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Before we get this blog rolling I would first like to thank the guys over at SodaPopTalk for the inspiration. Look for the link at the end of this blog if you are interested in checking out their website and listen to their podcast! The inspiration came from their latest episode, where they were talking about their favorite television characters who they would put into a Hall of Fame. Since most know I am a huge Video Game freak I thought why should I not write about which character’s I would put into my hall of fame!


Here is a my top 12 video game character hall of famers listed in no particular order, some may not be the main character or a playable character in a game:

Hall of Famers

  • Mario
  • Commander Shepard from The Mass Effect Series
  • The Hero of Ferelden from Dragon Age Origins
  • Hawk from Dragon Age 2
  • Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series
  • Master Chief from Halo
  • John Marston from Red Dead Redemption
  • Alex Mason from Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect
  • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
  • Carth Onasis from Knights of the Old Republic
  • Bastila Shan from Knights of the Old Republic

You might be asking yourself “Why did I pick the characters that I did” well here is a little insight behind a few of my choices.



You cannot beat a badass iconic Figure such as Mario. He has stood strong since the beginning of time and will always be a memorable character!

Commander Shepard


From the Blitz to the War with the Reapers, he has proven that he is a true hero not merely just a Alliance solider.

Garrus Vakarian


Best friend and comrade to Commander Shepard! He is overall just one badass Turian, Can’t beat that! Who could take a rocket to the face and keep on kicking!

Lara Croft


She is one badass tomb raiding chick with guns and other weapons at her disposal! 11 more days until I have the new Tomb Raider game in my hands! Love her revamped look to an iconic figure, also great to know how she got to be the great iconic figure that she is from the beginning! Girl Power!

Carth Onasis


My first ever crush on a video game character (: No Shame! Whenever I have played the Mass Effect series and I hear Kaidan Alenko’s voice I instantaneously think about Carth. Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first games that I ever beat by myself!

Bastila Shan


First character that I learned was voiced by the lovely Jennifer Hale. She is one of my all time favorites voice actors! You can hear her voice in games like Halo 4 & Mass Effect series as the Female Shepard.

I would love to hear feedback from my readers to see who some of you would pick to put into your Hall of Fame. You can leave it here or you can tweet me on Twitter. Username GeekyGamerChick.

This is The Game Huntress signing off and remember wherever there is experience points/achievements around I will be on the hunt!.

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He has only done one podcast so far but I was really blown away by the overall content of the show and look forward to hearing more from him.

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Childhood Televison Memories

90s-cartoons-the-90s-5905465-331-251What shows did you grow up watching?

I feel as though television shows have gone to crap! I cannot stand some of the stuff that’s out there for children nowadays, if I was a child in this century I wouldn’t want to watch what is out there! Nothing beats those old shows of the 90’s!


One of my favorite shows that I recently found on Netflix was the Marvel X-Men Cartoon from the 90’s! My older brother and I would wake up early on the weekends to catch the cartoons that would come on in the morning.  Watching this has brought back so memories from the past! You can definitely tell that time has not held up for this show but what do you expect from a show that’s that old! Not only are the graphics dated, but even the voice acting is spotty at best but doesn’t take away from the story or make it unbearable to watch, I find myself laughing all the time at this show!

Other shows I Grew up watching;

  • Spider-Man
  • Gargoyles
  • Doug
  • Kennan & Kel
  • All That
  • Transformers
  • Thundercats
  • Rugrats (I used to watch this show religiously)
  • Wild Thornberries
  • Space Ghost
  • Rocko’s Modern life
  • Hey Arnold
  • He-man & the Masters of the Universe
  • Tale Spin
  • Goof Troop
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Wish I could find all the episodes of this cartoon! C’mon Netflix get with the Program!)
  • Animaniacs
  • Sailor Moon (Have heard they are remaking this show which I think is freaking awesome, not really a show from my younger days more so my preteen years)
  • Captain Planet
  • Wild Cats

These were all great shows that I enjoyed throughout my lifetime, I wish children nowadays could watch these shows and appreciate them for what they were, not how they match up to those shows on television nowadays, that are so annoying and shouldn’t be on at all in my honest opinion.

If you care to share what some of your favorite childhood television just leave a comment below, I would love to hear what other shows you could add that maybe I didn’t think of!

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Cynical Holiday

ImageIts a day full of couples, flowers, hearts, boxes of chocolates, and a day dedicated to love. Seems as though people have a very cynical view towards the holiday that comes on the 14th of February. Its hard to understand people’s views at times but everyone is entitled to their opinion and in no way am I going to try and change those peoples feelings.

I have noticed that a lot of people say that Love is Unconditional and it shouldn’t only share that love on one day of the year. My answer to that is why make such a big deal about it its just another day to show appreciation for the ones you love, its a holiday to celebrate with the people you care most about not what that person gives you or what you get them !! I would then ask you this why does one celebrate St. Patrick’s day if your not Irish??

To me Valentines Day is a day to go out to a fancy restaurant (Don’t even have to go to a fancy place, just have an intimate date with food from home) and just enjoy the company you keep! I love my husband everyday of the year but I still like to celebrate the holiday of Love!!

I personally feel that people put way too much emphasis on what the day is supposed to mean, instead of just focusing on the one you love! It might be just another day on the calendar to some but to others maybe it has a special meaning to others.

I believe that people have just been dogging on holidays saying that they have become too commercialized which that might be true but what holiday isn’t that way! Honestly does it really matter if the Card companies make money off the people who celebrate Valentines Day, so does that mean that Christmas has become the same way along with, Father’s Day, Mothers Day and every other holiday that makes a damn card??

Another thing I think people do when it comes to this holiday is thinking that they have to do something more serious with the person that they are with that they normally aren’t ready for, especially teenagers. Not going to say much more than that hahaha Use your imagination and I am sure you will get my meaning.

What are your reasons for not liking this certain holiday?? There really isn’t a holiday that I don’t like!

Just remember to appreciate the time that you are given with your loved ones and try not to be so dang negative about everything.

Remember to say I Love you each and everyday while holding your loved ones close! And I hope that everyone has an enjoyable Valentines Day!



As of late I have really been getting into listening to podcasts, and the most recent one that i have listened to that really got me thinking about what game i am the most excited about,especially the last episode was on , as well as reading a post from about their most anticipated games of the year, I have decided that i wanted to share my love for Tomb Raider and why I am so stoked about getting this game March 5,2013!!

First off, I would like to start out by saying that usually I am not one for buying $60.00 new games, I like to wait until they become a little cheaper since I live on a married budget! But I had to make  an exception to the Re-vamped Lara Croft! (Pr-ordered it last year at Play N Trade) I love that Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix decided to tell a back story to such an amazing character! I won’t lie at first I was a little skeptical about the new look when I first read about it in my Gameinformer Magazine, but the more that I read about/watched Youtube videos I have to say that this game is going to be an amazing remake on an already awesome character! Just the overall story of her struggle to survive on an island after a catastrophic ship wreck is just amazing. Not to mention that the graphics look beyond amazing!! But, you really get to see why Lara Croft becomes a Tomb Raider and lives the way that she does. As the years have gone by I have always been curious when a back story would be told and now my wishes have came true! Now the wait has become unbearable I am officially on the countdown until this game comes out: 23 more days.

Be warned that I may not stop talking about it on twitter once I have my hands on it,  most likely I will take a picture of it with a huge dorky grin on my face!

Trip down memory lane

I remember playing Tomb Raider on the computer when i was younger, I would just run around the Croft mansion staying away from the creepy butler who followed you everywhere, man did he creep me out! Not gonna lie i would make Lara shoot at him, hear him wince and dive right back into the pool!

I will admit that i have seen the Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie at least 3 or four times! (Wasn’t a big fan of the second movie that came out) I may just have to see if i can find them so i can watch them before i play the new Tomb Raider game!!!

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Thanks for the inspiration on this blog, Well Watchers Crew, they do a hilarious podcast that I rather enjoy,  along with the Team at Gamerfrolic, an awesome gaming website!  If you haven’t heard much about them be sure to check them out by just clicking  on the links above in my opening paragraph.

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Calling all Video Games!!!

This Friday I am able to pick up a XBOX 360 Chatpad and any game that I want, Hooray to that!! Which in thinking about what game I want to get has been narrowed down to 3 games which include the following: Far Cry 3, Uncharted, or Call of Duty Black OPS 2! So while I was thinking about what game I might possibly get a thought popped into my head and I came up with the following lists of games that I have played and wish to play! I hope you enjoy them & give me your feedback on such games. Enjoy!

Favorite Video Games that have been played.

(which are in no specific order)

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Mario Karting
  • Mass Effect Trilogy (1,2,&3)
  • Dragon Age (Origins, Awakening & Dragon Age 2)
  • Call of Duty Black OPS
  • Fable which was on the original XBOX
  • Star Wars KOTR (Knights of the Old Republic)
  • Skyrim (Have yet to complete but it is saved on my Hard-Drive)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Currently playing & its so much fun)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2!
  • Halo 4 (have yet to complete the campaign, yes its sad I know!)
  • Halo for the Original XBOX

There is a few of my favorite games that I could come up with tonight, trust me there is always more where that comes from!

Games to Play Soon

(Listed in no particular Order)

  • Tomb Raider (Will be mine soon, My most anticipated game of 2013)
  • The Uncharted Series
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Crysis 3
  • Infamous (1&2)
  • Last of Us
  • Far Cry 3
  • Assassin’s Creed series
  • Prince of Persia series
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
  • The Devil May Cry series including the newly released DMC game!
  • Gears of War Series
  • Borderlands (1&2) (I have played the first one a couple times but never got really far but hope to change that one day!)
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Killzone

Well there you have it folks my favorite games & games that I hope to beat/play someday soon!

This is TheGameHuntress signing off & remember where there is Experience Points/Achievements I will always be on the Hunt!


Super Bowl 2013 Festivities!

ImageRavens vs 49ers

At first I wasn’t really rooting for anyone decided that since I like both teams I would just root for both each time they had the ball. Then the game started to get rather boring because Ravens were just wiping the floor with the Niners. But halfway through the game, in the second half they started to get their momentum going and it turned into a great game even though the NIners defeated themselves especially the last play of the game when they needed a touchdown to take the lead and win.  I was rooting for the Niners to make a comeback and it looked like it was just about to kick it into overdrive and kick some butt. Either way I was just happy whoever won as long as the Patriots weren’t in the Super Bowl!! The one team that I cannot stand in the whole NFL!! At least the game was entertaining and overall just a great game to watch, nothings worse than watching a blowout game.

Ate and ate until I couldn’t eat anymore!! Pizza, Honey BBQ chicken, chips and dip!! MMM so good. Even broke my rule of drinking no soda, I ended up having half of a two liter of Pepsi!! Oh well the Super Bowl is a special occasion! Had fun going to my husbands family house to watch the game, even watched 4 dogs play with each other which was highly entertaining!

Onto the Half time show, oh my goodness Beyoncé, not a fan of her or her music and don’t think that I ever will be. To me personally it looked like she was saying “Look at me, I just had a baby so I am going to dance on this stage and show off my body” Skanky is the only word that comes into my mind. It was mostly dancing like a slut with a little bit of singing. I just want to forget the images that are burnt into my eyes and brain!

Overall, yesterday was just a great day! Spent with family and friends!! Sad that football has came to an end what to look forward to on Sunday’s now?

Just a little about me…

       Hello My name is Courtney!



  • Born and raised in Idaho!
  • Happily Married
  • 23 year old female
  • I am a gamer through and through
  • My favorite colors are Red, Black, Purple, and Blue.
  • I am addicted to video games,twitter, facebook, and of course Instagram!
  • Socially Awkward
  • I am a Geek, and that’s okay with me! That name is no longer an insult!!
  • Own a XBOX 36o & a Playstation 3!
  • Dog Lover.
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