been one big mess and its been giving me a headache.

I have always wanted to play games on a pc and I never knew how exciting mods could make a game. Thankfully on Twitter I asked for help finding a starting point on modding Dragon Age Origins and now its taking over my life. Get with it Microsoft 😀

I have pretty much spent most of my time thinking of what else to mod in my first play through. So far I added more hair, eye colors, changed the undergarments *the in-game ones look dirty eww,* Also changed the look of Alistair, he is still good-looking only he has darker hair *Sorry Not sorry I prefer my men to have facial hair and darker hair.* Added a new Armor although I haven’t figured out where the stupid thing has gone. Also I found one where I could kiss and say goodbye to Ser Gilmore in Human Noble origin story, oh and I gave him a makeover, more rough around the edges! Holy cow I have gone mod crazy! I think I have an illness. If you would like to know how I got all these things just simply go to To do all these mods I just went to the website downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager and went on a mod spree! Thank the maker they are free!!!

Here is the character I have created for my first time with mods, you may have seen her on my Instagram/twitter/Tumblr already if you follow me, all links added! I also added a bit of back story to her as well, please give me your thoughts and feedback. I have had a lot of great comments over in the THE Dragon Age Universe Facebook page as well as the Gamer Goddesses page.

Meet my Warden Laykn Cousland. She was the best daughter she could be even though she wanted to know what the world outside the castle walls was like. Knowing how her parents wanted to protect her she held her own feelings hidden but at the same time she wished for a greater role in life. She is forced to be conscripted because she couldn’t imagine life without her parents in it. She is going to fall for Alistair and become his queen.

Gotham Season One

Naturally when I learned that fox was going to start a new show called Gotham I was hoping for the best but in the back of my mind fearing for the worst, we know how certain shows on fox sometimes end up *ahem* but with that being said I am beyond ecstatic that this show came to fruition! Even if Batman himself couldn’t technically make an appearance (hey you can make movies about him put him in the damn television shows) oh sorry did I go on a little rant there I apologize ahem. I just love Batman can you blame me? He’s a badass!

From the pilot episode (which aired 09/22/14) to the season finale  (which aired 05/04/215) I was hooked, you could say I was on the edge of my seat each time I watched.  Some episodes of course were stronger than others and some were pretty spectacular, overall there wasn’t anything that made me say “Ugh Gotham” it was an enjoyable television show overall.

gotham-ben-mckenzie-commissioner-gordonI fell in love with Gordon *Ben McKenzie* from day one he was JIM GORDON minus the stash (come on season 2 give him a mustache my heart will swoon forever!) All the characters pulled on my heart-strings at least once or twice but overall my favorite characters were Edward Nigma *Corey Michael Smith* that guys bat shit crazy watch out for him. Another favorite was of course Harvey Bullock *Donal Logue* I think he got the most hate from people, just throwing that out there. I adored his wise ass ways. Oh and one simply cannot forget that adorable Bruce Wayne *David Mazouz* himself I keep yelling at him to hurry up and get into his ass kicking ways already! I think in season 2 they should make him start putting himself through more trials and get him a damn Batcave a boy cannot be batman without a Batcave!

I will admit here and now to you that I just barely watched episode 22 on Sunday evening. Crazy I know all things considered. I just couldn’t get myself to watch it because that would mean the show was actually over for now and heck May to September is too damn long of a wait! Naturally I am happy that I convinced myself to finish it because wow that was an awesome episode.

I did listen to some podcasts (shall remain nameless) that pretty much harped on it the whole time, which to be honest made my blood boil, <Insert deep inhale> it did eventually turn me off to their shows. I mean don’t get me wrong I know its their opinion but come on find something positive to say! To each their own I suppose. Can’t convince them all.

If you love Batman give it a chance, just don’t go in thinking “that’s not what happens in the comic” because you will surely end up hating or maybe even just harping on it. Go in with an open mind leave what you know at the door and just enjoy the dark side of Gotham. Hurry and watch because season 2 comes back September 21, 2015!


One Geekified Interview: Royal Monster Battalion

Hello loyal and New readers! You’re in for a real treat I have another interview for you, that’s two in one week! No way! That’s never happened before! About to head out to California with my husband and his family so as promised here is the last interview I needed to post!

Please give a warm welcome to my United Geeks Network mates Mike and Jeff from Royal Monster Battalion!

Tell us about yourself. Anything you care to share.

Mike: Ah, well, I’m married with one child, I’m a graduate of a small Colorado HS with no College education, I sit on my ass as much as possible, I lived through the hatred of geeks in the 90s and I had a pretty good time during that, I’ve seenThe Exorcist about167 times, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT! NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU’RE TALKING TO A MOVIE FREAK! NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK?! IS that enough about myself?

Jeff: Well I am 43 and live in Knoxville TN with my awesome wife Christy who puts up with me and my ever-changing family room setup and our 4-year-old daughter Everleigh (Evie). I moved here 9 years ago with my wife to be close to her parents. We were both born and raised in San Jose California. My dad always worked in tech (Intel, Memorex, Sun Microsystems, SanDisk and a couple of other little companies that died out along the way) so we always had newer tech while I was growing up. And back in the day you didn’t just turn on a game and go you had to load drivers for controllers and graphics cards which is where I think I got the modding or tinkering with electronics from. My dad used to bring home new chips and parts from people he worked with and we would install them and get it all running right so from an early age I was into setting up and working on computers.

How has social media impacted your life?

Mike: Actually very little, outside of its how I met Jeff.  I really don’t do much on most social medias except play games, spread the love of the podcast, and pester other podcasters from time to time

Jeff: I wouldn’t say it has impacted it too much. I do check into my Facebook account every morning while eating breakfast and just before I go to bed but not on it much other than that. I used to be on it a lot playing games but once I had my daughter I don’t really have the time to be on it. Just like to see what my friends are up mostly. I have no idea how to use Twitter LOL.

Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

Mike: I think that would have to be my parents.  My mom taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition, when I was ten years old and my whole family used to play games on a pretty regular basis.  Mostly just stuff like Monopoly and Uno, but it was what got me started.

Jeff: My first reaction to this question… No one really. But then I thought about it and would have to say without a doubt my younger brother and my friends in High School. I was your typical short fat computer geek who was not on the chess team but spent every lunch hour with them playing. While on the other hand my brother was the popular skater kid who did what the cool kids do. But somehow my best friend turned out to be the rocker/stoner type and also happened to be the brother of my brothers best friend so we all hung out in the same group of friends. And they were an awesome group of friends. Although I was the shy nerd they all accepted me for what I was and no one cared and they all had my back 100%. There were a couple of times we were out and someone would be talking about me as to what I was doing there or trying to get me to do something I did not want to do (typical teenager things… a little pot or a little drink) and the group I was with would make sure it was known that I was with them and if I said no then that was the end of the story I was fine with them doing what they wanted and they respected my not wanting to partake. I would say I had a pretty good time through High School I was fortunate to be a nerd but yet had plenty of fun with the popular crowd as well.

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

Mike: Enjoy the world you live in!  The games, the tech, everything is just amazing.  I used to be astonished by how cool it was that I could play a MUD with someone from across the world when I was a kid, and now I can Download a game someone in Germany developed today, play it, and he can have any bugs fixed before he goes to bed.  It’s simply awesome.

Jeff: After High School no one cares what you are and if for some reason they do then they are just insecure in what they are and have to resort to picking on someone else to make themselves feel important. Screw those guys you will be their boss someday J

If you had to give up one geek hobby what would it be? And what would you replace it with?

Mike: Honestly I think it would be console gaming.  I enjoy playing on my Playstation, but would much rather sit down with some dice and cards or in front of a computer on Roll20.  I don’t think I’d replace it with something NEW, I would just start playing other things a bit more.

Jeff: I only have a couple of geek hobbies so I guess reading and since it would not be technically reading I would replace it with getting into audiobooks. Is that considered cheating the system? That way I could still play video games, keep my gadgets and do the podcast with Mike J

If there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?

Mike: There’s a bit of a combativeness between the different genres of geekdom.  Comic Book Geeks think Movie Geeks are low-brow.  Movie Geeks think Video Game Geeks are less intelligent.  Video Game Geeks think Board Game Geeks… so on and so forth.  This is easiest to see in the Console Wars (PS is better than XBox!) and really should come to an end.  I don’t think MOST geeks have the “We’re Better Than You” mentality, but those that do are pretty vocal about it and give most the rest of us a bad name.

Jeff: I dunno. I know it is probably sacrilege but I am not really a big follower of the geek culture… L

Where can my readers find you?

Mike: All my various contacts can be found on  You can e-mail me at, on Twitter @DragonDeadite, or on

Jeff: Most likely at work or asleep. But they can always find me at (shameless plug)

As geeks we have all been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that and how has it effected you as an adult?

Mike: I got made fun of more for being fan than being a geek (And lets face it, I still am) But I was actually pretty lucky when it comes to that aspect of being a geek.  I grew up in an age where being a geek wasn’t nearly as frowned upon and of course I grew up with parents who were great big geeks themselves.  I mean, my parents were playing D&D, in UTAH, in the middle of the big uproar about how horrible of a game it was during the ’70s and ’80s.  I didn’t exactly handle being teased and ridiculed very well, but I always knew I could go home to a pair of geeks that understood my frustrations, that no matter how much of an outcast I might feel like at school I knew I wasn’t alone as a geek because my parents were there to sit down and roll the dice with me whenever I wanted.  Not everyone can be as lucky as that, and I know a lot of my friends much preferred to play games over at my house just because of my parents.  As an adult I try to be very inclusive in my games, mostly because of this, and think I do a fairly good job of that.  I’ve made some new friends and introduced new players to various games and can only hope I have passed on my geek genes to my son!

Jeff: I can’t think of any specific experience I am sure there must have been something at one point that made me super shy around people but can’t pin it down to any one event. As I said above I had an awesome group of friends growing up so ridicule was not much of an issue for me. As an adult… still super shy in social situations so don’t go out much. I am much better now with non-social interactions like talking to people in work related situations.

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm, if so What?

Mike: I really don’t think so, unless you count my unhealthy obsession with Halloween as non-geek.  Every year I take the week of Halloween off to set up my front yard for Halloween, a massive graveyard, a huge pathway that kids have to walk down to get candy, great big decorations, and the whole family gets in on handing out candy and scaring people.  It is a blast!

Jeff: I love wood working/furniture building. Would do it as a job in a heartbeat if I could afford to but I work in a quasi-governmental job right now and with a family the benefits alone would be hard to beat anywhere.

Tell us about your Podcast “Royal Monster Battalion”
Mike: RMB first started out as just a Facebook page where myself and a friend (not Jeff) started writing movie reviews.  Eventually this bloomed into me wanting to do a Podcast and I needed a co-host.  Jeff and I had been friends for a while at this point and I pretty much just told him one day he was going to do a podcast with me and the RMB Podcast was born!  We watch anything with a monster, including kid movies and animated movies, so long as it has something more than human in it, we’ll watch it.  It makes it a bit different from most horror podcasts.  We also like to focus more on the aspects of the monster, what makes it a good monster or a bad monster, than just on the movie itself.  There’s some good movies with low scores because the monster wasn’t very good, and there’s some bad movies with good scores because the monsters were enjoyable.

Jeff: We do a bi-weekly review of monster movies. It can be any movie as long as it has a monster in it. We pretty much do it free flow we try to do it in a bit of an organized way but usually lose that once we start talking about the movie. We jump around a lot as far as parts of the movie goes pretty much like you were just BSing with a friend about a movie you just saw… because that is exactly what we are doing. Mike is much more knowledgeable about movies in general and monsters that is his thing for sure. I am more like the Ed McMahon to his Johnny Carson (you may have to google that one for the younger ones out there I am old remember….) 

How did you come up with the name?

Mike: Well, back when I first started this as a Facebook Page it was called Monster Squadron! In honor of the movie Monster Squad.  However the official spelling to get to the page wasn’t correct (Squodron) because that was the only spelling my friend could get for it.  So I decided we needed to change the name so I could do something a bit more legit with it, but I still wanted it to feel like the original name.  After a couple of weeks of brainstorming we came up with Royal Monster Battalion, I loved it, and went with it.

Jeff: That one is on Mike

How did you two know each other outside of the podcast? What made you want to be pod mates?

Mike: We met playing a Facebook game about racing cars, not exactly something I’m fond of, but I got engrossed in the community around the game and met Jeff under one of his pseudonyms, which is where the name Farmer comes from.  We became fast friends due to both having kids and enjoying rather geeky things.  We play video games together when we can and generally bitch about our jobs to each other during the day.  We have yet to actually meet face to face, but hopefully that’ll change soon!  I decided I was doing a pod and told Jeff he was going to do it with me… I do that a lot actually.  Jeff has started a LOT of projects with me that have fizzled out.  I think he’s surprised we’re still doing the podcast after a year now.

Jeff: Mike and I met playing a couple of games on Facebook. I think we really clicked one day when we got into talking about kids cartoons that our kids were watching or we wanted them to watch or something along those lines. From that point on we kept talking and became fast friends. Now unfortunately for him he has made it into my inner circle and there is no leaving alive…. Errrrr Ummmm… I mean he is now one of my best friends and although we live thousands of miles apart and have never met in person he is more like a brother to me. What made us want to be pod mates… that is easy. He messaged me and said watch this movie, load Skype we are going to do a podcast review on it Thursday.

What web comics do you like to read? Are you into Indie. Marvel, or DC?

Mike: Well… if you’re feeling adventurous (and over the age of 18!) one of my favorites is Oglaf!  The more family friendly ones are Charby: The Vampirate, PVPonline, Table Titans, Manly Men Doing Manly Things, Gamer Cat, and Looking For Group. I am much more into Indie comics than the Big Two.  The last Marvel comic I read was the collection of comics about Skarr, Hulk’s son, and that was at least a couple of years ago.  That isn’t really because I try to avoid them, but I much prefer darker comics than those two are willing to put out under their names.  Comics like Crossed: Borderlands or… okay nothing else is coming to mind along those lines, but the more blood and boobs the better!

Jeff: I used to read them once in a while but not enough to have any real preference.

What is your favorite movie?

Mike: That’s a hard question for a movie lover.  I can tell you my favorite one to re watch is easily Cabin In The Woods, but I think Bride of Frankenstein and Creature From The Black Lagoon are much better films though not seen as often.

Jeff: That is tough. I have a couple for different reasons so to pin it down to one movie is hard. I guess if I could only watch one more movie and had to pick one it would be the original Blues brothers. I love that movie for the movie itself but also have great memories of watching it with my dad when I was a kid also it was the first DVD I ever bought. My other choices might be just as disappointing to the geek crowd as well.. Heat for the shootout scene it is intense and sounds awesome in surround sound, Bullet for the chase scene, Animal House and Ferris Bueller because they are Animal House and Ferris Bueller.

What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming year?

Mike: Jeff getting a second TV and getting my wife on the podcast a bit more.

Jeff: Looking forward to Jurassic world because dinosaurs run amok is always fun and the new star wars because star wars.

You said you liked video games I have to ask which console do you prefer? Sony, Xbox or are you a PC guy?

Mike: For the most part I’m a Playstation guy, though I also play a few MMOs on the computer from time to time when the mood strikes me.  I used to have an Xbox but when we upgraded to the last gen system PS3 just had more RPGs that I would enjoy playing rather than the FPSs that XBox focused on.  I’ll play whatever system lets me slay the most dragons!

Jeff: I have a Wii, 2 PS3s and a Dreamcast. One of the PS3s (the one I use 99% of the time) is factory the other PS3, Wii and Dreamcast have been modded to some point. I play the PS3 with mike most of the time I got that for Christmas 2013 before that I played games only on PC.

What are some of your favorite games to play either board games or video?

Mike: For video games I’m still all about Diablo3 and Destiny, I love those games not only for their gameplay but because they’re all about the co-op!  I don’t do well in PvP…  For board games I’m all about SmashUp!  I’m very jealous that Jeff King and Jordan already have the new expansion!  I WILL HAVE MY PONIES AND KITTIES!  Oh… and Cover You Assets.  Blast of a game there!

Jeff: I like to play a lot of the old arcade/console games. I really want to build a game cabinet to put in my office. I have the computer and software built and running for it already. Also want to do a digital pinball table.

What are your thoughts on RPGs? (my forte :D) Playing any at the moment?

Mike: I am all about the RPGs both on and off the table!  I’ve recently gotten obsessed with getting a game of Savage Worlds going, most likely online as that is the easiest way for me to play with a wife who teaches two nights a week and a kiddo.  I play some D&D Encounters from time to time but I’m really all about Savage Worlds right now, the system is just so much more free than D&D and allows for transferring from one genre to another without any hassle at all.  Really hoping to get a weekly or bi-weekly game going some time soon!  Anyone looking for another play, LET ME KNOW!!

How long have you played DND/ Savage worlds?

Mike: My mom taught me how to play D&D when I was ten years old.  I was running games for her and my friends when I was about 12 or 13.  D&D was really the only system I would use until a few years ago when I met up with a new group and we decided we wanted to try a new system which lead us to Savage Worlds.  I ran a game in the world of 50 Fathoms which is a fantasy/pirate world and had a blast with it and since then I’ve really preferred SW for its flexibility and it just runs faster than D&D.  I still play D&D, but SW if my preferred system now.

Jeff: Never played it… Take that back never played an organized game. I tried it back in High School but no one knew what they were doing so we only played once or twice.


Jeff lets talk gadgets! What makes you enjoy Modding?

Jeff: I like to have my devices do more than the original intent. I always liked to mess with stuff but it really took off when I was trying to get content to stream from my pc upstairs to my tv downstairs that is when I started hacking my Wii. When that worked it was like hmmm what else in the house can I mod and anything I can find (and my wife lets me) is fair game.

What all have you Modded?

Jeff: The Wii and a PS3 to play video from my pc, homebrew and also play games backed up to hard drive so no loading of disks. The Dreamcast to play backup disks. PSP to play games and movies from memory card. Amazon Fire tv to play unsupported apps and Kodi (XBMC) as well as live tv recording from antenna. My router to add security features. Ipods to run differ skins. Fish tank and pond to simulate tide. Nook tablets to load apps and movies (these are 1st gen nook colors so they could not do that at the time).


Tell us how you geek out about home theater? Both the automation and the server sides of it

Jeff: One of my biggest things is I like to have everything hidden. When you look at my tv all you see is the Tv on the stand I built and the speakers sitting next to it all wires and equipment are hidden. The wires are run along the backside of the table bundled and out of sight going into the wall then under the house to a closet under the stairs where the receiver, server and video game consoles are. I don’t have cable or satellite so everything I watch comes from live tv or the internet so I am now really getting into setting my server up to be like an ondemand where I turn on the tv and all the shows and movies I watch are ready to go when I am. Server side I am always trying new plugins or software to find just the right one. I find one I like but then my wife doesn’t like it or my daughter has a hard time with it and I move on to the next one. I do keep one up and running that everyone can use though. I am also a messy person in real life you should see my desk at home. But for some reason I am super picky about how the files on my server are kept. So automating that and getting it to put things and name them the way I want was a bit time-consuming but in the long run makes things run smooth. I think my next project is getting whole house audio up and running controlled via ipads or phones.

What do you consider to be your dream Home theater setup?

Jeff: When we moved to TN we really wanted a basement we could turn into a home theater. Massive screen on wall, projector, theater seating the whole 9 yards. We wound up buying a house with no basement thus no theater. So that is what I would like. On the backside I would like a new sever and massive network storage a gigabit internet connection. I have the automation and surround covered. I got an awesome surround setup when we moved but rarely use it as my wife is not a big fan of the surround sound. Funny thing is we bought a plasma tv when we bought the house and it was not even HD. I have this all setup to get killer content and was watching it on an old standard definition tv up until just a month or two ago J We now have a 4k tv and it makes a world of difference.

One Geekified Interview: Roy (Moving the Needle)

Its time for another awesome interview! I know just how much you love them! Lets wait no longer and just jump right in! Thank you for participating Roy! Unfortunately could never get squared away with your other podmate but this was still a fun and awesome interview.

Hope you all enjoy!

Tell us about yourself. Anything you would like to share with us.

This is always a tough question because I never know what’s interesting.  I turn 40 next month (April).  I’ve been married for almost 15 years to my bride, Dawn.  I have a five-year old named Amelia and a one year old named Corinne.  I am one of ten kids (#8).  I’m a Taurus; but for the life of me, I have no idea what the hell that means.

I am from Winchester, Massachusetts.  Winchester is less than ten miles from Boston.  It’s the kind of town that hasn’t changed very much over time, and I think that’s a lot of its appeal.  It’s a beautiful place, and I love the small town feel.  It’s hard to believe that in Fall 2016, I’ll be gone 20 years.  I have a lot of great memories there.  It’s a great place to raise a family, but you’ll get sticker shock looking at the real estate.

I work in purchasing at Gulfstream Aerospace.  I served four years in the United States Army as a Communications specialist from 1996-2000.  My last official day was exactly a year before the World Trade Center towers fell.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree last year.  I am porcelain white, so I don’t like the sun or the smell of sunblock very much.

I worked at a video store starting at age 15 at Uptown Video.  It was such a great job, and I feel sad for the millennials who never had the opportunity to go to a brick and mortar store to find their movies.  Yes, you can argue that finding movies online is more efficient.  However, you don’t have that person who can filter what you like and recommend things based on your preferences.  The co-owner, Dom DiVincenzo took a chance hiring me because of my age.  I hope he doesn’t regret it.

How has social media impacted your life?

Social media is the most surprising thing about podcasting.  I’m a really competitive person, so I thought other shows would be too.  If you’re an outsider, know that the podcast community is the most helpful group of people.  They are not your competitors, and they will do what they can to help when you need it.

Personally, I would have very little to connect me to my hometown if it weren’t for social media.  I don’t talk on the phone very much, so it’s nice to see in a paragraph how people are doing.  I get to see important updates (good news and bad), pictures of family and friends, and it’s my source of news.  What I don’t like are the people who use it as their blogs.  It takes two minutes to start a blog and less to link a post using social media.

Overall, I like how it gives me the byline on how everyone is doing.  There are some people who overuse it, but it’s a good way to check in on everyone. It’s also done a lot to help get the word out there for Moving the Needle.

Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

This may be my most boring answer (wink).  This honor goes to Sean.  He was the one who challenged me to leave my comfort zone when it comes to film.  He and I went to films I never would have seen on my own: Stonewall and Basquiat are two of them.  I also had to learn to fight for my opinion with him.  Before, I got away with making a statement without much debate.  Sean’s a shark when it comes to debate, and it really helped me when writing papers at school.  It was no accident that he was the call I made when I wanted to start a podcast.

My family also supported my geekdom. My Dad made me a Captain America shield when I was in Kindergarten. It was made from cardboard and leftover carpet. My folks never dissuaded me from buying comics, and thank God they never knew how much I spent.

My older brothers and sisters were also great at taking me to the movies. I didn’t miss out on many movies, and it was mostly because of them.
Going into adulthood, Sean took my geek to the next level. For those who don’t listen to MTN, he and I started the show together (and so on)

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say to them?

My advice is more of a lecture.  I would say this is the best time to be a geek.  You have so many outlets to let your freak flag fly.  Just enjoy it and don’t be stingy with your knowledge.  And most importantly, don’t be afraid to start a blog, podcast, or whatever venture you want to come up with.  Fear will keep you from doing your best work or missing a great experience (I can write a book on this).  Fuck fear.  Expect the first ones to not be your best.  We’ve all been there.  And be open to help.  Your project is a journey.  You’re going to cringe about some of what you did when you go back.  Keep moving forward.  Ignore the critics.  Especially if you are your worst one.

If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be? And what would you replace it with?

I’ve given up a lot of geeky hobbies already.  It happens when you choose your kids over self interests.  When they’re more into their worlds, I would love to go back to being an avid sports fan.  I don’t miss many football games on TV, but I used to enjoy watching sports like hockey and baseball.  I don’t go to live events anymore.  I would also like to watch more TV and movies.  It’s embarrassing to be a podcast co-host and have to admit the movies I haven’t seen.

If there was one thing that you could change about geek culture what would you change and why?

People berating other people over their opinions.  It’s one thing to say someone’s wrong over an incorrect detail.  It’s another to hear someone cut another because they disagree over an opinion.  It’s bad humanity and not just bad podcasting.

Where can my readers reach you?

The show is @mtnpod on Twitter,, or you can e-mail us at

If you want to reach me personally, I am @roymac75.  

As geeks we have all been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that and how has it affected you as an adult? 

Thankfully, I have a great deal of self-esteem, and I’ve always taken criticism as a motivator to get better.  I used to hate one of my jobs with a passion.  Instead of being a cancer, I used it to push myself to study harder, write better papers, and earn my degree.  Complaining doesn’t do much for you than give you a reputation as a complainer.  My best advice is if you don’t like where you are, do something about it.  

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the Geek realm if so what?

No.  Fantasy sports makes sports geeky.  I don’t do it anymore, but I used to love it.  And we were hard-core.  We would write articles making fun of other owners.  My brother used to take my picture and paste it on top of a picture of a male showing affection towards another male.  You can say he helped coin the phrase NSFW over a decade ago.  He also used to push the rules to the point where I had to slap him down as the Commissioner.  I liked that part.  For some reason, I haven’t been in a league in a few years.  I hope to pick it back up in 2015.

Tell us about the podcast Moving the Needle? How did the name come to be?

Moving the Needle is a geek culture show with different topics.  Most of them are movie-related, but we discuss books, music, and television as well.  We have shows about What’s Moving the Needle.  That’s what we call our entertainment news shows.  We recently added Book to Film shows so people can hear the differences without the huge time investment.  We thought that might be interesting to people.  They’re the most work, but they’re fun to record.  For example, 50 Shades of Grey took about 20 hours of prep, and most of it was torture (the book is awful). We try to make our audience feel entertained and more informed after each episode.

The name Moving the Needle comes from my fandom of Tony Kornheiser.  He’s the co-host of Pardon the Interruption, and he has a radio show part of the year in Washington, DC.  He also had a national radio show in the slot Colin Cowherd has now on ESPN.  He occasionally uses the term moving the needle when talking about something important.  I threw it out there as a name, and we couldn’t find anything better, so we used it.  When we were on Media Meltdown, I did a Previously on…  segment with funny bits of the previous shows like on Kornheiser’s radio show.  I hesitate to revive it on Moving the Needle because there are weeks I may not be able to do it, and we want to be consistent.

Have you done any other podcasts that are no longer around? If so (if you care to share) What happened?

Sean and I had another show, the Synesthesia Podcast.  It was more about individual movies then.  I didn’t know it at the time, but Sean developed a really serious medical condition where he couldn’t keep podcasting for a time, so that ended.  It was sad, but I like our Moving the Needle concept.  There’s no telling if we would’ve changed directions like we did without that time away.

Sean and I were also part of the Media Meltdown Podcast.  We mostly did the news show, the Newsroom.  We occasionally did their High-5 show as well.  We took a break when we started Moving the Needle, but we come back when we can.  They are @mediameltdownpo.

What are some of your favorite Podcasts to listen to? Did any of them inspire you to start/join a podcast of your own?

This is always a tough one for me because you forget one or two, and feelings get hurt.  The three I listen to first are Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, The Podcast Digest, and How Is This Movie?.

For the one or two people who don’t know, Neil and Annaleis are as genuine and awesome as they sound on their show.  They are completely different from what I usually listen to, and they will always be a part of my week.

Dan from the Podcast Digest is also equally awesome.  I took his advice on some tech stuff, and they were as good as advertised.  He also has a good ear for podcasts.  I like his interviews a lot, but I want more of his older style shows.  He has a lot of good things to say, and I hope to have him on Moving the Needle more.

I don’t know Dana as well, but I am in awe of his show.  I think what he is doing now is brilliant.  He looks at a movie differently than I do, and I really like that.  I think what he’s done in the last year is definitely award-worthy.  I would love to record with him sometime.

I also love No Totally!  I had a blast recording Inglorious Basterds with them too.  Green Up Gaming has great TV talk, and I love Phillip’s stories.  I’m new to 7 Days a Geek.  They do great work and some creative things.  I discussed Media Meltdown before.  I listen to them.  I love the Newsroom the most.  There are more that I enjoy, and please don’t be mad if I didn’t mention you.

Tell us a little bit about your podmates  

  I met Sean when we used to go to the General Cinemas (now the AMC 10) in Burlington, Massachusetts.  I eventually got a job there, and that’s where I also met Dave.  I can’t remember if I met Bayleigh through the video store first or when I was her camp counselor.  Her Mom and Dad, Ann Marie and Bill, are among the kindest people I know.  I think there’s only been one visit back to Winchester in 19 years where I couldn’t stop for dinner at their house.  Meg and I went to High School together, and I bugged her on Facebook a while back to come on our show.  Both Meg and Bayeligh are film school graduates.

Boo you’re a Patriots fan! (Just kidding) What makes you like this team more than any others? Did you watch this years super bowl?

Because I grew up in New England, I have always liked the Patriots.  I also cheered for the Buffalo Bills when the Patriots were terrible, but I would’ve gladly given them up to be able to cheer for the Pats in the playoffs.  Before Belichick and Brady, that didn’t happen much.

Being a Patriots fan is awesome.  I probably get in at least one debate a week with someone who thinks Manning is better than Brady.  The debate has certainly died down since February (hahahahaha!).  I know the nation has loved them and thrown them away, but how can you hate a quarterback that gave back around $60 million to make the team better?  I can understand you rebelling against Belichick, but he’s amazing.  If you don’t believe me, watch the two-part A Football Life and get back to me.  You can say Spygate all day, but if he was doing it; you can bet more than half the league was too.

Hell yeah I watched the Super Bowl.  It’s amazing that I didn’t wake the entire house when Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball.  I was pacing around the house like a maniac thinking we were going to lose that game.  It was worth all the Deflate-gate talk to see that.  You can say what you want about the Patriots, but they play 60 minutes of football and haven’t played a Super Bowl in over a decade that didn’t go to the last-minute.

I probably didn’t change one mind writing this.  That’s fine.

What are your favorite tv shows to watch? Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Bar Rescue is my favorite right now.  I love Jon Taffer.  He can’t be bullshitted, and he seems to be able to fix any cancer in a business.  He renovates the business, but his best work is changing the bad attitudes.  This show is on Spike, and you’re welcome.

I also have a deep love for Shark Tank.  I thought the show was going to get too emotional at the beginning of this season, but things seem back to normal.  I wish Barbara Corcoran could be there for every episode with the other sharks.  There’s more in-fighting now, and that is interesting too.

What made you want to purchase Silicon Valley and Fargo?

I want to discuss them on the show.  I love Mike Judge’s work, and Fargo was a great movie.  Plus, I think they’ll be great.  Our goal is to link our listeners to good or great shows, books, and movies.

I still have to finish Silicon Valley and begin Fargo.  Silicon Valley didn’t hook me immediately like I expected it to, and I started House of Cards and liked it more.  House of Cards is a total guilty pleasure, but it’s great too.  It’s one of the few shows that makes me like it enough to binge-watch.

Tell us about your “Happy Place” 

Movie theaters have always been the place where I can ignore my phone and relax.  I love being home, but I can name six things or more at any time that are unfinished, and it’s not as relaxing.  I like the big screen, comfortable chairs, cooler air conditioning temperatures, and the dark.  I want a media room with no windows if we ever live in another house.

Being from Boston do you have any favorite sports teams?

Besides the Boston teams?  Not really.  I love all the professional Boston teams except for the soccer team.  I don’t like soccer very much with the exception of when Amelia plays.  She’s better than 95% of the boys in her age group, and that’s awesome.  I like the Seahawks because of Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson when they don’t play the Patriots.  I would like the Jacksonville Jaguars more if they were more exciting.  I live two hours or so from there, and I lived there for a few years.  It’s also too hot to see them live until late October.  But mostly, it’s the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics.  Oh, I do like the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars because I lived in Texas for a few years.

How does a movie Catch your eye? 

A good preview or a director/actor I like will sell me.  Sometimes I watch things because they move the needle.  I would never have read or seen 50 Shades of Grey if I wasn’t a podcaster. I don’t have a more complicated formula than that.  I try to be open-minded.  I also have to be realistic that I can’t go out for three movies a week like I could when I was younger.

What was it like working for a movie theater?

Hellish at times.  People don’t like paying concession stand prices for things.  If the theaters have to forward the box office receipts to the studios, how else are they going to pay for these megaplexes?  Mostly, it was fun.  We were usually able to have early showings of the bigger movies, and it’s always fun to watch them with fellow movie geeks.  I would love to have the time to rip tickets here for the experience, so I can see what’s changed.  When I was there, movies were digital but still on reels.  I’d like to see today’s machinery.

Do you have a Man crush on Tom Brady? But seriously what makes you like Tom Brady as a professional athlete?

It would appear so, wouldn’t it?  I’m not a jewelry guy, but I’m really into his rings.  He’s from California, but he has so many Boston traits.  He has a chip on his shoulder.  He loves to win.  He sacrifices to win.  I understand that when you only get to pay only a little attention to him, he can seem like a whiner.  As I wrote before, he’s given up top-dollar to have better players around him.  He’s done more with less experienced players than anyone as talented as him.  He’s always prepared, and he shows up in big moments.  I sometimes wonder what I would think of him if he wasn’t our quarterback.


One Geekified Interview: Nerd Rage Renegades

 Time to bring back one of my favorite blog posts? Yes you guessed it, it’s the GEEKIFIED INTERVIEWS! Last year I had such a fantastic turnout that I couldn’t continue and not have it on here, So without further introduction let’s get right into it! The difference between this interview and the rest that I have written before they only contained one person but I decided I wanted to try my hand at interviews, especially with podcasts, with multiple people so we shall see how it goes. Please give me feedback on here if you like it this way or if I should go back to doing single interviews.

I have been following this podcast called Nerd Rage Renegades for the longest time and I hadn’t checked out the show until last month and boy am I glad that I did because it’s a great show, a little foul mouth entertainment doesn’t hurt anyone! Lets jump right into my interview with Spin and Space Chief!

Tell us a little about yourselves. Anything you would like to share.

Spin: 31-year-old geek guy who delves head first into the fandoms I love learning everything about them by researching and discovery. Live with my family and try not to strangle people on a daily basis.

Chief: Well, I’m a 30 plus year comic book samurai, I have 2 dogs, play the guitar, live west of Chicago with the Space Wife!

How has social media improved/impacted your life?

Spin: It has opened the doors to so many people and situations that I never thought possible. It is frustrating and sometimes I want to reach through the computer and slap the crap out of people for being stupid but it is what it is. Also met my blood brother Chief on there.

Chief: It’s literally the world….I’ve met so many cool people in different countries around the globe that share my interests,  met Spin on Twitter, our show is on multiple sites…so yeah, love it

Who inspired you to be the geek you are today?

Chief:  My Dad…first and foremost….he was a huge Science Fiction and Superman fan my whole life…he passed in 2009 and I carry on his legacy I suppose.

Spin: My parents, I remember at a young age my mom taking me to see Willow and Transformers in the theater, buying me comics and video games, so BLAME THEM!!!

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

Chief: Enjoy this stuff….don’t overthink it, don’t listen to reviewers….make up your own mind about what you like and suspend disbelief.

Spin: Stop trying to analyze everything in a comic or movie and stop with the nonsense. Remember what it was like to be a kid and see these wondrous things and just marvel in it. Stop trying to change everything to fit your needs. 

If you had to give up one geeky hobby what would it be? And what would you replace it with?

Spin: Uhm I’ll say uhm you know I can’t think of one to give up, but I will add making wooden clogs and wearing lederhosen to the list!

Chief: Probably tabletop games….as much fun as I have, it’s difficult to get a good tournament going with people’s schedules being what they are.

Where can my readers find out more about you?

Spin: Twitter is the best place @nrdrgerenegades. Just ask away

Chief:  @SpaceChief75 just come ask me! Haha I also do videos on YouTube under the Space Chief Rants title…

As geeks we have been ridiculed at some point in our lives. How did you cope with that and how has it effected you as an adult?

Chief: Fortunately for me those things happened pretty few and far between, the advantage of an older brother I guess, but they did happen occasionally and I really can’t say that I’m over it. I tend to hold a grudge for a while. I think if anything it’s made me more guarded and fiercely defensive of what is mine.

Spin: I say fuck them (can I say fuck in this interview?) I have been to war and come back alive I could care less what these people think. Those who are my friends are who matter not haters.

Tell us all about your Podcast Nerd Rage Renegades!

Chief: Spin and I basically get together once or twice a week and just discuss things that we like, that bug us, things we’re looking forward to etc.. it’s fun and a far cry from our old podcast, which was way more regimented and planned.

Spin: It’s a show that was born out of anger because of something that had happened. Chief and I needed something to let loose our pent-up frustrations and we decided to create this show and it took on a life of its own and people dug it so we keep going. It’s unscripted, uncensored and when  you listen the opinions are ours. We don’t kiss ass, we don’t sugar coat anything, this is how we truly feel and you know what agree or disagree with us.

How did you come up with the name for your podcast?

Chief: I have no idea…haha that’s Spin’s department.

Spin: Ok so we had played around with a lot of names or combination of names for the show. Then one night im sitting in bed and Full House is on right, and its an episode where Joey and Jesse are the Rush Hour Renegades, well change the first two words and BAM!

Where would you like to see your podcast go?

Chief: I haven’t thought about it actually going anywhere…I’m just enjoying it. We somehow (mostly through Spin’s pr skills) have been able to grow and gain a modicum of popularity and I honestly don’t know where it will stop.

Spin: I’d like to see it go to the point Chief and I are in a nursing home, shitting ourselves and hot nurses are changing us while we are still doing the podcast talking about shows that are a hundred years old.

What are some of your favorite retro games to play? What retro systems do you own?

Spin: Sonic is my all time favorite game hands down. I own all the originals for Genesis, also a big fan of Yar’s Revenge on the 2600. My retro systems are *cracks knuckles* Atari 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Sega Game Gear, and im throwing in the DS, DSi, Playstation and PS2.

Chief: I love Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Centipede was my jam, Super Mario Bros. Mario 3…the list goes on! I own zero retro systems because Spin bought them all! Hahaha….but seriously I do not own any, I’m more the Comic Book/Horror/Novel guy on the show…I have played and enjoyed many “retro” games but mostly because I’m 39 and that shit wasn’t called retro when I was a kid…it was NEW! Haha

What intrigues you the most about shows based on the topic of Big Foot? Are you a believer?

Chief:  I think belief is the wrong word, I would say I’ve seen enough compelling evidence to support the existence of such a creature and think that real investigation is warranted. The reason I’m fascinated with this topic is the fossil record shows that the creature very well could have existed or still exists today unlike most other cryptid animals.

Spin: I believe mostly because I think bigfoot is my long-lost Uncle Morty.

What’s the last movie you Saw? what movie(s) are you most excited for this year?

Spin: Last movie I saw in the theater was Into the Woods, and can i say Anna Kendrick OMG!!! but i digress, movies im excited for Star Wars, Avengers, Jurassic World

Chief: Last movie in a theater was The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies….Most excited for Star Wars, Avengers, Mad Max and the SpongeBob movie!

What makes a great movie in your opinion?

Spin: Just one im interested in. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies or the like but a good film has to keep my attention and make me think or give me a shit ton of explosions and I’m happy. Or giant monsters, or unicorns, or Johnny Depp, or Anne Hathaway……..bacon

Chief: I tend not to over analyze movies…I just like what I like for whatever reason and don’t like what I don’t like…Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and almost all the time “Film Critics” are failed screenwriters that actually don’t know more than anyone else about film technique and all that artsy bullshit people pay a lot of money to have vomited at them at fancy schools.

What comics do you currently read? Are you into Marvel, DC or Indie comics?

Spin: I read comics from all companies. I like the characters and stories. The one I never miss however and have been collecting since 1993 and bought half of the collection from the artist of the book is Sonic the Hedgehog

Chief: I read everything…Marvel, DC, Image,  Dark Horse,  BOOM, IDW, Atlas,  Fantagraphics, you name it.

What makes you like Horror movies?

Chief:  I don’t know, I just kinda gravitated toward that genre. I was exposed to George Romero films at a very young age and something just clicked. By the time I was ten, I had subscriptions to Fangoria, Deep Red, Starlog and a host of other fanzines and was attempting to create special effects in my bedroom. My goal was to someday work with Tom Savini. That never panned out, but the love is still there.

Spin: They make me laugh. I mean come on every horror film is clichéd or predictable. I mean its insane right! But i love those “horror” films that make me think or are a mindfuck, like the first SAW. Ok did anyone out there know the dude in the middle was Jigsaw? Plus Jigsaw never technically killed anyone! AND THE SECOND FILM HAD DONNIE WHALBURG!!!

What’s your favorite horror film and why?

Chief: Still, Night Of The Living Dead…that was the first Romero film I watched at about 8 or 9 years old and I just obsessed on it.

Spin: Hollywood Wives……what I’m serious its terrifying! No actually horror films man I love some old ones like House on Haunted Hill, Sleepaway Camp, or those that just make you really uneasy.

What are your favorite “old” and “new” cartoons to watch?

Spin: Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Bob’s Burgers is my new favorite and my daughter has a hat with Bunny Ears and says its her Bob’s Burgers watching hat. Old ones, Transformers G1, GIJoe, Thundercats, Silverhawks, Cowboys of Moo-Mesa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men

Chief: NEW-Adventure Time, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Clarence, Steven Universe, Gumball, Teen Titans Go, Young Justice, Green Lantern TAS, anything from the DCU basically….OLD-Looney Tunes, Scooby, I get a huge kick out of anything from my childhood like He-Man, Superfriends, Transformers etc..

What TV shows are you currently watching? What show would you like to see on TV and what shows shouldn’t be on television?

Chief: Constantine, Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead of course, I watch constant television so the list is immense but those four are definitely favorites. Far be it from me to say a show shouldn’t be on the air but stuff that I find absolutely vile is about 90% of everything on TRU and anything with a Housewife from somewhere title. I would love to one day see an actual BATMAN tv series that isn’t goofy as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam West, but hopefully the character would be taken much more seriously in a modern tv series.

Spin: All the ones Chief mentioned and Supernatural and Columbo. Yes I know Columbo isn’t a new show and it isn’t even on tv anymore but I freaking LOVE Columbo. Shouldnt be on tv? Kardashians, everything on MTV that glorify stupidity or kids doing stupid stuff. OH and DUCK DYNASTY I FREAKING HATE THAT SHOW!!

Do you have any hobbies that aren’t considered to be in the geek realm, if so What?

Spin: I think any hobby you can geek out to but I’m a hockey fan. Been a Washington Capitals fan for over 25 years and I love watching them play.

Chief:  I can’t think of any!

What’s one thing about yourself that not many people know?

Spin: I am an artist and a writer. Been doing that for all my life, I am a Marine Corps Veteran of the Iraq War, I like long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners at Pizza joints, I am a Gemini

 Chief: I have a college degree! Can you believe that? They actually gave me one.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own podcast?

Spin: Don’t do it for fame or fortune or because you think it will get you those things. Grab a buddy and have fun with it. Don’t over think, dont bog yourself down. Talk about what you love and why you love it.

Chief: Just be yourself,  have fun, make it interesting for your audience.

What hardware do you use for the show? (recording equipment, etc.)

Chief: Spin knows that stuff! Haha

Spin: Alien Tech, very advanced most humans have never seen….wait a minute! ARE YOU FEDS? IS THIS A STING? GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF MY FACE! THE ALIENS GAVE IT TO US! ITS OURS!!!!!!

Thanks for agreeing to doing the interview with me Spin and Chief! If you want to join in the fun like these two please email me today! I have plenty of room for everyone so please don’t hesitate. Even if you’re not the best at answering questions/writing or if you find yourself uninteresting, please still volunteer no one will judge your answers because your being yourself and that’s all I ask for.  Email at and you can also find me on Facebook as well!



Video Game Movies. Take 2

Hello fellow movie watchers/lovers! I realize that this post was supposed to go up onto the internet towards the tail end of November but life got pretty hectic with work and the holiday of Thanksgiving got in the way but hey I need something else to post into this fine month of December.
let’s get to round two of our Video Game Movie picks. Robyn is up first this time lets see what she picked/enjoyed!

Robyn’s Pick
Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
gajgaWhat video game movie is guaranteed to show you the most gruesome, creepiest creatures ever thought of? That’s right, Silent Hill. I decided to watch the second installment, Silent Hill: Revelation (mostly because the first one isn’t on Netflix streaming). This movie continues the interesting life of Sharon, whom now goes by the name Heather. She starts to see things, alternate realities, pertaining to Silent Hill. She’s being followed by a P. I. whom felt the need to warn her about the Order who tries to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets a boy (I had no idea who Kit Harrington was when I first saw this movie, but do I now) who turns out to be from the Order trying to bring her back to Silent Hill. She meets other interesting characters, such as Alessa’s mother and two girls who got lost and trapped in a mannequin-spider’s web, and the terrifying Pyramid Head. After wandering through the town, saving Vincent from the nurses, becoming one with Alessa, she confronts the leader, who is actually the ugly razorbladed monster we see periodically throughout the movie. Pyramid Head comes in to fight her, then after killing her just walks off (I don’t understand why he would save her). Her father decides to stay and look for her mother. I think they did a great job spelling out the story, giving the how’s, the who’s, and the why’s. I don’t know how the games play out, but I think I can assume it doesn’t follow it on every point. That’s not always a good thing to do, but in this case it worked out just fine. I kind of hope they do another movie. I would like to see what other creatures they could come up with.

Courtney’s Pick
Doom (2005)
imagesWE0PM6NDWell first off how could you not love a movie that has Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban in it? I mean they are two muscle-bound hotties, oh sorry got of track a little bit!
There is one scene in particular that sold me on this entire film and yes I know it has been criticized for the cheesiness of it all but growing up playing this game, or watching a sibling play, then you know what I’m talking about. (I remember playing with the chainsaw hacking up everyone) I love how at the end (spoiler) it shifts into First Person Mode while Urban walks down a long Corridor to save his sister (if I remember correctly been a while since I have watched it) anyways you can correct me if I am wrong. I find it hard to keep details straight any longer. However with that being said I usually don’t go for these types of movies and if I do end up watching them it has to be light outside way before my bedtime *Dooms not that scary, not even in the slightest* if you enjoy campy movies like myself then you’ll love Doom. I am a huge Urbanite as I like to call myself! We need more video game based movies am I right?

One Geekified Interview: GreenUp Ryan!

 It is almost 7 in the am and I couldn’t sleep so I thought that I would get my latest interview up with Ryan from one of my favorite podcasts Green Up Gaming!
I wanted to take a quick second and express how much I enjoy the friendships I have encountered on Twitter especially from those in the Podcasting Realm, they are really friendly and care whats going on in your life. But they really connect with listeners (not all) and seem to care about your daily life. I am truly honored to have gotten to know so many podcasters. I really hope that one day when I have time and space that I could either start a show or join in on someones idea again. In that time I plan on learning everything there is to know! Sorry I didn’t mean to ramble or take away from my interview with Ryan just wanted to say thank you to all those who have done interviews and those who talk to me on twitter daily, I am not really sociable in my everyday life but on Twitter I strongly believe that’s who I truly am damn social awkwardness.

Now lets just jump right in! I would proudly like to introduce you to Ryan from Greenup Gaming and Gotham Knights!
Tell us a little about yourself. Anything you would like to share.
Well, I am in my mid 30’s happily married for almost 14 years, my daughter just turned 5 and they are my world. I work hard to make sure they both have everything they need. Coached high school football for a decade, love to play video games and I have two podcasts: Green Up Gaming and Gotham Knights.

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Do you!  If you have something that makes you happy, and you enjoy doing it, do it (unless it involves killing or bad stuff) Us geeks and nerds finally fit in, just be true to yourself.

Who helped shape you into the geek you are today? How/Why I guess my mom.  She encouraged me to do what I wanted and have fun.  She supported video gaming starting with the NES.  She was a huge supporter of my photography, but at the same time my dad was supportive with sports; football, basketball and tae kwon do.

How has social media Impacted/improved your life?  If it has affected negatively how so?
I’ve never really been too social.  Kept to myself, when I got online with video games, it really opened me up to more people and I grew a huge group of friends from across the country and some overseas.  Social media has just been another extension of that.  I have made a few really close friends from it. It has also given me the chance to reach out to a few old friends I had lost touch with.

If you could change one thing about the geek/nerd culture what would it be and why?
Well the pretentiousness of it.  Remember the roots, all these younger geek/nerds didn’t have to go through the shit we did.  It’s more accepted now so they fit in and treat others that aren’t part of that culture as outsiders.

Do you have any secret projects you’re working on that you could share with us?
Yes, I am working on a Holiday special for Green UP and another podcast.  I’m hoping for an epic recording, some singing, tons of laughs and to make it an annual thing!

If you could give up one geeky hobby which would u drop and what would u replace it with?
The only thing that I am half-assing is comic books.  I have started reading and collecting some but its hit and miss.  I have a very strong addictive personality so I have to be careful.  I’ll read a book, not like it but can’t just have the number 1-3 I need to get them all just so I know I have them all.  I would replace the time and $ spent on it and put it towards my daughter for something.  That’s the hard thing is I started reading books to bond with my daughter (my little pony’s and tiny titans) So by giving that up would take that away, so I wouldn’t take anything away!

Where can my readers find and contact you?
Easy, and @Greenup podcast on twitter.

Tell us about your podcast Green Up Gaming? You’re also involved in a show called Gotham Knights please share about this as well.

Green Up Gaming, is a podcast that I do with a few of my video game buddies.  We talk about the games we are playing, bring some gaming news and share some wild and crazy stories.  Gotham Knights is a podcast about Gotham on Fox.  With Gotham I wanted to do a show a couple of podcasting buddies, Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks is a huge Batman fan so it just made perfect sense.  I am looking to expand both of them to widen our audiences.

What’s your favorite thing about hosting a Podcast?
Chatting with my friends and meeting new people!  Plus it really gets me out of my comfort zone. I am not a real social person in my everyday life.  I get to chat about video games, TV shows, movies and more.  Plus it lets me hang out with my friends even though they are states away.

How do you find balance between doing podcasts, family/home life and work? What’s your secret?
Add school to that! I haven’t been doing a very good job.  My issue is when I get into something I dive head first and get tunnel vision, that’s where my wife comes in and helps me get me back to reality. One thing you learn with having your own podcast is that there is a TON of work that you don’t plan on; editing, producing the episode, networking, marketing and scheduling.  Now that I have 2 podcasts, the work load doubles.  So I have moved some of the time-consuming stuff for after bedtime, I do my homework after work, that way I can still get quality time with the family too. I work an early shift, so my weekends I’m up by 5, 6 at the latest, which allows me to do homework or work on my networking/marketing without interrupting any family time..  It’s a juggling game sometimes, but family always comes first.

What advice could you give to someone looking to start a podcast, such as myself?
Subject! Talk about what you love and have interest in!  Reach out to a few people and pick their brain.  The indie podcast scene is amazing, so supportive.  I try to make myself approachable for new podcasters, I try to help someone not make the same mistakes I have.
Listen to the Libsyn the Feed podcast, I wish I would have known about their podcast before I started.  Surround yourself with fellow podcasters like yourself, and ask as many questions as you can!  No question is too dumb!

Was there anyone or any shows that inspired you and made you want to be a podcaster?
Tell em’ Steve Dave and The Tenderloins were my first podcasts.  The shows were so fun to listen to.  But as they are ‘tv stars’ they aren’t to ‘reachable’ via social media.  I bumped into Jason from 7 Days a Geek on twitter as he is a huge TESD fan as well.  In his tweeting he mentioned he had a podcast too.  I gave it a listen (about 3-4) episodes but he was very interactive on twitter, which was quite surprising to me.  But it showed me that you could have a great podcast and still interact with your audience.  It showed me how to be a great host!  Graphic Novice, History of Bad Ideas and Green Up as started within weeks of each other, we grew as friends and helped each other out.  It inspired me to keep pushing forward!
Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, if I was a new podcast their show would be my fuel to get into podcasting, Neil and Annaleis are such great hosts! And their presence on twitter is more than inspiring.  As a friend of theirs I feel very blessed and honored to have them in my corner.

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen too?
Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Graphic Novice, 7 Days a Geek, Amish Baby Machine, Tell em Steve Dave and now I have added Attention Deficit Order to my weekly mix.

If there was one thing that you could change about Greenup what would it be?
Clean up the structure, keep it a little tighter and carry more video game subjects.  Something I have a plan for in the future.  I am torn about wishing to go back in time and show myself where I needed to focus, and save myself from going through the rough patch we did.  But at the same time if I don’t go through that tough patch I don’t think I would be as humbled as I am or as grateful. I think the pain is worth where we are now.

If you could have anyone famous special guest on your show who would you look forward to the most and why?
Jeremy Clarkson from BBC’s Top Gear, I am a HUGE fan of the show.  He has the best job in the world!  The locations he has been to and the success his show has.  My number two would be Chef Gordon Ramsay, again I have watched his shows before he came across the pond!

What are your favorite Football teams? NFL? College?
I’m from Utah so I am a Ute fan through and through!  As for NFL, ever since I was young I have been a Chicago Bears fan.  But lately I have just been following Utes as they get to the next level.

You used to coach football. Why’d you stop? And if you could would you start doing it again?
Like with podcasting it’s a juggling game.  The amount of time and energy I put into podcasting is just a fraction of what went into Coaching.  It was a part of our family’s lives.  Practice, meetings, film watching and games.  My life during the season, was get home from work, change my clothes and say hi to my family then straight to the high school. I’d come home around 7 or 8, eat dinner hang out with the family then stay up till 10-11 working on practice planning, watching film and scheme changes.  My daughter just turned 5, and I don’t want to miss her growing up. Our old head coach was fired 2 years ago and the new head coach brought in a whole new staff, I was only 1 of 2 coaches to return.  I had a hard time finding my spot within the staff and I did not have much fun last year.  I didn’t feel that I was wanted or needed, so all that added up to make the decision easy for me.  I had a few offers to coach at other high schools in the area, but I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t even make it to a game this year, the wound is still raw.  I think once Jillian gets older I can always go back to coaching.  If the time is right and we can make it work, yeah I miss the sideline!

What was the best thing about coaching football?
It’s FOOTBALL!  Football has always been in my life, I played all through school.  The best thing about coaching is the kids and the bond you form with them and your fellow coaches. I’ve had undefeated seasons, I have had 1 win seasons and everything in between.  The wins and losses aren’t important, it’s the young men!  The relationships you build are for life!  I have a few of my boys playing college ball.  Going to their games, seeing them play at the next level, then after the game you go down to the field and the hug and handshake is something only a player and coach can describe.
The strategy of coaching is also gives a lot personal satisfaction. Planning and preparing the week before, when you work hard to get your kids ready and on game day you call and coach a great game, and you put the kids in a the position for them to succeed, and when the time comes and you call the right play and your boys come off the field successful and you look across the field and see the other staff with their heads in their hands, yeah I won that one!

If you could coach any team in the world who would you pick and why?
Utah Utes! To be on the sideline at Rice Eccles and hear the MUSS do the jump on 3rd down, have them rush the field after beating a top 10 team!  I would love to be on the sideline and work with Coach Urban Myers (now at the Ohio State).  Also I would love to be at Soldier Stadium with Coach Ditka during the 85 season!  I got to meet Coach Jon Grudden and the time I spent with him was so much fun!  I’d love to work alongside him!

Tell us a little bit about your charity/Toy Drive Jilly-Bugs Toys for Hugs!
10644149_752869874771532_2791595862095461558_oMy family holds an annual toy drive to provide new toys to the children (patients) and the families that are at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland OR.  My daughter’s life was saved there, she suffers from a rare liver disease and we have spent many nights there.  On our last long visit there, we didn’t know why Jillian was so sick.  I was at my breaking point and a volunteer brought in a coloring book and some crayons, for 30 mins my daughter was herself and it gave me the strength to push through what we needed to.  We want to do everything we can to help bring some joy to some strong and special kids.  We are going to be delivering our 4th donation right before Thanksgiving. In our 4 years we have donated almost 3500 toys!  It has also been amazing to see my daughter take such pride in our toy drive.  To see her, see the importance of giving back is very special.

How long have you been playing video games? What’s your favorite memory?
I’ve been playing since the NES.  For me it’s silly but sitting in front of the TV that Christmas while my mom played Mario and duck hunt with us.  This year Jillian will be getting an old NES for Christmas and I am looking forward to her getting to play and grow with the games that I did.

What is your choice in console? And how did you feel about the Console wars when next-gen was coming out?
Xbox, I was a Sony guy up to PS2,but  the 360 was great.  But here’s the thing with me Live is what sells me on Xbox, the PSN wasn’t as good.  Now with the next-gen, the PS4 has come out swinging and has out done the One.  But as I look back to the 360, and all the headaches we had with Live then.  They were able to build a great service.  Unfortunately the One has really let me down with Live and what they have to offer and all the bugs.  But I am faithful, most if not all my friends play on the One and Live and that is what keeps me there.  I think after this holiday season, if MS is smart and clean up Live and its issues, bring us the content we want on Live I think they can overcome the PS4.

What are some of your favorite games to play by yourself? And with your friends?
By myself, Tropico, Civ or Madden.  With my friends, anything as long as its fun.  Usually Call of Duty or Battlefield. Looking forward to Assassins Creed Unity!  But nothing compares to the old days of Socom II on our PS2’s!

Important question: Why do you Game?
Its fun, and I can get away!  I can just sit down and for an hour or two I don’t have to help someone find something or do a carry out (work).  I get to just sit down and play a game!

The year of new games is coming close to an end. In the remaining months what game are you most excited for?
Assassins Creed Unity! I’ve never played an AC game, but the 4 player co-op looks and should be amazing.  After that the only game I am really eager to play is an Indie game named Aztez by Team Colorblind.

Video Game Movies

Welcome to another movie adventure with myself and my friend Robyn! I know that it has been a while since we have posted any movie reviews but due to life getting in the way and such I haven’t posted anything but that changes today! This Month of November we picked the theme of Video Games, rather fitting since we both are avid gamers! Now there is very few good movies in this film most were made a long time ago such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and such and they usually weren’t that impressive but we have picked a couple to share with you today so let’s get into this weeks pick and then later in the month you’ll get two more! Stay tuned for the end of this post there will be an honorable mention from the year Robyn Graduated that I didn’t quite get posted on time but nonetheless its a great review!

Courtney’s Pick
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (2011)
images136A3APNI could never get enough of  the Tomb Raider franchise, and when I first found out that Angelina Jolie was going to play the iconic character Lara Croft I was a bit skeptical but she did a bang up job of playing Lara, and she rather looks like her if you think about it. I remember before the 2013 remake of Tomb Raider came out I decided that morning before going to pick up my game I would watch both Tomb Raider movies and I believe at the time that they were on Netflix *not positive but I’m pretty sure they were on there* anyways. For being a video game movie, I thought that it was a very good, it was far better than some of its predecessors that I have seen. I really enjoyed Jolie far more than I first expected and I even enjoyed the second movie as well.

Lara Croft is THE Tomb Raider, she actually makes me want to be a treasure hunter! Alas I could do without having a villain trying to beat me to the treasure ha-ha. If you have never watched this movie I suggest that you do I know I enjoyed it and would like to see if they make another film! But I don’t really see that happening!

Robyn’s Pick
Final Fantasy: Advent Children (2005)
Even though I have never finished Final Fantasy VII, I know quite a bit about Sephiroth and Cloud and all of the other characters. The CGI in this movie is absolutely amazing. Everything looks so real and beautiful. All the details, from the outfits to the fight scenes are so well done. It screams Japanese and I don’t think anyone else could have done it better. There are numerous fight scenes, my favorite being when Cloud faces off with Loz and Yazoo. It is all intense and shows how skillful the characters are. The best thing about this movie is the music done by Nobuo Uematsu. The music he created is always spectacular, fitting every scene, and I do not think there is a person who dislikes “One-Winged Angel”. I am not too pleased they changed the music a bit in certain scenes when they redid the movie. It just does not seem to fit any longer. I think this movie can be enjoyed even without having played any of the games and I think everyone who is a fan of Final Fantasy should watch it.

As promised, here is a pick from a while back when we chose the theme of Graduation year. The reason this pick never made it up was because I had decided to change the amount of movies we would watch. I believe we had 4 picks and I cut it down to 2 picks due to time restraints on my end. So without further a due.

Honorable Mention!
Robyn’s Pick: Graduation Year
Serenity (2005)
Serenity-movie-posterGiven that the TV show, Firefly, was canceled long before it should have been, this movie was our last bit of enjoyment from that world. I like that they continued River and Simon’s story, even with a bit of background. We learn how they escaped and some of what had been done to River at that “school” she attended. As usual, there is great banter between all of the characters that has me giggling every five minutes, even when the scene is not so funny. There is not a single bad actor, everyone brings something to the show that we all walk away with. The Reavers were an interesting aspect to the movie. I’ve never come across that type of people in a mostly friendly TV show. They’re a primitive, evil group of people whom seem to mostly go on instinct, yet they are smart and capable enough to fly ships and strategize. Between get flashbacks from River, her going slightly crazy, running from the Reavers, they are also running from an assassin who came for River. Of course they defeat him, but surprisingly leave him alive. More proof that they might be criminals, but they have morals. The only thing I dislike about this movie is the death of one of the greatest characters ever. That was the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced. Still, it is great to have the movie and something that cannot be skipped after watching the series.

Please leave us comments down below on your favorite video game movie honorable mentions! I would love to see what movies didn’t pop into my head when I was thinking about what video game movies are out there.