Reading Challenge 2016!!

IMG_1397This post was meant to be done at the beginning of the year but I have been behind on all the things I wanted to accomplish so I am playing catch up once again it seems this is my pattern I can’t break. Oh well least I am sitting down now and getting it done! Procrastination is my middle name…obviously.

This challenge was brought to my attention on Facebook and on Instagram through my old cast mates of the podcast “Chickcast.” I already do a GoodReads goal and my goal from 2016 was a total of 30 books or more if possible, since last year I had to cut back down to 25 because I was way off track. Its been helpful though because it gives me some ideas of what books to read. Plus I am a sucker for any kind of challenges, if I could find any good writing ones I would do those as well! Maybe I’ll create my own one of these days.

So far I have only knocked one-off this list: A book chosen for you by your spouse, partner, sibling, child or Bff. I read Dragon Age : The Last Flight  written by Liane Merciel and it was chosen for me by my brother. It was such a great book and I loved finding out what happened to the legends that were the Griffons and the end of the Fourth blight by Garahel and the Grey Wardens. IF you love the video games pick up all the books they are well written and amazing my favorite will always be Asunder!

IMG_1501Here are the books I have read so far for my GoodReads Goal:

  • Star Wars : Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. If you love Asajj Ventress then this books for you. The cool thing about this novel is that it was actually supposed to be an episode on Star Wars: The Clone Wars but was never made. I have always been intrigued by her character as a whole and I am glad that I read this book. Then again I haven’t read a star wars book I didn’t love. I gave this one a five star rating.
  • Then I read Hellblazer Volume #1 aka Constantine. It was really good but to be honest I actually started it last year but kept getting distracted by other things. A lot of the issues in this volume made me miss the show Constantine.  Actually they took a lot from this book to make the show and I think it’s still a travesty that the TV show was cancelled. I love you Matt Ryan!!
  • Right now I am currently knocking another book off the list: A book You have been meaning to read. I read all the other mass effect books and was blown away by them, I love getting more out of a series than just a video game, this also applies to the Dragon Age books.
    51blMUx+kAL._SX298_BO1,204,203,200_Now with that being said once I heard that Mass Effect:  Deception was written by William C Dietz and not by Drew Karpyshyn, he wrote all the previous books, I was a little worried. There was a rumor going around that Dietz totally went off base on this one that it was horrible and people should stay away until they revised it (which never happened to my knowledge.)
    Then the other week my brother and I went to the library and I decided “Hey I know this book is supposed to be flawed but hey let’s see for myself.” So far I am kind of regretting that decision but I will persevere and finish it, the biggest problem with it is the lore is not used to its fullest potential it almost feels like the guy just decided I’m not going to do research and just write a book. I also do not like the setup of this book the flow is so choppy that I feel like my brain is jumping around in my head trying to grasp at straws. I feel like the chapters could have been broken up differently and the different characters should have been broken up into their own chapters like so many other great books. We shall see what I think once I hit the end of the book but right now I’m not sold and it takes a lot for me to dislike a book and give it a negative review.

That’s where I am so far in this reading challenge. I am excited to get more knocked off the list and I’ve already been trying to think of what books to read for certain challenges. Please feel free to join me in this challenge I would love to know what books you chose. Happy Reading everyone!

Rise of The Tomb Raider

Hello faithful readers, I do have some news that may or may not surprise you but I have another Game Review to share! Shocking news!  Frankly even I myself am utterly stumped by this. Remember when I played Dragon Age Inquisition **Cough, Cough* and it took a me an entire year to play. Oops.

Rise of the Tomb Raider  was released on November 10, 2015 for Xbox One. Unfortunately I didn’t pick it up until we went down to Boise to visit a family member.  When the 12th came I was beyond excited, although doing so made me want to go back home from vacation and start playing. No offense to my husbands mom, I just had waited long enough for it to come out, it was definitely my game of the year that had me the most hooked. E3 broke the camels back and made it just that much worse. Thank the maker I am an Xbox Girl through and through, to the moon and back, otherwise I would be sitting waiting a whole other year for PlayStation to get it like so many people I know. I am deeply sorry you have to wait. Well Maybe?

I started playing as soon as I could and I put a lot of my heart and of course time into it until just right before Christmas when everything went crazy. I barely finished it two Saturdays ago. Basically what I did was what I like to call it a dry run, like in most games I play, focusing more on the story/action then the exploration. One of these days when I replay this game I’ll work on exploring and doing all of the optional Tombs and get more achievements that I missed. I am still waiting for that day when I actually complete a game one hundred percent, my closest is one of the Mass Effect games I would have to look to see which game it is.

imagesLara Croft has definitely grown into her tomb raiding skills unlike in the first rebooted game where she was in a fight or flight type of situation. I mean she really wasn’t thrown into the ringer as much, of course she has to go through hell and back to achieve what she wants to accomplish, but not like before. There is one character in all honesty from the previous game that’s not mentioned and I am beyond happy by that, I really didn’t want Sam to be Lara’s anchor again.

My only disappointment was, not sure if this would really be considered a spoiler, but Croft was unable to duel wield pistols AGAIN. One can only hope in the next installment Crystal Dynamics will rectify this issue for me, anyone with me?

As far as graphics go I believe them to be top-notch. My favorite thing to do is watch Lara’s hair move and her pulling her ponytail after getting out of deep water. I am pleased very easily as you might suspect. I am glad that they incorporated what they did in the Definitive Edition of the 2013 game. I couldn’t really think of a negative thing to say about the graphics.

To me the gameplay was pretty much the same but it made it easy to get used to considering the time difference between playing both games. Now don’t get me wrong there are some differences of abilities. Of course some of the bad guys could be a tad bit challenging but overall none were extremely hard that you couldn’t get past them like so many other games I have played in the past. My advice is make sure about halfway towards the end that your weapons and armor/clothing are upgraded because at a certain point you will face some harder foes and I shall leave it at that. I would like to add a small disclaimer I did like I usually do play on easy so I can only speak on that but if your into playing on the harder difficulty settings I sadly have no opinions. I imagine it would be tougher in may ways.

Lara Croft is still a badass and I hope everyone eventually gets to play this masterpiece at some point in time. I really hate these exclusives the gaming industry uses just let the gamer’s game, no matter what console they choose to play. Guess its time for this girl to restart and complete Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare since its been ages since I played and I cannot for the life of me remember what was going on in the campaign.


All Hail the Inquisition!!

I am proud to announce I finally have a game review to publish! I can’t remember the last one I even wrote, probably was Watch Dogs which was quite a long time ago. I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition on November 18 , 2014 (its official release date) on my Xbox 360. For those that don’t know my gaming style when it comes to Role-Playing games, just let me tell you that it takes me forever to customize my characters look, they have to be just right in-game or I wont continue. I honestly probably started over half a dozen times, once I got momentum however there was no stopping me! Well that was until we got our Xbox One with all of my vacation I had saved over seven years of being at my job. My work stopped accumulating time and now if you don’t use it by the end of the year it just disappears. Rather lame. Once we finally purchased the bundle that had the Kinect, and two Assassin’s Creeds games Black Flag and Unity, I was dead set on upgrading my copy. After convincing myself to do it I finally took the plunge and got the better version. Boy am I glad that I did trade in my copy. It was well worth it considering I heard that no downloadable content will be available to that version. I’d be beyond pissed! Plus there was so much more visually I was missing out on.

As far as gameplay is concerned for Dragon Age Inquisition I found it very easy to get things done. I played as a Rogue, Dalish Elf (In Dragon Age Origins I beat it as a Female, Rogue, City Elf) so I thought it fitting to play as an elf once more. I named my character Cressida and she romanced the sexy commander Cullen it was love at first sight. For me I loved him ever since Origins and into Dragon Age 2. I am a Cullenite and damn proud! My next go around will be my mage Tobias who will romance the lovely Josephine. I actually started him at the same time I did Cressida. Actually before moving systems I was playing as a human female Rogue originally. Once I got to about level 12 that was when things started to pick up pace, holy cow there is a lot of content in Dragon Age Inquisition. I still have the DLCs to do but my main focus for now is getting money to buy Trespasser since I hear it answers a bunch of questions. My favorite party members were of course Dorian he’s a riot, Iron Bull, Blackwall even though he makes me angry, and Cassandra!

My final thoughts I loved Inquisition, even though at times it left me feeling like there was too much to explore unlike in DA2 where areas were overused but overall I had a great gaming experience. Some of those damn dragons were tough I still had like three more to destroy.

I laughed. I cried. I killed some demons along the way and closed the breach. Thedas is saved once more thanks to the Inquisition!! Whew I made my goal to beat this game before its one year anniversary/Birthday. I completed it last night, one day before failing! I cannot wait to see what Bioware has up its sleeves for Dragon Age Four.

My next gaming adventure is Rise of the Tomb Raider!

Modding Noob.

Good afternoon everyone on this lovely Sunday. I am beyond happy that I was able to stay in my pajamas all day! I worked the last six Sundays and finally got one off! If only it was a whole weekend then I would have had a happy dance but I kind of still have a weekend off, Sunday and Monday and at least tomorrow I get to spend all day with my husband. Hope all is well with everyone. Halloween is fast approaching and I’m not quite ready for it to be here yet, but a week from today I will have been married to my husband for seven years! Holy Cow sometimes it seems like I just met him yesterday. But that’s pretty much whats happening in my neck of the woods, with that being said lets jump to what I really would love to talk about….and I have realized since I started this blog I have talked about many other things and have really slacked on the video game side of things. Which was the supposed to be my main focus. Unfortunately life gets in the way and it takes me some time to complete games. But today marks change!

When we lived with our friends last year I downloaded Dragon Age Origins for free off of Origins but I thought I had lost the game because we had changed the hard drive to a bigger one and honestly I even forgot I had downloaded the game until finally getting our PC back up and running this early summer. The problem that I am having is that I have too many damn EA/Origin accounts I cannot keep them all straight and I find myself still having trouble getting it all sorted out. My Origins game on the Xbox 360 is a different account as is my inquisition and DA2 I really need to get a hold of EA and see if there’s someway to delete all other accounts from my profile and begin anew with the one I have right now on my computer. It has just been one big mess and its been giving me a headache.

I have always wanted to play games on a pc and I never knew how exciting mods could make a game. Thankfully on Twitter I asked for help finding a starting point on modding Dragon Age Origins and now its taking over my life. Get with it Microsoft 😀

I have pretty much spent most of my time thinking of what else to mod in my first play through. So far I added more hair, eye colors, changed the undergarments *the in-game ones look dirty eww,* Also changed the look of Alistair, he is still good-looking only he has darker hair *Sorry Not sorry I prefer my men to have facial hair and darker hair.* Added a new Armor although I haven’t figured out where the stupid thing has gone. Also I found one where I could kiss and say goodbye to Ser Gilmore in Human Noble origin story, oh and I gave him a makeover, more rough around the edges! Holy cow I have gone mod crazy! I think I have an illness. If you would like to know how I got all these things just simply go to To do all these mods I just went to the website downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager and went on a mod spree! Thank the maker they are free!!!

Here is the character I have created for my first time with mods, you may have seen her on my Instagram/twitter/Tumblr already if you follow me, all links added! I also added a bit of back story to her as well, please give me your thoughts and feedback. I have had a lot of great comments over in the THE Dragon Age Universe Facebook page as well as the Gamer Goddesses page.

Meet my Warden Laykn Cousland. She was the best daughter she could be even though she wanted to know what the world outside the castle walls was like. Knowing how her parents wanted to protect her she held her own feelings hidden but at the same time she wished for a greater role in life. She is forced to be conscripted because she couldn’t imagine life without her parents in it. She is going to fall for Alistair and become his queen.

One Geekified Interview: GreenUp Ryan!

 It is almost 7 in the am and I couldn’t sleep so I thought that I would get my latest interview up with Ryan from one of my favorite podcasts Green Up Gaming!
I wanted to take a quick second and express how much I enjoy the friendships I have encountered on Twitter especially from those in the Podcasting Realm, they are really friendly and care whats going on in your life. But they really connect with listeners (not all) and seem to care about your daily life. I am truly honored to have gotten to know so many podcasters. I really hope that one day when I have time and space that I could either start a show or join in on someones idea again. In that time I plan on learning everything there is to know! Sorry I didn’t mean to ramble or take away from my interview with Ryan just wanted to say thank you to all those who have done interviews and those who talk to me on twitter daily, I am not really sociable in my everyday life but on Twitter I strongly believe that’s who I truly am damn social awkwardness.

Now lets just jump right in! I would proudly like to introduce you to Ryan from Greenup Gaming and Gotham Knights!
Tell us a little about yourself. Anything you would like to share.
Well, I am in my mid 30’s happily married for almost 14 years, my daughter just turned 5 and they are my world. I work hard to make sure they both have everything they need. Coached high school football for a decade, love to play video games and I have two podcasts: Green Up Gaming and Gotham Knights.

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Do you!  If you have something that makes you happy, and you enjoy doing it, do it (unless it involves killing or bad stuff) Us geeks and nerds finally fit in, just be true to yourself.

Who helped shape you into the geek you are today? How/Why I guess my mom.  She encouraged me to do what I wanted and have fun.  She supported video gaming starting with the NES.  She was a huge supporter of my photography, but at the same time my dad was supportive with sports; football, basketball and tae kwon do.

How has social media Impacted/improved your life?  If it has affected negatively how so?
I’ve never really been too social.  Kept to myself, when I got online with video games, it really opened me up to more people and I grew a huge group of friends from across the country and some overseas.  Social media has just been another extension of that.  I have made a few really close friends from it. It has also given me the chance to reach out to a few old friends I had lost touch with.

If you could change one thing about the geek/nerd culture what would it be and why?
Well the pretentiousness of it.  Remember the roots, all these younger geek/nerds didn’t have to go through the shit we did.  It’s more accepted now so they fit in and treat others that aren’t part of that culture as outsiders.

Do you have any secret projects you’re working on that you could share with us?
Yes, I am working on a Holiday special for Green UP and another podcast.  I’m hoping for an epic recording, some singing, tons of laughs and to make it an annual thing!

If you could give up one geeky hobby which would u drop and what would u replace it with?
The only thing that I am half-assing is comic books.  I have started reading and collecting some but its hit and miss.  I have a very strong addictive personality so I have to be careful.  I’ll read a book, not like it but can’t just have the number 1-3 I need to get them all just so I know I have them all.  I would replace the time and $ spent on it and put it towards my daughter for something.  That’s the hard thing is I started reading books to bond with my daughter (my little pony’s and tiny titans) So by giving that up would take that away, so I wouldn’t take anything away!

Where can my readers find and contact you?
Easy, and @Greenup podcast on twitter.

Tell us about your podcast Green Up Gaming? You’re also involved in a show called Gotham Knights please share about this as well.

Green Up Gaming, is a podcast that I do with a few of my video game buddies.  We talk about the games we are playing, bring some gaming news and share some wild and crazy stories.  Gotham Knights is a podcast about Gotham on Fox.  With Gotham I wanted to do a show a couple of podcasting buddies, Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks is a huge Batman fan so it just made perfect sense.  I am looking to expand both of them to widen our audiences.

What’s your favorite thing about hosting a Podcast?
Chatting with my friends and meeting new people!  Plus it really gets me out of my comfort zone. I am not a real social person in my everyday life.  I get to chat about video games, TV shows, movies and more.  Plus it lets me hang out with my friends even though they are states away.

How do you find balance between doing podcasts, family/home life and work? What’s your secret?
Add school to that! I haven’t been doing a very good job.  My issue is when I get into something I dive head first and get tunnel vision, that’s where my wife comes in and helps me get me back to reality. One thing you learn with having your own podcast is that there is a TON of work that you don’t plan on; editing, producing the episode, networking, marketing and scheduling.  Now that I have 2 podcasts, the work load doubles.  So I have moved some of the time-consuming stuff for after bedtime, I do my homework after work, that way I can still get quality time with the family too. I work an early shift, so my weekends I’m up by 5, 6 at the latest, which allows me to do homework or work on my networking/marketing without interrupting any family time..  It’s a juggling game sometimes, but family always comes first.

What advice could you give to someone looking to start a podcast, such as myself?
Subject! Talk about what you love and have interest in!  Reach out to a few people and pick their brain.  The indie podcast scene is amazing, so supportive.  I try to make myself approachable for new podcasters, I try to help someone not make the same mistakes I have.
Listen to the Libsyn the Feed podcast, I wish I would have known about their podcast before I started.  Surround yourself with fellow podcasters like yourself, and ask as many questions as you can!  No question is too dumb!

Was there anyone or any shows that inspired you and made you want to be a podcaster?
Tell em’ Steve Dave and The Tenderloins were my first podcasts.  The shows were so fun to listen to.  But as they are ‘tv stars’ they aren’t to ‘reachable’ via social media.  I bumped into Jason from 7 Days a Geek on twitter as he is a huge TESD fan as well.  In his tweeting he mentioned he had a podcast too.  I gave it a listen (about 3-4) episodes but he was very interactive on twitter, which was quite surprising to me.  But it showed me that you could have a great podcast and still interact with your audience.  It showed me how to be a great host!  Graphic Novice, History of Bad Ideas and Green Up as started within weeks of each other, we grew as friends and helped each other out.  It inspired me to keep pushing forward!
Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, if I was a new podcast their show would be my fuel to get into podcasting, Neil and Annaleis are such great hosts! And their presence on twitter is more than inspiring.  As a friend of theirs I feel very blessed and honored to have them in my corner.

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen too?
Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Graphic Novice, 7 Days a Geek, Amish Baby Machine, Tell em Steve Dave and now I have added Attention Deficit Order to my weekly mix.

If there was one thing that you could change about Greenup what would it be?
Clean up the structure, keep it a little tighter and carry more video game subjects.  Something I have a plan for in the future.  I am torn about wishing to go back in time and show myself where I needed to focus, and save myself from going through the rough patch we did.  But at the same time if I don’t go through that tough patch I don’t think I would be as humbled as I am or as grateful. I think the pain is worth where we are now.

If you could have anyone famous special guest on your show who would you look forward to the most and why?
Jeremy Clarkson from BBC’s Top Gear, I am a HUGE fan of the show.  He has the best job in the world!  The locations he has been to and the success his show has.  My number two would be Chef Gordon Ramsay, again I have watched his shows before he came across the pond!

What are your favorite Football teams? NFL? College?
I’m from Utah so I am a Ute fan through and through!  As for NFL, ever since I was young I have been a Chicago Bears fan.  But lately I have just been following Utes as they get to the next level.

You used to coach football. Why’d you stop? And if you could would you start doing it again?
Like with podcasting it’s a juggling game.  The amount of time and energy I put into podcasting is just a fraction of what went into Coaching.  It was a part of our family’s lives.  Practice, meetings, film watching and games.  My life during the season, was get home from work, change my clothes and say hi to my family then straight to the high school. I’d come home around 7 or 8, eat dinner hang out with the family then stay up till 10-11 working on practice planning, watching film and scheme changes.  My daughter just turned 5, and I don’t want to miss her growing up. Our old head coach was fired 2 years ago and the new head coach brought in a whole new staff, I was only 1 of 2 coaches to return.  I had a hard time finding my spot within the staff and I did not have much fun last year.  I didn’t feel that I was wanted or needed, so all that added up to make the decision easy for me.  I had a few offers to coach at other high schools in the area, but I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t even make it to a game this year, the wound is still raw.  I think once Jillian gets older I can always go back to coaching.  If the time is right and we can make it work, yeah I miss the sideline!

What was the best thing about coaching football?
It’s FOOTBALL!  Football has always been in my life, I played all through school.  The best thing about coaching is the kids and the bond you form with them and your fellow coaches. I’ve had undefeated seasons, I have had 1 win seasons and everything in between.  The wins and losses aren’t important, it’s the young men!  The relationships you build are for life!  I have a few of my boys playing college ball.  Going to their games, seeing them play at the next level, then after the game you go down to the field and the hug and handshake is something only a player and coach can describe.
The strategy of coaching is also gives a lot personal satisfaction. Planning and preparing the week before, when you work hard to get your kids ready and on game day you call and coach a great game, and you put the kids in a the position for them to succeed, and when the time comes and you call the right play and your boys come off the field successful and you look across the field and see the other staff with their heads in their hands, yeah I won that one!

If you could coach any team in the world who would you pick and why?
Utah Utes! To be on the sideline at Rice Eccles and hear the MUSS do the jump on 3rd down, have them rush the field after beating a top 10 team!  I would love to be on the sideline and work with Coach Urban Myers (now at the Ohio State).  Also I would love to be at Soldier Stadium with Coach Ditka during the 85 season!  I got to meet Coach Jon Grudden and the time I spent with him was so much fun!  I’d love to work alongside him!

Tell us a little bit about your charity/Toy Drive Jilly-Bugs Toys for Hugs!
10644149_752869874771532_2791595862095461558_oMy family holds an annual toy drive to provide new toys to the children (patients) and the families that are at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland OR.  My daughter’s life was saved there, she suffers from a rare liver disease and we have spent many nights there.  On our last long visit there, we didn’t know why Jillian was so sick.  I was at my breaking point and a volunteer brought in a coloring book and some crayons, for 30 mins my daughter was herself and it gave me the strength to push through what we needed to.  We want to do everything we can to help bring some joy to some strong and special kids.  We are going to be delivering our 4th donation right before Thanksgiving. In our 4 years we have donated almost 3500 toys!  It has also been amazing to see my daughter take such pride in our toy drive.  To see her, see the importance of giving back is very special.

How long have you been playing video games? What’s your favorite memory?
I’ve been playing since the NES.  For me it’s silly but sitting in front of the TV that Christmas while my mom played Mario and duck hunt with us.  This year Jillian will be getting an old NES for Christmas and I am looking forward to her getting to play and grow with the games that I did.

What is your choice in console? And how did you feel about the Console wars when next-gen was coming out?
Xbox, I was a Sony guy up to PS2,but  the 360 was great.  But here’s the thing with me Live is what sells me on Xbox, the PSN wasn’t as good.  Now with the next-gen, the PS4 has come out swinging and has out done the One.  But as I look back to the 360, and all the headaches we had with Live then.  They were able to build a great service.  Unfortunately the One has really let me down with Live and what they have to offer and all the bugs.  But I am faithful, most if not all my friends play on the One and Live and that is what keeps me there.  I think after this holiday season, if MS is smart and clean up Live and its issues, bring us the content we want on Live I think they can overcome the PS4.

What are some of your favorite games to play by yourself? And with your friends?
By myself, Tropico, Civ or Madden.  With my friends, anything as long as its fun.  Usually Call of Duty or Battlefield. Looking forward to Assassins Creed Unity!  But nothing compares to the old days of Socom II on our PS2’s!

Important question: Why do you Game?
Its fun, and I can get away!  I can just sit down and for an hour or two I don’t have to help someone find something or do a carry out (work).  I get to just sit down and play a game!

The year of new games is coming close to an end. In the remaining months what game are you most excited for?
Assassins Creed Unity! I’ve never played an AC game, but the 4 player co-op looks and should be amazing.  After that the only game I am really eager to play is an Indie game named Aztez by Team Colorblind.

VGC: 2 for 1 deal

 Hello Everybody! I was unable to make it to the computer yesterday, did anyone even notice? The reason I missed a day was because I had a family member end up in the hospital due to medical reasons so we spent about two and a half hours at the hospital with her, then I came home and had to go watch my nephew play for their playoff spot He won just to let you know! Way to go Sandcreek Junior High!

Now remember a few blogs back I mentioned that I was on a guest spot on a podcast called ZeroFortitude (you might remember Mike from an interview I did a while back!) Well anyways the show hit the internet here. (Episode 144) Enjoy. However I did get kicked off due to Skype hating me WAHH!! Like usual. **grumble grumble**
Now to your regular scheduled blog post. Are you ready for your 2 for 1 deal?!?!

Day 24
Classic Mode
Mario Brothers
“It’s a me Mario!”
There’s something you don’t see very often, if you never had to blow into one of those to play your childhood was an epic fail, sorry younglings!! How could you not consider Mario Brothers a classic game? I often find myself asking how come Princess Peach always has to be kidnapped and Mario has to come to her rescue, stupid girl just kidding. Mario’s a hero its his duty to protect his woman! Hey I know what me and my husband should do for Halloween one year Mario and Peach 😀 Think he’d go for it? Thank you Mario for your hard work and dedication if it wasn’t for you Bowser would get away with Peach! If you asked me too play any Mario game on the Wii, I would probably died as much as I did when playing the original NES version!

Day 25
Game I plan on playing.
Dragon Age Inquisition
10296665_10152337819874367_2438474207917414230_nYou probably have heard me piss and moan about the game I’ve been waiting for a long time was pushed back until November. I am counting down the days until Dragon Age Inquisition comes out, bet your arse I am! I fell in love with the customization it has far better than previous games or at least for now seems to be. Game of the Year! Game of the Year! There I said it! Bioware Don’t disappoint me!! I may have my hopes set high above any expectations I have ever had for a video game. RPG’s are so fun!!

This is the Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will always be on the hunt!

Until Tomorrow,
Getcha Game on.

Think I found a hobby making bookmarks! They may look like a 2-year-old made them but hey I’m not artistic, and never claimed to be one, hey maybe I’ll make one for all the podcasts I love! How about them apples! You can see one of my creations I made for my own blog on the left hand side of your screen or on Instagram.

VGC: Storyline! Storyline! Storyline!

Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Day 21 of Video Game Challenge
Best storyline.

So this one isn’t going to get quite a straight answer because well how am I yet AGAIN supposed to pick just one? Seriously whoever put this list together, must really like to make people angry and well by people I really mean me!

What constitutes as a good storyline you say? Well in this gamers eyes a good storyline has to keep me emotionally involved. I am a big cry baby so if you can make your game hit me on that level then I will love it. I attach myself to certain characters as well.
Storylines must be well written. Nothing can kill a game more than a dreary story or characters that feels like they are dead in the water.
Now I have an example of a storyline where I didn’t quite care for the characters. FarCry 3 is a fun game however I didn’t really feel connected to your character Brody. He seems to go from one extreme to another fairly quickly. one moment he’s afraid for his life wondering what’s going to happen to him then BAM he is a lean mean killing machine. To be truthful, I didn’t give a rats behind what happened to him I even went out of my way to have him be attacked by sharks! Muaha I am mean! I hope the story for FarCry4 is more compelling and I hope I feel what the main character feels! Now with that being said I still enjoyed the game even though it did test me a few times.
A example of a great game with a great storyline is the new Rebooted Tomb Raider game that came out in the year 2013! I felt Lara’s struggles, if she was sad I was sad, if she was afraid I was afraid. I wanted to see her succeed the island and wanted to see her character develop into the Tomb Raider we all know and love.

There are so many different tales to play and enjoy when it comes to Video Games. Its all about your preference. Some play for online entertainment while some like me play for the story, no matter how you play games are fun. Lets hope these creators can keep the great stories coming! I have faith in them.

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VGC: Look Ma I’m a Role-player

 Hello everybody! We are almost half way through this 30 day video game challenge. I sort of hope it would end soon but then again I don’t want it to because its been a lot of fun, suppose I can find another challenge to complete, if you know of any I could do please send them my way! I kind of want to do that November writing challenge but there’s no way I could write a book!

What’s your favorite type of game to play? Well if I can customize my character then slap me and call me Susie. Hand over that RPG at once! When I first started gaming for a while there I loved FPS’s but that love has slowly been replaced. I enjoy being able to make my character look how I want to like in Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect (even though in ME I usually use the default male Shepard but I will customize fem sheps appearance).

I think my love for RPGs is due to Knights of the Old republic, now Role playing games have came along long way since then but the idea is the same. I will play the crap out of RPGs I think they are the best and I love the stories that come with it!

I sure wish Dragon Age Inquisition was out right now, have you seen the awesome stuff Bioware has done with the customization? OH EM Gee! Squeak! Enjoy this video!

This is The Game Huntress signing off, remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will be on the hunt.

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VGC: Worst Boss Encounter

HI. Hello?.Anyone there? Oh there you are! What a day! Glad my annoying headache has finally dissipated it was really starting to annoy me. I got my eyebrows done and my husband went off to work Boo so now I can sit down and write the worst boss. Decided I want to do a little recap of the past several days of my answers, Never fear I won’t go from the very beginning just the last 5 days incase you missed anything! Here goes nothing!

Day 13> A Game that you have played more than five times
Mass Effect.
Day 14> Current or Most recent Gaming Wallpaper
Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2013
Day 15> Screenshot from a game you are currently playing
Dragon Age Awakening and Halo Reach
Day 16> Game with the best Cut Scenes
Couldn’t narrow it down to just one
Day 17> Best Boss Fight.
Diablo (Diablo 3)

Now day 18>Worst Boss Fight.
Now at first I was going to pick Deus Ex Human Revelations however it wasn’t necessarily the worst boss fights I have ever had to play but there seemed to be a lot of big bosses in that game. They certainly had their disadvantages however they did seem to be worse if you played the sneaking route. So nope not Deus Ex: Human Revelations. Once I ruled that game out which also reminds me I need to play it on the 360 I had it for free when I owned a junky piece of oh wait PlayStation 3 sorry I almost let that slip, anyways once I ruled it out I came up with a good answer.
imagesI835OUZ2That answer is Fable 2! I mean it wasn’t terrible because it was so super hard In fact it was quite the opposite. It was the worst one because you hit one button and he’s SPOILER sucked into the music box! Really? The whole game was fun up until that fateful scene, wish they had gone a different route but I digress! Here is a video! Enjoy! Thanks so much for continuing to read and like my page. I will bow out gracefully for today.

So this is The Game Huntress Signing off, and Remember wherever there is XP or Achievements I will Always be on the Hunt!

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VGC: Lets take a screen shot!

This answer is going to be simple one, might not even be very long. I am tired from a long day of work and I don’t really know how much my brain can process at the moment but I can’t miss a day! I am still on a roll! Take that Haters just kidding I don’t have any haters, that I know of at least.

Day 14: Current Gaming wallpaper
I do not have one on my computer however I do have a gaming one on my phone. I got it off an app called Zedge in the Android Market. I had to take this image from Google because the screenshot I took on my phone won’t download on this here page for some dumb reason.
images3FTRCYRPHello Lara Croft from the Reboot 2013 Game Tomb Raider.

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This is the game huntress signing off and remember wherever there is XP or achievements I will be on the hunt!