VGC: Pretty Cutscenes

Having an extremely bad day so here’s a short blog post for todays challenge! You don’t even want to know! Trust me.

Game with the best cutscenes! There’s a tough question if I ever heard one. How does one choose? Hm. I find all cutscenes to be beautiful!  It feels so wrong to pick just one. So I’m not even going too so take that 😛

Several I love include
-Mass Effect
-Dragon Age
-sleeping dog
-watch dogs
-Call of Duty

Holy smokes I could ramble on forever.

Until tomorrow
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TGA Podcast Episode 0019 – Find Us On Tinder

The Gravy Age

Welcome to episode number eighth smallest prime number! That’s episode 19 for the non-mathletes. This week we talk Gotham, upcoming TV premiers of comic properties, Milo Manara’s scheduling conflicts (air-quotes around the words scheduling and conflicts), our favorite pods, the animated crossover that maybe should not have happened,  Marvel settling with the Kirby estate, killer cosplay, and Ash in space!.

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VGC: Currently Playing

Do you know what day it is? Monday you say? Incorrect well kind of! I’ll give you half credit 😀 See I can be nice! Its Video Game Challenge Day 14! Just finished watching Jack Ryan and Ender’s Game a few moments ago both movies I started at night and fell asleep so I had to go back and finish them. Both ended up being great films but I digress!

Games I am currently playing
(supposed to be screen shots but they don’t transfer from my phone to computer correctly so I will just share logos of the games I am currently playing)

Playing alone: Dragon Age Awakening. The expansion pack to Dragon Age Origins.
I am preparing for Inquisition I probably will not make it through DA2 before it comes out but damn son I am going to do my best!
imagesEU1S516OPlaying with my husband: Halo Reach
reach I just got Gold again yay and it was a free game this month! I keep wanting Master Chief however but you’re not playing him this game. Poo. One thing that I don’t like is I don’t get any achievements from completing stages like other Halo games I have played. Maybe I’m thinking of other games that do that I can truly not say!

Until tomorrow
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VGC: Lets take a screen shot!

This answer is going to be simple one, might not even be very long. I am tired from a long day of work and I don’t really know how much my brain can process at the moment but I can’t miss a day! I am still on a roll! Take that Haters just kidding I don’t have any haters, that I know of at least.

Day 14: Current Gaming wallpaper
I do not have one on my computer however I do have a gaming one on my phone. I got it off an app called Zedge in the Android Market. I had to take this image from Google because the screenshot I took on my phone won’t download on this here page for some dumb reason.
images3FTRCYRPHello Lara Croft from the Reboot 2013 Game Tomb Raider.

Until tomorrow,
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VGC: Five in a Row

Good morning Saturday! Well that’s what it felt like to be able to sleep in on a Saturday! I almost forgot what it felt like, if only I had Sunday off but Noo! someone ruined that for me but I wont get into that at the moment. *grumble grumble*

Challenge: Game you have played Five times.
Answer: Mass Effect Surprise! Surprise! I know 😀
No matter how many times I play the Original Mass Effect I cant keep myself from playing it over and over again. Hurry up with Mass Effect 4 Bioware!
“I am Commander Shepard and this is my favorite blog on the Citadel!”
Why thank you Shep!

Until tomorrow
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Graduation. Part 2.

Welcome movie lovers to another rendition of Movie adventures of Courtney and Robyn! As promised earlier this month here is part two of 8 movies! Decided to put our first letter of our names in front of the movie title so hopefully its a little easier to distinguish our reviews especially if you miss out on a segment.

Any ideas for our next theme? Please comment below!
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C-Hot Fuzz (2007)
hggghSimply put its Simon ***** Pegg, need I say more? Well That wouldn’t necessarily count as a movie review now would it? What can one say about Simon Pegg Movies, You know its going to be rude, crude and a knee slapping good time! Hot Fuzz is one of my favorite Pegg films to be honest next to The Worlds End! There are some pretty gruesome death scenes but they aren’t without a little bit of comedy.  Cannot forget to mention Nick Frost he is pretty badass as well, glad he appears in a lot of Peggs movies!

R-The Fog (2005)

When reading the summary for this movie, it really does sound like a pretty interesting movie. I was drawn to it by the fact it takes place on an island, but not with the usual “lost at sea” scenario. However, I think the summary given by IMDB (and Netflix) pumps it up to be more than what it is. It turned out to be just another cliché ghost story. It basically just boiled down to revenge. It was still enjoyable, don’t get me wrong, but slightly disappointing. I really did like Selma Blair’s character, though.


VGC: Getcha Console on girl!

This blog post is brought to you from my computer! I am currently listening to The Well Watchers on Stitcher as I am writing this next challenge post! Hooray for a Shoutout 😀

Favorite Console

UHH do you seriously even have to ask this? Move over Sony this girl loves her Microsoft Xbox (360 currently)! As I have said in the past I am getting an original Xbox from my brother-in-law. The original Xbox was the console that started it all! I never really had anything Sony and that’s okay with me. Now I did play on the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo growing up but it wasn’t my love at the time, I was trying out that whole girly Barbie thing haha  I have also mentioned how Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic was the first game i ever completed alone. So naturally that’s how my love for gaming/Microsoft came to be!

As many complaints as I have heard about the Xbox One I still want one,You won’t scare me away! Gotta stick to my guns on this one, doesn’t go to say that I wouldn’t love to have a PlayStation 4 but I want my X-bone!

Until tomorrow
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VGC: Bust a Gut!!

 Welcome to another lovely day and another lovely challenge answer! Todays is funniest moment! Lets just watch a little video I pulled off YouTube! Then we shall chat a bit.

Hahaha this cracks me up every time. Hey Shep! Look at Liara damn it!!! You have a blue Asari beauty standing before you and you choose to look at the damn wall. SHAME ON YOU! If she was say a Volus or Elcor then I could understand. I kid. I kid. I don’t know why this damn glitch makes me giggle like a little girl I just find it funny.

I know some may be saying to themselves wtf is an Asari, Elcor, or Volus is! Go play Mass Effect!!! 😀

Until tomorrow
(Gaming Console of choice) Eep!
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VGC: Shock until you Drop

Welcome to the game lair! Its your lucky know why? Because you get another challenge answer, Today it’s the most shocking scene from a video game. I picked my answer only because it made me jump!

My answer is the ending to Call of Duty Ghosts and here is why! After the credits I thought I had completed the game so I was letting the credits scroll through but I wasn’t watching closely and there was something that happened to your character and if you’re not paying attention it could startle you. It mainly startled me because my controller began vibrating in my lap and if I can recall there was a pretty loud sound that went along with it.

There you have it folks short and sweet

Until next time
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VGC: Saddest Spoiler

Yippee Skipee! Look at me I am a woman on a mission and I am on a roll hear me ROAR!  Sorry about being overzealous today I am smiling from ear to ear today I got some awesome news today concerning this blog! Your looking at the newest member to the GeekCastNetwork 😀
Got the invite today and boy did it make me feel all warm and fuzzy!
Where was I? Oh yes the video game challenge.

The award from the saddest game moment goes to(spoiler)
The-Coolest-Vehicles-in-Gaming-This-YearMass Effect 2 opening sequence when the beautiful warship The Normandy gets destroyed by the collectors/reapers! I cried, bawled in fact nobody destroys my baby! Thank the maker Cerberus was around to rebuild, thus The Normandy SR2 was born. Only good thing to come out of cerberus, well i guess Commander Shepard’s life as well they did piece him back together after all!

Now i leave you with this sad picture of my warship The Normandy blown up. Please hold back your tears i know i intend to try too!
goodbye-normandy-2Wahhh! 😩

Until tomorrow,
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