Book Corner: Four

Wow holy cow! Did I actually read more than one book this month? This rarely happens so you’ll have to excuse my shock to this! And am I about to start my third book!


The book Four takes place before the events of Divergent.  The nice thing is you get more of his character development from before to how the finally book ends. I love that Veronica Roth chose to write this book from Four’s perspective made me love the character that much more! & oh less I forget I even named my Dragon Age Inquisition character Tobias after him!

I am extremely sad that this series has come to an end and that there isn’t any more to read but all great things come to an end. It was one hell of a ride!


Out with the old in with the new Next book up is Star Wars Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber. I believe I wrote a review on his Star Wars Maul Lockdown and I absolutely loved that book so I hold this book in high regard!

Happy Reading everyone!

Book Corner: Allegiant

Finished my first book of the year yesterday afternoon! I actually read it pretty quickly considering it usually takes me about a month to read a book maybe longer depending on the subject. I set a goodreads goal of thirty books which means I have to read about 2.5 books a month!


Allegiant is the third book in the Divergent series I must say it was probably the best one in my opinion. With that being said I hated the ending it made me so angry I contemplated throwing it at a wall. Damn you Veronica Roth damn you!! It’ll make you angry but you’ll want to cry also.

Next book is Four by Roth. It’s supposed to be before the events of Tris Prior!


Happy Reading!