Anticipation Overload!!!

Well I am sure with E3 behind us you would like to hear from me, gamewise that is! I totally missed the coverage but I know what games were talked about and well here arw the games I am dying to play and it feels like I’m being punched in the face with anticipation for!


Dragon Age Inquisition you are really starting to torture me. I just want to play damn it!! Probably my most anticipated game since it was shown at E3 last year! The more i see the harder it becomes. I am so playing as a qunari my first playthrough!


I have exceptionally high hopes for this game. Unfortunately with getting the game mentioned above I won’t be able to pock thks game up on release but I will have it mark my words! I didn’t care too much for the characters in 3 so hope to be blown away this go around! I must get Farcry 1&2!!


Oh Bioware are you trying to kill me? Seriously Mass Effect 4? Shut your mouth & take my money!!!! Omg!! omg!! omg!! Please ignore my major fan girling moment! Gimme!! gimme!! gimme!!! That is all. Ps my favorite series of all time! Please knock my socks off I believe in you wholeheartedly♡♥♡♥♡


Another Lara Croft game you bet your bottom I will preorder this baby just like I did when they rebooted this game. Rise of the Tomb Raider is gonna be just as epic as the first game. I better catch up on that Gail Simone Tomb Raider comic book!


How does one not be excited to play as Master Chief? That’s just crazy talk and I Dont know you!!! Jk (or am I?) DUN DUN DUN! Must go back and play 4. You rock Master Chief!!


Now I don’t have a PS4 & probably won’t have one by the time this game hits the shelf however I will find SOMEONE who does that will let me play. Nathan Drake is a stud muffin!!

I would love to hear from you guys, what games are punching you in your face as hard as possible that your dying to play? Ready?Set? GO!!!

This is the Game Huntress signing off, whenever there is XP or achievements I will always be on the Hunt!

Whose that girl?


       Goofing on Snapchat



              Before photo


12 and a Half inches donated to Locks of Love!! Holy cow batman thats a lot of hair!


                The back


                After photo


And most of all the inspiration! 

Amazing Spider-Man 2


Happy New comic book day! What better day to share a superhero/comic book movie review!! There will be a spoiler mentioned in this post but I’m pretty sure most people have probably already seen this film.  If not you might want to wait unless you don’t mind spoilers. My husband and I were asking ourselves why we haven’t seen this movie yet but glad we finally did!

Well where to start….Wish we could’ve seen it in 2D instead of 3D just because those glasses on top of my other glasses strain my eyes but I must say it looked pretty awesome flying through the air with Peter and dodging punches and what not from villians! Plus I enjoyed 3D more since I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to see it, thank the maker for cheap theaters!

I must admit that I really thought, pardon my french, with as many villains they tried to put into this movie that it was going to be one giant cluster fuck but it was done really well. I did however find myself at some points wondering when the action was going to happen and it felt like it wasn’t going to end and I hate that feeling when watching a movie. 

I would say that I thought the rhino looked ridiculous call me crazy but I like the 90s cartoon verison better but luckily he wasn’t in the movie that much.  To be perfectly honest I was really worried about Jaime Foxx playing electro but he did a sensational job and changed my mind. Kudos. What to say about Harry Osborne? Some parts I didn’t feel like Dane DeHaan was very convincing but in other parts I really believed him. Ten times better than James Franco! Haha Will be interesting to see where they take his character in the next movie.

Spider-Man Spider-Man. What to say about Spider-Man!! He wasn’t as comical as I thought he would be seeing how he’s always cracking jokes at the villains expense, however with that being said he still had that glib attitude we have come to know and love. Andrew Garfield did a fantastic job yet again! Bravo!

I just love Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey. I tend to like females that don’t have very feminine voices, not saying she doesn’t sound like a girl but she doesnt have that sqeaky voice as some females have. Sorry for my ramblings anyways.  Another phenomenal character under her belt!

Now remember that spoiler I mentioned in my opening paragraph well here it comes. Brace yourselves. I figured that they would kill off Gwen but I just wasn’t sure how they would and by whose hands it would be by. As talking with people who know more about the comic aspect  of how she is killed, this movie is the closest thing we have really had to source material. With that being said, I am glad that they made Harry (Green Goblin) drop Gwen and have Spider-Man try and fail at saving her life. I would have reallt hated this movie if they had Electro do it.  

I really do recommend fans to go see this movie. I’m not really sure why I have heard so much negativity about it guess that’s people’s prerogative, but it was truly a good movie.  Dont forget to play a game I like to call Spot Stan Lee!! (Wished he had a funnier part like the first movie)

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Watch Dogs: Act 2


Hello friends! I literally just completed act 2 moments ago! Yay! I am still loving this game!

Story has really picked up since the start of the story! Things are starting to make more and more sense as I play!

Played the Madness digital trip which was okay you basically control a vehicle and run down demons and it gives you challenges but it still doesn’t compare to spider tank!!

I have heard complaints about how repetitive the missions feel but I thought people already understood the  concept of how these types of games worked, especially if u have ever played GTA before missions in that game are the same majority of the game its just how they make them. I don’t know maybe they had too high of expectations and keep comparing it to other games in its genre. I however take it for how it is and I LOVE it. Each their own. (Sorry for the rant)

Looking forward to act 3, Aiden Pearce is awesome!! Woot woot! Thanks for tuning in.  Until next time ciao! 

I love Toothless: H2TYD2


Toothless and hiccup are back at it again!  Ask yourself what could come between a man and his dragon?

My love for dragons knows no bounds! How to Train your Dragon 2 was a pretty great movie some laughs, and some tears were shed!  I think both movies are tied because both have their good qualities to them that make great kids movies! 

My favorite parts are when Toothless licks Hiccup and he gives a great little chuckle! I loved it!

Go see it even if you don’t have any kids its worth the money!!

One Geekified Interview: A’n’SR -Entertainments

Hi everyone, Here to share another interview! Would like to thank Jeff King from All Us Geeks for retweeting a tweet I posted about looking for interviews because I got few great responses ( MIchael from Zero Fortitude and the interview your about to read)
I would also like to thank everyone who has participated thus far, Clancy, Stephanie, John, Jeff, Michael and Aaron your all awesome and it was great getting to know you a bit more!!
Please Enjoy!
Tell us a little about yourself. Anything You’d like to share!

Well, for starters, my name is Aaron, and I am one of the primary creators of games and stuff at A’n’SR -entertainments. My wife, Stephanie is the other primary creator, and from time to time, we loop in various family and friends to help out.

Tell us a little about Angels-Michaels war. How did the idea come about?

Angels – Michael’s War is a light, casual game for 2 to 4 players where Angels beat up on Demons. It really started with me asking Steph to come play In Nomine with the gaming group I had back in the day. Honestly, I was using is as an excuse to show off and catch her attention. She said “yes”, we played it, enjoyed it, started dating, and well… kept playing it. Over the years, we both saw some things we wanted to change about the world, made tweaks to it, made our own roleplaying game system around it, and finally realized we had something different. After releasing a version of the RPG and playing more and more, I finally had an itch to make non-RPGs about this cool world we had built. Angels – Michael’s War was the first real tonally-rich game we had, so we polished it up, had her cousin do 99% of the art for it, and Kickstarted it..

Congratulations on your Kickstarter being funded. What made you want to create your own games?

Well, thank you, Courtney. We are really happy that we get to get the game out into the wild. As far as what made us want to create a game… well, we create games that we want to play that don’t exist. It started with us tweaking Steve Jackson’s game In Nomine. We wanted a world that was Angelic that more our own. Once we had something like that, we ended up with a different system of play and finally in 2009, we decided to take what we had and release it as a game or two. It is fun to share the things you create with others, and that kind of drives what we do.

What makes a great game in your opinion?

A great game is one that is fun to play with the folks you are playing with. Sometimes you can get multiple plays out of the game, sometimes not. But as long as it is an enjoyable way to spend your time, it is a winner.

What are some of your favorite games to play?

I am totally going to steal this answer from a famous game designer: “The one I am working on now”. Outside of that, we like to play our own games (obviously), and the lighter, more casual games. Roll For It (Calliope games), Quest (indie game by Chris Leder), Dino Hunt Dice (Steve Jackson Games), and Batman Uno (Mattel) are family favorites. Steph loves Ascension (Stone Blade Games), and we both like DC Deckbuilder (Cryptozoic) and very casual, non-competitive Magic the Gathering Commander-style play (Wizards of the Coast). Right now, I downloaded Summoner Wars (Plaid Hat Games / Playdek) for my Android tablet, and think I want the actual game in my collection… but I gotta get Steph hooked first.

How has social media improved/impacted your life?

Honestly, it has done little outside of what we already did. See, I was a BBSer from back in the days where modems made noises and tied up phone lines (I am old, I know.) We used that connection then to meet some like-minded folks and keep in touch. We use Facebook and Twitter to do the same. Though nothing beats a good old-fashioned game convention or get-together at the house. Of course… that is coming from a guy that likes to make card and board games not electronic ones, so take it for what it is worth

If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?

Enjoy what we have. This is a neo-golden age of geekdom. Marvel and DC are forces in Hollywood and entertainment. LEGO is cool. There are more great games with high production in both art and execution than ever before. Because the world works in cycles and pendulums, this will not always be the case. So, enjoy it, embrace it, and share it. And when the world changes, don’t become ashamed of it.

Who inspired you to be the person you are today

Wow… that’s a good one. Steph and I both had some influential teachers in High School and college, but honestly, I don’t think either of us could name just one person who inspired us. We kind of believe that family is who you make is, your destiny is your own choices, and that God has a plan that you should follow. Every influence usually fits in there somewhere.

What advice would you give someone whose thinking about starting their own Kickstarter project?

Do your math, do your homework, have fun. we had a few price changes happen to us during our campaign. If we had not had spreadsheets worth of data to crunch every time a change happened, we would have lost money on this deal. So, planning and forethought is really worth the time invested.

How do you balance home life and everything else that you do?

This is Steph and I’s hobby, so, it isn’t that tough. Like any hobby, it has its place in the spaces between our responsibilities and duties. We are very blessed, however. Steph’s parents watch our son after church each Sunday, so she and I get a nice lunch and some quality time each week. We usually spend some of it working on A’n’SR stuff.

Do you have any other secret projects in the works you would like to share?

Yes… though I am terrible at being secretive about them. We are working on some more games in this world of Angels that we have created. One is a micro war game about the War in Heaven. No solid title yet, but I like Angels – Lucifer’s War. There’s some really cool innovations in that game, that I am personally proud of. We are also working on 2 dice games in the Angels world, and a 2nd edition (with a complete rules rewrite) of our RPG. Other than that, I want to do some Print and Play games for 2015. So, we have this game based on the Suicide Squad comic book we are working on called ConEx: Controlled Experiments, and some crazy games that you print off of your PC and color in with crayons. Overall, we’re making fun stuff that we want to play that does not exist, yet.

If you had to give up one geeky hobby which would you drop and what would you replace it with?

Ugh… um… <stalling>… er… maybe reading comic books? That might be it. And I would only do that if I could read novels and see movies and read the Previews/solicitations about them. Yeah… that’s it.

Being a married couple does it make it harder or easier to work on these games?

It makes it infinitely easier. When we got married, I married my best friend and the partner I wanted in everything in life. Time (and some stumbles) has shown that the things we do together we succeed at far better than the things we do separately. That goes for raising our son, to doing the day-to-day life in our house, to making games. I cannot really think of doing something without her involved, and it has become seamless over the years. It is like playing in a band where you know what each other can do, is willing to do, and enjoys. As long as you can play to those strengths, you will make beautiful music.

What are some basic steps to take when starting to make your own game?

First, have something you know and love as a topic. That whole “Write what you know” really comes into play for a game. If you know it, have studied it, or created it from your own imagination, it seems into your game and makes it that much richer. It will even help you solve problems in the design and provide a thematic road map for your work. After that, make a game and play test it until you are sick of it. Play it by yourself, then with folks that love you, then with folks that don’t know you, then with those you love again. And when you are all done with that, then take the lessons learned and finish the game. You’d be surprised how many games sit in “I’m trying to get it just right” stage of development and never get to be unleashed from their creator’s brain.

Where can my readers find you

The best place is or e-mail us at I personally frequent the chat room of the Game Crafter these days, and Steph like to do the Facebook thing a bit, but all of the “business” stuff through the website or e-mail.

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Edge of Tomorrow


GoodReads goal complete.  6 out of 6 books read. Yay go me.

Previously published as All you need is kill. Written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

After reading this book I am looking forward to seeing the movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

One of my favorite things about this book is how its told through Keiji Kiriya’s experience and one chapters through Rita Vrataski aka The Full Metal Bitch.

Could you imagine having to relive the same day over and over again, being on a constant loop. To me that just  sounds exhausting and painful!

I definitely suggest reading this book its super face paced and a great read! You’ll love it especially if your a science fiction lover! 

Next book: Insurgent book 2 of the Divergent series.