Mass Effect Trilogy

We all have that one game we can play over and over again and never get bored. Mass Effect is one of those games for me. I have beaten 1 and 2 probably 3 times each and number 3 I just beat it a second time around.

Each time I play I still learn something I missed for example I didn’t know if u played as a spacer Shepard could contact his/her mother throughout all 3 games.

I love bioware and they could possibly be my favorite gaming company from Mass Effect to the first game I ever beat on my own Star wars Knights of the Republic to Dragon Age! I’m looking forward to seeing if they knock my socks off again with Inquisition!

Doesn’t matter how many times I play this series I always get emotionally invested in the story and the characters. Yes I do shed some tears.  No shame. 

Now that I got Mass Effect out of my system (again) I started Dragon Age origins in attempt to kill time for Inquisition to hit the shelves in November. (Curse you Bioware for pushing it back) ūüėČ At least  I don’t have to wait as long as we did for ME3

Self reminder: Play as Male Spacer with Ashley romance!

Now I know a lot of people complained about how the third game ended. To me I was just sad to see it end! But thankfully they are working on bringing us Mass Effect 4! Hip hip hooray! Shut up and take my money!!

If u haven’t played this series give it a shot! A true Sci-fi storyline! Will always hold a place in my heart!  

Heartfelt & Personal

Well I usually try to keep personal crap out of my blog but I have really been thinking about something a lot lately and its been a constant over the last several months. I wish people could be totally upfront and honest about things, for example why you decided you don’t like them anymore, or if they do something that bugs you. A person cannot fix something if you don’t go to them and say hey listen this is what you did and here’s why I am upset now lets talk about it and get everything out in the open.

I want complete honesty if you don’t like me say so if I piss you off actually come to me and talk about the problem. Why let something sit and fester until you get so pissed off and¬†you just throw a friendship away or it eats away at your soul until you just explode. Now I am not going to say any names but just so you know this post isn’t just about one person or one experience I have had over the 25 years I have been alive.

I have a proposal for those in my inner circle whether it be on Twitter, Facebook or in the real world relationships. Come to me and say hey this is exactly what you did that made me upset and now lets fix the problem. Don’t beat around the bush or make up lies to make yourself feel better. Complete and Utter honesty.

I recently have had two people come to me and apologize for something they did or didn’t do and tell me that my friendship with them is important (They know who they are). It meant the world to me possibly more than even they could comprehend. I have lost many friendships over the years and I admit that part of that is my fault but not completely. I just want to say Sorry to anyone that I have rubbed the wrong way, just know it’s never my intention to purposefully hurt you in any way. I am a forgiving person and if you have done me wrong I forgive you.

So please if we have lost touch over something meaningless let’s try it again. I am tired of going through life always wondering if the problem would’ve been fixed or if something was a lie to boost someone’s own ego.¬†Just¬†let the truth be known because it can and will eventually set you free.

Let Bygones be Bygones


Song of the Day: Halestorm

Sure do enjoy a good rock band with a female lead vocals! Just recently checked out their music and got to say that I am really enjoying it! I even like their cover song of Bad Romance which is ten times better than listening to Lady Gaga. or Lady Gag as I like to call her. Enjoy the video to one of my favorite songs by them.

!!!Miss The Misery!!!



One Geekified Interview: Neil



¬†If you would like to be featured in one of these interviews please reach out to me! I think you’ll have a¬†blast just geeking out about the things you love. I know I would! I am even considering giving myself the Geekified Interview¬†treatment,¬†if you would like to see more about me please be sure to ask me anything!¬† Just a reminder nothing inappropriate! Thanks again I appreciate all the support I have been getting lately!


Twiter: @GeekyGamerChick

Now lets jump into our interview!

What can you tell us about your podcast Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks ?
imagecoupleMy fiance (Annaleis) and I do a weekly podcast about our crazy lives and thoughts on what we encounter during the week. It’s a little strange being that our podcast has no real focus. We try to stay positive and light. We want people to listen and laugh and have fun. We kind of think of our podcast as the podcast you listen take a break from podcasts. We just want to help kill people’s commute. Here is an open letter I have posted as to why I podcast;
Hello all! Some people have been asking why Annaleis and I have decided to do a podcast(some people have also asked what a podcast is, but that’s a story for another time). ¬†I think that’s a good question, particularly ¬†since our podcast really isn’t about anything. So many podcasts have specific topics, ie movies, comics, cars, sports, sex, music… But ours does not. We just talk and laugh and joke around about what’s on our minds, and what is going on in our lives.
Putting a set time aside, every week to talk and laugh with a person I love, and share my life with, is amazing. We get to create this little window in to our lives that we share with others. We get to sit and create this together. We are interacting. Not texting, not Facebooking, or tweeting, redditing, Google plussing or any of the other countless ways that we communicate with others these days. When we are done recording and we publish it, we open up ourselves to the world. The people who listen will hear our voices, our thoughts and our laughter. We allow strangers in to our world. They can listen, judge, laugh, enjoy or hate it. But it’s truly us. Together. Not really giving a flying cow what the outcome is because we know what we put out is real, and it’s ours…
It is also something that will be there forever (however long that is). Long after we are gone, these words, the hours spent, the stories told, will be there for others to hear. We plan to have friends and family come in to podcast with us. Not to interview them , but just to hang out and hear their stories. For my Sisters kids to hear their mom before she was their mom. To be able to share my moms voice with her great-great-grand kids. For all of our friends and family to have a conversation frozen in time that will be handed off to others.
 Let me stop here to say my sister does not yet have kids and, as far as I know, is not preggo!
We plan to take our pod-casting “on the road”. Pod-casting from baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Anywhere a memory and conversation can be saved, and later shared. To know that my family and friends laughter will be forever saved is why I podcast.
So, if you have a chance and want to check it out, please do! If not, it will be there if you decide you’d like to. And if you’d like to be a part of the podcast, please join us!! We would love to have you…
Thank you again for all the support. The response as been amazingly positive and very humbling…
I hope to talk with all very soon…
Love and Laughs,
Neil (the freaK)
Pre-interview you mentioned you’re a “Jack of all geeks, Master of none” (thought this was pretty awesome) what exactly do you mean by that phrase?
I mean that my geekiness spans many different themes,topics and genres, so I don’t give any enough time to become a “master” at any. I Love Batman comic books, but I couldn’t tell you all the different people who have written or have drawn Batman. Same goes for movies or toys or video games. I like enjoying these things, but I never really get too deep into whats behind it. Its funny when I’ll be talking a bout a couple of games I like and friends will say, “Sure, they were both developed by the same team”. I will have had no clue! I didn’t even know there was a team!!
What podcast(s) inspired you to start your own show? If any?
It was a Kevin Smith podcast, but I can’t remember which one. He was saying that it was easy and cheap to do, and everyone should try it. It sounded like fun, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was something that Annaleis was into also, and the thought of us having a project that we could do together sounded like a blast!
How many podcasts are on your playlist? What are some of your favorites?
I listen to way too many podcasts! About 40-50 a week. Mostly all indie pods now. It feels like hanging out with friends. I’m worried to name any because I don’t want to leave any out! I take great pride in trying to support as many indie pods as I can. I have no ego about it in that regard. I think there is enough of an audience for all of us, so I want to help my friends pods grow. ¬†When we started our podcast, I had no idea how many indie pods were out there. At that time, I was only listening to the big guys and girls.
How do you balance work, home life, and the podcast, whats your secret?
I feel very fortunate, I really enjoy my job and can listen to podcasts at work. So, when i get home, I’m not stressed out from work so it easy for me to have the energy to play with our dogs and do work on the podcast, network and fit in a ride here and there! Being that the podcast is something that Annaleis and I do together, and the fact we don’t have kids, the podcast is part of home life. It doesn’t take time away for “us”. So, my secret would be to find an amazing person that supports you and enjoys talking into a microphone with you!
How often do you go Mountain Biking and what type of bike do you ride?
I try to ride on the trails 2x a week, at least 10-15 miles a ride. I also have a stationary bike in the garage i’ll spend time spinning on. Right now I am riding a Specialized Stumpjumper ¬†FSR comp full suspension.
How did you get interested in mountain biking?bike
When I was a kid, I was big into BMX bikes and racing. Mountain biking seemed to be the natural progression. Riding has been such a huge part of my life since I can remember. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where its pretty easy to get on the trails all year-long.
What in your opinion makes a good comic book? What are you currently reading?
In my opinion, a comic book is good if the reader is enjoying it! I know that sounds cheesy, but I really believe it. I recently cancelled my comic subscriptions to pay for all the fun stuff we are buying for the podcast. But, I’ll be starting up soon. I am a huge Batman fan, so I’ve been enjoying everything Batman.
You love your dogs aka your little people tell us all about them!
imagedogYes, I am a crazy dog person!! Like over the top, talk to my dogs crazy! The reason I don’t spend more time on the trails is because I don’t want to leave them alone anymore than I absolutely have to! We have 2, an 8-year-old Doberman named Se7en, and a 1.6 year old American Staffordshire Terrier (sadly referred to as a “Pit Bull”) ¬†named Zero. They are both sweet silly dogs. Se7en is named after the 7 deadly sins and Zero is named after the dog in the movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. They are a couple of the goofiest, clumsiest dogs I have ever been around. Se7en is one of those amazingly well-behaved, well-trained, never leave your side, always listens kind of dogs. Zero is a little different. He is in his own world! He will spend hours staring at the wall, or a flower, or me. He is very gentle and quiet. Trainers have lovingly referred ¬†to him as “special’, “sensitive”, and “soft”. I love them both dearlyimage
What video games are you currently playing, if any, and what are you most excited for in the gaming world?
I am currently playing “Watch Dogs”. I am enjoying it, but I haven’t put the time into it needed to be any good! I am a big sports and racing game kinda person. I haven’t played Madden in years, and this year I was invited by the guys from the GreenUP! podcast to be in a Madden league with them. So I am very excited for the new Madden to come out. I am also looking forward to “The Crew”, which is to be an open world racing game.
What type of movie genre is your favorite and why?
Wow, that’s a tough one. I like so many different types of movies. Movies like “The Boondocks Saints”, “Se7en”, “Fight Club”, “Snatch”, I would have to say is my favorite genre. But I am not sure what that genre is called! I like those movies because they make me think, can be funny, sad, uncomfortable and have action, all at the same time.. That was probably a terrible answer, huh?
What was the last movie you watched that you were the most excited for and did it meet your expectations?
The Last Movie I watched in the theater was ¬†“Godzilla”. I enjoyed it, but I was expecting so much more. I am not exactly sure what I would have changed. Perhaps I wanted a bit more of Godzilla. I really liked how they seemed, at times, to try to stay true to the original Godzilla Movies. I was a big fan of the originals.
Do you have any advice on building a studio and/or starting a podcast?
Yes!! Do your research!! Ask a lot of questions!! Set a budget! People can go all out and spend tons of money building a studio, and if you have the space, time, and money, GO FOR IT! But, if you have a much smaller budget, you can put something together that will sound amazing without breaking the bank. People are out there that want to help you! They want to share their knowledge and will help you to not spend money on things you don’t need. Just put in a little time in the beginning researching…
As far as starting a podcast, DO IT! Find a good host site (I love and use Libsyn), and then start podcasting. Do it with friends or family. Do it by yourself. Just give it a shot!imagesCCCOLQOI
How has social media improved/impacted your life?
Social media has introduced me to some really great people in the podcasting world.  Some people I never would have thought I would ever meet. Different views, different locations, but all really great people.
Tell us a little about yourself! Anything you would like to share!
I am a very fortunate person who is surrounded by amazing people who love and support me. Every day, I get to wake up safe and happy. I try to remember that during the day. I try to do what I can to help those who are not as fortunate.
If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Be yourself! Be proud! Have fun and share your geekiness with others. We are all geeks, some people just don’t know it yet!
If you had to give one geeky hobby up what would you choose and what would you replace it with?
Boy, that’s a tough one… I think I would give up toys. Since they are pretty much just things I look at, I could spend that time “doing” something else. Plus, It would make more room for comics, and video games! I don’t think I would replace it with anything. I would just get more geeky on the things I already geek out on!
if there was one thing you could change about geek culture what would it be and why?
Sometimes I see “geek on geek” hate. People trying to out-geek each other, or saying that whatever they geek out on is a more pure form of geek than some other geekery. I think there is room for all of us. We will get much farther if we help each other. That, and all the hate talk during online gaming!! What the hell is that about? It can be downright hateful… I think that’s sad.
As geeks we’ve all been ridiculed at some point in our lives how did you deal with that and how has it affected you as an adult?
Well, as a kid I was really lucky. My parents were very supportive and caring. This is terrible to say, but I also played, and was good at sports, so I was left alone by the sports crowd. It also made it possible to protect or help out all the people who were made to feel less than, because of the things they liked. I was in Drama club, on the football team, played guitar, had long hair and wore bracelets, and pretty much marched to the beat of my own drummer. As an adult, I feel it has made me very open to all people and curious about people who seem different from me. I always think that everybody has something to teach me. I love to meet new people and hear their stories!
Where can my readers find out more about you and other projects you work on?

Non Stop


My Love for Liam Neeson knows no bounds! Yet another great action packed film with my favorite actor of all time! He’s 62 years old and I adore him no shame!!  He is still kicking ass and taking names!!‚ô°‚ô•‚ô°

Neeson plays Bill a Air Marshall for the government, the flight starts off like any regular flight until he receives a text message over a secure network stating that they are going to start killing people unless he transfers a large sum of money to a bank account.

The whole movie I was guessing who it was going to be and I was close to being right! I love a good suspensful who done it movie adfef bonus when Neeson is involved!


Glad we finally were able to rent this movie and if u love Liam Neeson as mucb as I do I think you will enjoy Non Stop! I know I am going to add it to my movie collection.

Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda: Chainsmokers

Welcome to round 2 of songs that are so annoying that they become catchy and you cannot get them out of your head for anything. Why are the worst songs always the ones that stick with us? Hmm I don’t know to be honest.

I have been making Flipagrams, I blame Stephanie @stephaniehxc, Love ya girl hehe ūüėÄ for my latest craze addiction. Got to have something to do other than check twitter am I right? Considering I am on a twitter break I must keep sane somehow but anyways back to my point! For the one I am currently uploading one¬†on¬†my personal Facebook page (you can see parts on Instagram GeekyGamerChick), the song fits perfectly with the pictures! I will give you one guess from the song below what the theme is:

I really like the beat more than anything else. The girls voice drives me up the friggen wall! Someone stop me please!!!!!

Until next time,


The game huntress


2000 views& counting!!

I love you all! Thank you for checking out my blog even if its your first time reading or u haven’t missed a single post!

When setting out on this endeavor I never imagined anyone would like to read what I had to say. I have started several blogs in the past where nobody read them and so I quit doing it.  Took a few years for me to get back into writing but boy I am glad I did now!


  I am very greatful for everyone’s encouragement of this site and I hope I can keep up with new ideas!

Thanks again everyone who helped make this goal possible. Bring on 3000!!

The Game Huntress

One Geekified Interview: Erin Campbell

Welcome one and all to yet another fun-filled interview for your eyes to enjoy! Lets not waste time, lets just jump head first into my interview I had with an awesome lady Erin. Please give her some love it will be worth it I promise. These are probably my favorite posts to do and I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I have fun doing them!
Remember Geeks come from all walks of life, shapes and sizes, lets celebrate our lives as geeks, nerds, and whatever else we like call ourselves.
Tell us a little about yourself. Anything you would like to share.
My name is Erin Campbell. ¬†I’m a 30-year-old transgender woman from Milwaukee, WI. ¬†I’ve been gaming all of my life and can’t think of a time where I didn’t have a game that I was playing or that I was in love with. ¬†Currently, I’m pretty focused on Magic the Gathering and have a podcast about it, called “The Deck Tease.”
If you could give a geek from this generation advice what would you say?
Do what you love and don’t apologize for it. ¬†On the same token, don’t be so quick to immediately squash what someone else loves. ¬†I feel like the automatic response for a lot of people when someone says ‘I love this’ is to give them reasons why they shouldn’t or to tell them they are wrong. ¬†You don’t have to like it, but you also don’t have to be so open about it. ¬†You can keep that to yourself or save that opinion for when you’re asked about it.
Who has inspired you to be the person you are today?

I was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs and who raised me to feel like I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be.  I also had a godmother, who was a very important figure in my life, and she was just as strong, and loving.  I never once felt like being a woman was something to feel ashamed of or like something was out of my reach.

How has social media impacted/improved your life?

It’s definitely made it easier for people to connect and to relate to one another. ¬†On the other hand, it leaves you open to more criticism and sometimes feeling like your words or your opinions aren’t just yours anymore. ¬†It’s funny – it took me this long to really see the impact that I have on people through social media. ¬†I have been making more of an effort to only post things that are worth sharing or that I think others might want to see.
If you had to give one geeky hobby up, what would you drop and what would you replace it with?
I would probably give up Magic and try to learn more about coding or how to be overall better with computers. ¬†I need so much help when it comes to the most basic tasks. ¬†It’s really kind of embarrassing!
What’s your favorite thing about playing Magic the Gathering?
The people. ¬†It’s great seeing the major events get bigger and bigger and to be in a room with three thousand players who share the same interests as you. ¬†One of the things I regret most about WoW is that while I met so many great people through it, I never really got to ‘meet’ them. ¬†That’s not to say that those friendships weren’t real or that they didn’t mean anything. ¬†But I feel it means more when you can actually see and touch the people you meet through your community and see them often. ¬†There isn’t that bittersweet feeling of, ‘This is great, but I’m never going to see you again.’ ¬†You have this network of friends whose couch you can stay on, if you want to go to an event and need a place to stay. ¬†Or you can do the same for them. ¬†It’s really quite lovely.
If there was one thing you could change about geek culture, what would it be and why?
I would increase the number of women that can be found at the forefront and behind the scenes. ¬†It blows my mind that this is the year 2014 and we still have so much work to do. ¬†That’s not to take away from the progress that has already been made, with regards to women who are designing games, and making elaborate Cosplay, and pushing for change in the community. ¬†But sometimes I get so excited about one thing and then look over at this huge, glaring issue, and go ‘Oh.’ ¬†It’s hard to stay positive, sometimes.
You said on Twitter you use to play World of Warcraft. Why did you stop and will you ever play again?
I had been playing pretty consistently for about six years or so. ¬†I was a hardcore raider and that’s pretty much the sole reason why I played. ¬†There was always some degree of work involved, to maintain that lifestyle and that status. But I felt like the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, really came with more work. ¬†Instead of spending a couple of evenings farming materials or what have you, I was now having to spend three or four evenings getting what I needed. ¬†It just got to be too much. ¬†I started to really resent that my time wasn’t my own anymore and especially the expectations put on me for how fast I needed to reach max level.
I still have my characters. ¬†I didn’t sell my account or anything. ¬†If I felt like I could come back to the game and play at the level that I enjoy playing at, without the hefty time commitments, I would come back. ¬†I think the biggest hurdle to overcome would be that I have been gone for so long and I know that any raiding guilds I would try to apply to would have a problem with that. ¬†I have a lot of accomplishments from the past, but nothing recent. ¬†It would be an uphill climb to get back to where I was again.
How has being a transgender women affected your life as a gamer or geek?
I have been pretty lucky, in that I haven’t really been treated any differently for being trans. ¬†Both the Magic and WoW communities have been very supportive and welcoming towards me. ¬†I think it’s given people the opportunity to say that they know someone like me and that alone can open a lot of doors towards helping people become more accepting or more understanding. ¬†It’s a lot easier to be intolerant when you can pretend that someone or something doesn’t exist. ¬†But when you can point to someone and say that this decision affects them or you can put a face to something, that really changes things. ¬†So, I would like to think that being a visible transgender presence has made people more accepting or made people ask questions they otherwise wouldn’t.
Tell us a little a bit about your podcast ‘The Deck Tease.’
Well, I started the show about two years ago. ¬†It started off being a solo podcast, where I recorded these ‘mini-episodes’ and would talk about my experiences getting back into Magic. ¬†Around twenty episodes in, I started having people on the show and found that I had a knack for interviewing people. ¬†Eventually that became the thrust of the show. ¬†Once in a while I will have a round table episode with other awesome women who play Magic or I will do a spoiler episode when a new set is about to come out with a dear friend of mine. ¬†But mostly I’m known for my interviews and the caliber of guests that I have on.
If you could pick your favorite card for Magic which would you pick and why?
There is a couple. ¬†I would have to say ‘Mutilate.’ ¬†I’m a Black mage at heart and there’s nothing better than wiping out a board full of creatures and knowing that there is very little your opponents can do about it. ¬†It fills me with joy!
What other games do you enjoy playing other than WoW and Magic the Gathering?
I enjoy a nice ‘dungeon crawler’ game, like ‘Torchlight’ or ‘Torchlight 2’ or ‘Diablo 3.’ ¬†I dabble in ‘Rift,’ from time to time. ¬†I like card games, like ‘Phase 10’ or ‘Skip-Bo.’ ¬†‘Dominion’ is fun and has a lot of similarities to Magic. ¬†I’m also a big fan of board games, of all kinds.
What has been your best experience as a geek and a gamer?
I would have to say that without having nerdy hobbies or pursuits that I would have never found my voice through my blog and then through my podcast and then I would have never met the wonderful people who are currently in my life. I get so much love from people, for doing what I do, and that’s something I didn’t have a lot of from people growing up. ¬†I can’t say I would be as confident as I am now or that I would know who I am, without the experiences that I have had playing these games.
If you could give any advice to other transgender women what would you say?
I would tell them to make sure that you’re seen and that visibility is so important. ¬†It’s a lot easier for people to dismiss you when they can’t see you or when they can’t put a face to whatever they’re discriminating against. ¬†I understand that some communities or locations may not be as friendly as mine were. ¬†But I do think that it is important to get out there and do what you love, despite what people might say or think. ¬†Especially in the Magic community, we want to find more women and more trans women. ¬†If we know you are out there, we will do what we can to support you and encourage you. ¬†There’s Twitter and Facebook groups. ¬†We’re just waiting to know who you are and do what we can to help.
As geeks, we’ve been ridiculed at some point in our lives. ¬†How did you deal with that and how has it affected you as an adult?
I not only grew up geeky, but geeky and queer, which was even worse. ¬†I actually found solace in my geeky hobbies. ¬†I kind of had the attitude of ‘If I’m going to be weird, I’m going to be the weirdest.’ ¬†People already didn’t like me because they thought I was gay or what have you, so I had nothing to lose. ¬†It was nice finding other people who were outcasts and banding together like that. ¬†As an adult, I do still feel like the bullied kid on the playground sometimes, especially when it comes to my show. ¬†Having people shower me with love or praise for what I do can be very overwhelming. ¬†I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop or for them to be pulling my leg. ¬†I have learned to expect the worst and sometimes the best just throws me for a loop. ¬†It’s something I’m working on!
Where can my readers find out more about you and other projects you work on?
I’m extremely active on Twitter, @originaloestrus. ¬†The podcast has its own Twitter account, @thedecktease. ¬†The show is available at GatheringMagic dot-com also through iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda: Ariana Grande

First off I would like to give a couple of shout-outs to two of my awesome twitter followers who gave me suggestions for a title for my new blog segment, which you are about to read. First goes to Jeff @osohombre for his suggestion of Tune Torture. (I like it maybe I will switch between the two names!) And second a big thank you to Dan @detneirosid for his suggestion of Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda, it was so catchy I kept finding myself saying it in different ways! Both were great ideas!

Now for a little bit of an explanation on the matter: we all have those songs that drives us nut and which in turn makes us want to rip our hair out when we can’t get those songs from out of our heads. As you know I have been picking songs I enjoy so I thought it might be fun to share the songs that I cannot stand, yet always get caught in my damn brain and wont leave when I hear them come on the radio.¬† Drum roll please: Please welcome my first ever Pandemic Purveyors of Petulant Pop Propaganda selection. Enjoy!

(Side Note)¬†I would like to point out I don’t care for this song but it doesn’t mean I don’t like the artist or that they are crappy in any way. Just isn’t my cup of tea. DONT JUDGE ME!

Don’t be shy¬†you can¬†share with me some of those songs you wish you could stop from intruding your brainwaves. And thank you for reading once again¬†I am getting so close to reaching my 2000th blog view!! Yay two years in the making! Up Top Baby!!

Also please like my Facebook page! I will love you forever and ever!

Last but not least I am working on several new geekified interviews!!! Ciao!